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Parveen Mittal: 30Days Technologies
Parveen Mittal: 30Days Technologies
Parveen Mittal: A Great Business Leader with Great Personality

With the advancement of new technologies and researches, the IT industry is evolving at a faster rate like never before and experiencing a surge of startups across verticals and industries. In order to stay tuned with the today’s cut-throat competitive market, many startups are incorporating the services of outsourcing companies to showcase world-class capabilities in an efficient manner. The need for an outsourcing company is to deliver an integrated business solution through a framework of evolved technology and software solutions and services to safeguard the customer’s technology perspective.

One such solution integrator is 30Days Technologies Private Limited (http://www.30days.in). By understanding the importance of web technologies in the smooth functioning of a business, 30Days Technologies delivers IT solutions across the globe with their utmost conviction and true professionalism.

30Days Technologies is a software development company which has been working on latest technologies including complete LAMP stack, Graphics Designing, SMM, SEO, Hosted Solutions, IoT etc. They believe that 30 days are enough to solve 99% of the requirements typically faced in any business environment. It is important for businesses to get any problems relating to their business sorted within 30 days so that they don’t lose any business or website traffic because of it. When it comes to SEO, there are plenty of other agencies, which may have these WIX SEO Experts working for them who will be able to assist with improving on their rankings, if it is unable to be sorted out in time. It is important that businesses are doing everything that they can to continuously improve on the different aspects of their business. And 30Days’ can help with this. 30Days’ strength thus lies in delivering relevant solutions and seamless global services in the field of web development & Digital marketing, mobile application development and software development support to their customer’s IT environment, globally.

Established in 2012, situated in Haryana, India, have a pan India presence and offer a global reach. A team of highly dedicated, competent, and experienced facilitators is behind its overwhelming success in last six years.

The TradeFlock team interviewed Mr. Parveen Mittal, Founder, and Director of 30Days Technologies, on how 30Days Technologies sets itself apart and changed the startup world. We are delighted to share their influential journey and dedicated contributions towards it.

Briefly tell us about yourself, your role, and responsibility towards the company?

A Computer Science Engineer Graduate and done PGDAC from ACTS, CDAC, Bangalore. I founded 30Days Technologies Pvt. Ltd. with a vision to enable various business entities to migrate from brick and mortar world to the digital world, which can assist them to expand their customer base from localized market to worldwide market.

My major responsibilities are focused towards bringing more business to the company, monitoring the execution of the ongoing operations, planning for new releases of the products, and of course, managing funds flow and other financial aspects of the venture. My previous successful work of 2 years at Mindtree Limited and 6 years at SAP LABS India has brought an experience in the IT industry on varied topics and technologies across various industry segments.

“The guru mantra for the success is putting us in our customer’s shoes. If our customer’s customer is happy, our customer would always be”

What are the key ethics and factors that you attribute to, for your success?

The success word is very cryptic to me. For me, it is the growth of my team and satisfaction index of my customers. I could only attribute my success to the team I work with who has always striven to become successful without whose support I won’t be as successful as I am today. Whatever I have achieved so far, the credit goes to the hard work of my dedicated team.

We believe in the quality that can transform every opportunity into an asset. The guru mantra for the success is putting us in our customer’s shoes. If our customer’s customer is happy, our customer would always be. If this one line is followed passionately, there is no way success can elude any team for long!

If you had one piece of advice to someone to rank up individual’s digital business, what would it be?

A very good observation we had over the past 4-5 years is that the priority for today’s customer is the availability of quality services in time efficient manner. Don’t rely on your bots for replying to your customers. The chat-bots can reply to the message however customer is looking for personalized dedicated attention and services from you. Don’t compromise on services and regular communication with the customer.

When did you charter the business? Can you take us through the initial journey of 30Days Technologies? I mean about the entire idea behind the smooth functioning of the company.

We started the business as a proprietorship in the name of 30days and was later converted into a private limited company with the name 30Days Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The founding team was formed in the year 2012 and since then we have never looked back.

