Google Introduced Learn with Google AI Website

Google Introduced Learn with Google AI Website
Google Introduced Learn with Google AI Website

Google Introduced Learn with Google AI Website – A new Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Crash Course to all.

On 1st March Google introduced Learn with Google AI Website – a set of educational resources that aims at bringing machine learning skills and makes artificial intelligence accessible to all.  Google says the new course has been developed by Machine Learning (ML) experts at the company and is free and available to all users.

These educational resources will encourage everyone from beginners to researchers to learn about machine learning concepts by providing a huge range of free, in-depth content, develop skills in the area, and apply AI concept to the real-world problems.

Previously, the Machine Learning Crash Course(MLCC) was an internal course at Google, designed to train the Google’s employee with a practical introduction to Machine Learning concepts and Artificial Intelligence(AI), as Google continues its moves to be an “AI First” company. Around 18,000 Google employees have already signed up for the course.

The free educational course will give a quick introduction to coding exercises using cutting-edge TensorFlow APIs, interactive visualizations, instructional videos from ML experts at Google that will help users to easily understand the Machine learning concepts and implement them in real-world.

People with no machine learning experience can avail this 15-hour course and learn ML concepts using TensorFlow APIs. TensorFlow is Google’s open source library released in 2015 to make it easier to understand machine learning tools and to build AI, ML frameworks suited to their tasks and problems. Machine Learning is an application and building block for artificial intelligence and is what powers self-driving cars, Google maps, Netflix, image recognition, etc.

“We believe that AI development should reflect a diverse range of human perspectives. So, Google AI with existing Machine Learning Crash Course is providing a huge range of free, in-depth educational content to make it easier for everyone from deep ML experts looking for advanced developer tutorials to curious people who are ready to learn and explore what ML is,” said Zuri Kemp, Programme Manager of Google.

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