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Ashish Kumar Prajapati : AIS Mobile Apps & GAMES
Ashish Kumar Prajapati : AIS Mobile Apps & GAMES

Ashish Kumar Prajapati: An Entrepreneur who Never Dreamed of Success, Instead Worked for it

In today’s cut-throat competitive world, it has become important to stay updated with the changing technological and software developments. Owing to the increasing prominence of software development services, it has become imperative for enterprises realize its importance when it comes to building software in dynamic environments. The rising digital technologies and Internet securities have also contributed to the rising demand of these software development companies. These companies not only help an organization to stay agile and innovative but are also providing cutting-edge outsourcing services which add wings to the various business processes.

AIS Mobile Apps & Games (, a software development company the world’s leading Technology Services provider, specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Automation, Mobile Apps & Game Designing and Development, Web Development. The prudent team at AIS offers fast-growing technologies encapsulated as games and apps with long-term values to its clients by identifying both risks and opportunities in the marketplace.

With 750+ mobile apps and games, 400+ top-notch web apps, 100+ successful IT projects, and a deep-rooted presence in New Delhi, Hyderabad, India and Chantilly, Dallas, and the USA, AIS is recognized as a game changer in the world’s IT landscape. The company has won many premier awards for pioneering game-changing ideas and products in the digital space.

About the Marshal of the AIS Mobile Apps & GAMES

Ashish Kumar Prajapati is the CEO & Founder of AIS Mobile Apps & GAMES, has a massive experience of almost five years of Software and Product Development Services for a large number of satisfied customers. Holding a degree in Computer Science from MIT, Mr. Prajapati works in various roles ranging from core team members to team leader, supporting IT product development companies and software department.  Credited with immense knowledge in Android, iOS, Java, Python, PHP, Analytics & Algorithm, Mr. Ashish is now re-writing the history of Digital India through Technological Development Services. He has always been ardent about technology, which kept him in the forefront to penetrate into various profiles & positions.

“Hard work and Focus” Paved the way

“Rather than investing time in watching competitors we invest our time, hard work and focus on getting in the market and making sure to deliver the best possible technological services”, says Mr. Prajapati.  As many startup companies invest their priceless time in looking the competitors, but AIS is an exception. Instead of focusing on outcomes, he believes in working on up hilling their own game. It is only because of their hard work and support that AIS is successfully delivering world-class software with uncompromised quality.

A valuable advice to young entrepreneurs by Mr. Ashish

First of all, we all are very glad to see the kind of technologies and software that are being introduced in the market and the way in which they are bringing the digital revolution across the globe. So, my advice for them is quite simple- “Good marketing makes the company look smart, Great marketing makes the customer feel smart”. So focus on digital marketing and try to reach to the customer in every possible way! As I believe a company’s achievement would be appreciated only if its customers are happy and satisfied.

An inspiration turned into success

AIS Mobile Apps & Games was incorporated in 2012 by a young skillful business leader, Mr. Prajapati whose deep interest in technology and great experience in marketing, leadership, and management have made him able to address much unique and industry-specific requirement of various clients which seemed non-possible to execute. It was his passion and inspiration that led to the establishment of AIS.

Uniqueness that make AIS Mobile Apps & GAMES apart

AIS develop and design ingenious products for Mobile and Web platforms that will transform your virtual world. Putting customer satisfaction first without any compromise in quality makes AIS be the world’s leading Technology Services Company for multiple platforms.

Mr. Prajapati asserts, “We feel blessed and proud when we deliver satisfaction and confidence to our clients as a service and retains the oldest clients in this cut-throat competitive market.” AIS is going full steam ahead with new technologies like AR/VR, the blockchain, ML, AI, which are the four major elements that will be going to change our outlook towards technology and business processes of our industry, he further added.

“Good marketing makes the company look smart,

Great marketing makes the customer feel smart”

Vision and Mission

AIS Mobile Apps & GAMES is a thoroughly updated Technology Company and has the ability to put the most effective solutions for their customer. Providing services for various industry leaders, the company has reached the top in the domain of Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Android Apps and Games and others across India and abroad. Mr. Ashish has a vision of creating a solid service based company like TCS and a mission to fulfill this vision by creating more jobs in India and globally.

Future advancement

With a complete understanding of the digital wave, AIS delivers the customized business solution and safeguards their customer’s Digital landscape. AIS is currently dedicating its focus on employing five thousand employees in coming five years. Pertaining to the workforce side, Mr. Prajapati illustrates, “We are more focused towards adding employees in our company and we will keep on doing as such for next five years. Also, we are targeting 10 Lac $ revenue and 100 people team this year.”

Top-notch Services

AIS Mobile Apps & GAMES is renowned for designing and developing unique products for Mobile and Web platform including ioS, Android, Web development, AI, ML, game development ( AR/VR), blockchain. Their highly trained experts are continuously upgrading their skills to deliver the top-notch solution for all IT needs.

Mr. Prajapati states, “We are best at serving better and we take care of our clients 24*7 if they are in need.” More important we all human and we do take care of human connection. The foundation wishes to grow with their values remained unchanged; these values have helped them in adding more customers and in fulfilling their commitment level towards customer happiness.

Entrepreneurial Experience

AIS Mobile Apps & GAMES integrates innovative solutions that facilitate the effective design of mobile applications that are compatible and user-friendly and will able to meet the business needs, process, and requirements, as they evolve over time.

As Mr. Prajapati says, “To build high-yielding and scalable apps, our proficient team delivers self-reliant services. We built customized apps with unique screen resolutions and fully integrated designs which are compatible with iPad models; we bring in the best apps. We are a good team of the person who is at the top management post and has a good handling experience.”

On what makes a person an entrepreneur, Mr. Prajapati says

Your attitude determines your altitude! Employing a positive attitude will help an individual to achieve their goals and make them a more likable person. Hard work along with positive attitude leads to success.

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