AI can Predict a Person Lifespan Pretty Accurately

AI can Predict a Person Lifespan Pretty Accurately
AI can Predict a Person Lifespan Pretty Accurately

AI can Predict a Person Lifespan Pretty Accurately

The Study reveals: AI can predict a person lifespan pretty accurately, Scientists at the University of Adelaide, Australia, have created an AI software that can predict when a patient will die or how long a person will live pretty accurately just by looking at images of the person’s organs. A new AI deep learning system entirely relies on clinical imagery to calculate the longevity of a patient.

“AI instead of focusing on diagnosing diseases can predict the persons’ lifespan as well as medical outcomes in a way that doctors are not prepared to do, by integrating large volumes of medical images and data and observing precise patterns,” said Dr. Luke Oakden-Rayner, a Ph.D. student at the Adelaide University, Australia.

The Scientists at the University uses the AI software to analyze medical images and organs of 48 patients and predicting whether or not they would die in the next five years with an accuracy of 70 percent.

The AI’s prediction involves complex imaging appearances of some chronic diseases like emphysema- a long-term disease of the lungs that cause due to restricting airflows and over-inflation of the alveoli and congestive heart failure.

“By emphasizing the future application of AI technology in Medical Science, Oakden-Rayner said, “Introduction of artificial intelligence in medical image analysis, our research opens new scope for AI application that can offer new hope for the future of a patient by enabling doctors to early detect serious illness and providing treatment to the individual.

The new AI Deep Learning method analyzes brightness levels of pixels while CT scanning of a full body then assigns a value to them, and then observes these precise patterns to calculate the lifespan of the individual.  However, scientists, as of now, have been unable to pinpoint what exactly the artificial intelligence was seeing in the images to make its predictions the 70% accurate.

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