Consystent Infotech: A Leading Business Process Outsourcing Services Company

Adarsh Prasad J V: Consystent Infotech
Adarsh Prasad J V: Consystent Infotech

Adarsh Prasad J V: A Leader who Believes in Being Organized and Process-Driven

Business outsourcing is an ever-evolving arena of business management that’s essential to companies large and small. Let it be a startup or a well-established business, outsourcing services are vital for any organization to carry out value-added activities and to improve company focus by freeing the internal resources for showcasing world-class capabilities and for increasing their flexibility. Outsourcing companies also increase efficiency for time-consuming functions by maximizing use of external resources, maintaining cash flow/ capital assets, controlling cost reduction, thereby alleviating the stress of the risks involved in the overall management process.

Consystent Infotech is a pioneer in providing guidance in Outsourcing services for businesses. The Bangalore based IT & Business Process Outsourcing Services Company integrates the effective human resources and technology to serve global companies & Indian corporate giants.

Consystent Infotech was incorporated in 2004 by three young innovative professionals providing relevant solutions and seamless global services. The company’s quest for excellence started from a small rented house with just five team members. Today their service framework has rapidly expanded to accommodate 150 full-time employees and more than 50 consultants all working towards the single goal of achieving business success for their valued clients across the USA and Europe.

Mr. Prasad J V, Craftsman of Consystent Infotech

Mr. Prasad J V, CEO & President of Consystent Infotech, heading the company since its inception with an overall responsibility in corporate management and strategic direction. He holds a BE degree in Computer Science and brings more than a decade’s specialization in the fields of IT and management. Mr. Prasad described himself as an individual who believes in being organized and process-driven and who always take a keen interest in implementing Total Quality Management across the organization. After 15 years of fruitful relationship with IT industry, Mr. Prasad has steered and contributed to the large-scale implementation of Consystent services so that global corporation may leverage the cut-throat benefit of Business Process Management and Knowledge Process Management (BPO & KPO).

Values and Factors that contribute to success

His massive experience of almost 15 years enables him to give a varied range of IT outsourcing services to professionals and corporates grooming them for the heightened challenges of IT industry. Mr. Prasad being process oriented and keen attentive, he firmly believes that being a good listener is the single most important skill for any entrepreneur as it helps them understand their Client’s perspectives and expectations.

Mr. Prasad’s Advice to the Young Entrepreneurs

Mr. Prasad believes that business achievements and accolades lie in the satisfaction and happiness of the customers. Meticulously understanding a client’s desire, need, and problems, and then providing them refined solutions delivered by seasoned facilitators are the key strategies that can help an individual to rank up their businesses.

The journey that led to success

A creative thinker who always aspires to be an entrepreneur and always wanted to catalyze something that helps global corporates achieves their strategic business and human resource priorities. To fulfill his entrepreneurial dreams, he started running a franchise of Café Coffee Day express for 2 outlets for a year and then decided to sell the franchise to invest in the Consystent. But the philosophy that took him a long way is the small business does not help in getting long-term success. Keeping this in mind, he cultivated Consystent that he is passionate about. Consystent was started with a humble motto, i.e., keeping customer satisfaction as their prime motive.

Before he started Consystent, Mr. Prasad had contributed to the progress and establishment of leading global technology giants in India. He has a highly successful track record in the diverse set of management and leadership roles in the IT fields. Mr. Prasad uses his entrepreneurial and leadership skills and plays an instrumental role in establishing Consystent.

“Quality of service is what we provide to our clients and clients consider us as their VALUE-PARTNERS and not a Service Provider”

Uniqueness at its best

Consystent Infotech understands that no two projects are alike and implements adequate Quality measures to meet their client’s custom requirements and deliver an unmatched level of service. Mr. Prasad states, “Quality of service is what we provide to our clients and clients consider us as their VALUE-PARTNERS and not a Service Provider. Not only do we take care of our Customers work, we provide timely and responsive professional services and proactively assist them in their Business growth as well”. From the meticulous process, monitoring/reviews through to stringent Quality checks, strict compliance with global Quality standards, and continuous improvement – the company abides by all relevant Quality parameters to add value to their client’s businesses through higher efficiency, greater productivity, and simultaneously lower costs.

Vision and Mission

Vision: To lead the global IT, BPO & KPO markets with a focus on successful business process re-engineering and management.

Mission: Consystent Infotech believes in lifting their services and surpassing capabilities every time their clients entrust them with mission-critical projects. They handle changes proactively and develop skills and strategies to meet the challenges of a volatile outsourcing market.

Impeccable range of services

The core structure of Consystent is designed around the company’s position as a standard leader in providing guidance in Outsourcing services for businesses. The successful outcome of the services provided to clients relies heavily on strategic planning, consistent monitoring, and quality verification of the compliance with protocol requirements. Consystent provides several services including IT Solutions, Back-office and Data Service, Customer Support Services, E-Commerce Services, Analytics, Gaming Support &Testing, Software Testing and Virtual Staffing.

Looking beyond the Digital tomorrow

Being a data-driven organization, Consystent Infotech works extensively in e-commerce segment, a domain with lots of opportunities. Consystent Infotech has carved a niche as a top global outsourcing company under the able leadership of an experienced management team. The company has a huge requirement to address and is looking to grow at least 100% YOY and Digital Marketing which is one of the key strategies that will help them to achieve that kind of growth. Consystent Infotech employs only the best talents available for respective service domains and works in tandem with their clients to develop and implement crucial business strategies. The company has a current staff of around 150 and is looking to grow to 250 by next year.

On what makes Consystent Infotech a promising choice amongst numerous service providers, Mr. Prasad says,

  • Highly customized outsourcing solution
  • Committed to working on the customers’ problems, need and desire rather than selling our products or solutions to them
  • Efficient delivery of project and management through well-defined and tested Quality Management System
  • Value-Partner Methodology

 A look at Company’s Revenue contributors by Mr. Prasad

The company’s aim is to develop a blueprint of success for all clients serviced in an attempt to help them to achieve the maximum in their return. Consystent Infotech has a diversified list of service offerings and its spread across different verticals of IT Solutions and Back-office being the major contributors. The services provided are all offered at an affordable rate with customized plans designed for individual businesses.

Qualities to be look in an employee

Being committed to client’s need and satisfaction, Mr. Prasad looks for common sense, adaptability, and commitment to an employee apart from education. He believes people with the above traits can become great team players and also contributes a great deal to become an integral part of the company’s growth.

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