Geneva International Motor Show 2018

Tata Motors’ Electric Sedan Concept at Geneva International Motor Show 2018
Tata Motors’ Electric Sedan Concept at Geneva International Motor Show 2018

Geneva International Motor Show 2018

E-Vision: Tata Motors’ Electric Sedan Concept at Geneva International Motor Show 2018

Automotive giant Tata Motors on Tuesday has unveiled an exciting new concept world premiere of the sleek all-electric EVision Sedan concept while celebrating its 20th consecutive year of participation at the Geneva International Motor Show 2018.

The E-Vision Sedan is an all-electric sedan concept car built on an EV derivative of Tata’s ‘Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced’ (OMEGA) architecture platform, the next generation platform that Tata Motors will use forward. Beside the newly-unveiled concept, Tata Motors showcased the H5X concept and 45X concept-both of which was first premiered at Auto Expo 2018, last month, in India.

While providing a glimpse into its future product line-up, the CEO& MD of Tata Motors Ltd., Guenter Butschek said, “We are proud to unveil three exciting next-generation platforms- the E-VISION Sedan, the H5X and the 45X. These concepts will boost the strength of Tata Motors in their journey towards shaping the future of mobility in the country.

Like the other two future platform, the new EVision is also styled to Tata’s latest IMPACT 2.0 design which is quite upright, muscular and very aggressive. In terms of size and dimensions, the EVision is also about the same size as a Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

The car has taught muscular lines which Tata calls the ‘Humanity line’ giving the EVision a well and wide stance look and underlines the grille and headlights. In general, the EVision’s flush-fitting door handles, pillarless construction, sculpted outside mirrors, aluminum lining at the top of the windows and base of the door all gives EVision a really stunning and more evolved look.

Up front, the sedan’s smoothly surfaced front bumper with those large wheels and chrome highlights just above the greenhouse and brushed aluminum chin makes wouldn’t be wrong to think that the concept is from a premium European carmaker and that the execution is of extremely high-end.

On the interior front, Tata Motors has given a premium look to the cabin ambiance with a generous use of high-quality wood and upmarket materials. The bright beige interior is fully digital with a retractable central infotainment screen, more-or-less a free hanging digital cockpit, no center console and a third LCD screen that is inbuilt into the dashboard.

The Tata EVision sedan concept is an amalgamation of advanced technology, intuitive connectivity, futuristic design, and great performance. Although the company has not revealed plans its plan but could make production as a low-volume and niche electric vehicle in the future.

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