I have had my adventures in the professional life. During my 8 years of IT Professional experience till 2012, I had got a chance to work with two of the best IT companies in India i.e. Mindtree Limited and SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd. In 2012, when my career was at the peak in SAP I had the opportunity to develop software for managing a big real estate project in Delhi-NCR. At the same time, I was in contact with some fresh computer science graduates counseling about their career in IT industry. There, I realized that I had both, the opportunity and the required resources. Therefore I resigned from SAP and started to work as a team, which later on took the form of a company.

What are the qualities that set the company apart from the crowd? Do you work locally or nationally or globally?

Deadline is everything in the IT industry, so we always aim to deliver services as per the customer needs, current trends and within deadlines. There are certain projects which need months to take shape, but there too we keep the deadlines in slots of 30 days only. Our iterative agile development methodology helps us to achieve our targets quickly and in a reliable manner.

When we started our journey as a proprietorship there our main clients were based in India only. But after getting registered as a private limited company, we started approaching overseas clients too and soon we added clients from South America, Europe, UAE etc. In 2018, we are getting into a strategic partnership program with one of the company based in South America and hoping for some bigger projects in the current year.

What’s your vision and mission at the outset?

Mission and vision, if not changes completely, certainly gets developed over a period of time. When the GST got applicable in the country, we realized that there are many people who are in business, will have to do the billing according to GST, but they don’t possess any technical skills for the same. A big segment of such small-scale businessmen, traders, shopkeepers have not used any software at all. We are now working with a vision of ‘Equip the Unequipped’ and ‘Manage the Unmanaged’.

Kindly enlighten us about the Company’s Future strategies.

Our ultimate goal is to be recognized as a trustworthy solution partner in the Indian IT industry. Also, in next five years, our products will touch lives of about half a million people who will be the direct/indirect users of our applications and software products as we continue to sell digital downloads to our customers. As we offer products on the subscription basis, we need to close the deal once and then the revenue will generate on a recurring basis. Therefore we expect the revenue to grow at a steady pace over the next few years.

What will the company look like in a year from any and all perspectives- Product, People, Team, and Revenue?

The company intends to launch 4-5 products which have been in development for almost 3 years now. As our current team is perfect in the development section, however, we are looking forward to adding some experienced talent in the sales and marketing department. And lastly, by the grace of God, revenue is growing consistently well and in 2018 also, the revenue growth is expected to be 20% per quarter.

What are the unique services provided by 30Days?

We are in the business of problem-solving. Any difficulty faced by any business where technology can help can contact us. It will be our pleasure as well! In terms of uniqueness, we have our own products which are Real Estate ERP called Proprite, Lead Management Software, software specifically designed for Cable Industry and school management will be launched soon. Our biggest investment for this year has been in BharatBills which is GST billing software, being sold by more than 20 franchises in the country and used by more than 1000 customers in the country.

Apart from these, we are in the business of website development, mobile application development, and custom ERP solution development. Our latest offering of mPalika Mobile Application is a big step towards touching a million lives in five years, as it provides an amazing open platform to connect all the municipalities in India with its citizens.

Why do consumers choose your product over the competition?

We never say that our competitor’s products are inferior to us in any way as we all are doing the same task of solving the problem, one way, or the other. Why customers prefer us is because when we develop our software, we consider that the user has no prior knowledge of the technical or business functionalities of it. So, we believe in making easy to use that any user can start using our software without any dedicated training.

Thus, we can say that our USP is getting in the shoes of the customer before starting development of any software. We don’t specify how the user should use our software; we ask how the user wants to use the software.

Do most of the profits come from a certain type of client or specialist?

It’s a well-known fact that overseas clients pay you more than the local ones. So, we are also generating more revenue from our overseas clients. But, as per the current growth and demand of GST software in the market, we expect that our GST Software BharatBills will be the highest revenue generator in the next 2 years.

What are some of the qualities that you look for in an employee?

We believe that the growth of the company will eventually result in the growth of employee as well. Therefore I believe the employees should work with pro-activeness, with full dedication and conviction, utilizing all his expertise towards the growth of the company. We expect our employees to take care of the company and then it is company’s responsibility to take care of its employees. We take care of their personal and professional growth by encouraging and facilitating them to enhance their technical skills regularly.

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