Dreamwares IT Solutions: Specializes In Building Cloud Based Enterprise Applications

Abhishek A Agrawal: Dreamwares IT Solutions
Abhishek A Agrawal: Dreamwares IT Solutions

Abhishek A Agrawal: An Outstanding Leader, Who Inspires a Team of Associates to Perform at their Best

In today’s world of changing market trends and a digital world of cloud and mobility solutions, there is a dire need of creating a secure environment. Many companies are delivering integrating services of outsourcing companies to alleviate the stress of arduous administration tasks and make them focused on providing the internal resources for showcasing world-class capabilities with maximum output. One such solution integrator is Dreamwares IT Solutions.

By not underestimating the importance of Digital networking solution in the efficient working of a business, Dreamwares IT Solutions develop cloud-based applications with utmost conviction and true professionalism.  In this fast-moving world, the need for creating cloud-based applications and digitization solutions is of paramount importance. Dreamwares has developed applications on all leading cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google App Engine.

Dreamwares IT Solutions is a leader in building cloud-based enterprise applications, particularly on Force.com platform. It has partnered with many Salesforce consultants and ISV partners and carries out all their development activities like Salesforce customization, Force.com apps, Force.com sites, Customer Portal, Salesforce Integration, Chatter, Apex, Visualforce etc.  It is a Product Development Partner (PDO) with Salesforce, which is awarded to Salesforce consulting partners with excellent development resources and track record.

In an interview with Trade flock, Mr. Abhishek Agrawal, CEO at Dreamwares IT Solutions gave some exciting answers highlighting the importance of IT solutions and his contribution towards to it.

How would you describe yourself, your role, and responsibility as a dynamic entrepreneur?

Primarily, as a CEO my roles are focused towards deciding the direction of the company, achieving the objectives and strive harder in areas where we need to improve and focus.

Since we have strong leaders in each department, I don’t have to micromanage. But I do all recruitments myself to ensure a really strong team.

I would describe myself as a person who is striving for impact and focused on improvements. Also, I wear hats at different times, based on whatever the team needs.

To what do you attribute your success?

Well, as we all have heard Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence, I always prefer doing few things but doing those extremely well. I believe Focus is what transforms average into excellence and can help us stand out from the competition and also helps us give better quality. This is what I have practiced over the years and experienced the magical fruits of it.

What is the advice that you can give to someone to rank up individual’s digital business, what would it be?

With changing time, the new generation is handling business and they must understand that the fundamentals of a digital business are same as any other business. The most important advice I can give is – Build and value relationships with Customers, partners, employees to everyone. As no one likes to deal with “organizations,” in the end it’s all human to human. The must thing to build a lasting business is to make people feel valued and entrusted.

“Build and value relationships with customers, partners, employees to everyone. As no one likes to deal with ‘Organizations’ in the end it’s all human to human”

Can you take us through the initial journey of Dreamwares? 

Setting up a business in weakened infrastructure was the biggest hurdle. It took a great hard work and patience to reach the point where we are at today. We registered the business in September 2009, but put up an actual office in January 2010 with a team of 2. Initially, we started working on a product idea from home but nothing materialized for a year. Then we worked on Dynamic websites using Joomla and then to cloud. In the first year itself, when the cloud was just getting started, we worked on challenging applications on AWS, Google cloud (app engine), Azure, and Salesforce. But then we felt it was better to focus on 1 platform and be very good at it. So we shifted totally to Salesforce. That was the turning point and there has been no looking back since then.

What are the qualities that set the company apart from the crowd?

I have seen many Indian IT services companies doing everything but we instead focus on 1 platform and don’t hesitate to say no to projects of other technologies. This helps us develop stronger expertise and deliver better quality at competitive prices. And our customers love us for our strong focus and appreciate our work and strategy. Also, we are having 6.5 plus years of experience in Salesforce with features such as Lightning, Communities, Salesforce Customization, Force.com apps, AppExchange Apps, Force.com sites, API Integrations, Data Migration etc.

What is the Vision & Mission of the company and what are your future plans of action for Dreamwares IT Solutions?

Vision & Mission is to become one of the best Salesforce Development Companies.

Currently, we don’t have any plans to diversify. With increased innovation and improvements in technology in the last few years, I see the industry to be growing faster and yielding lots of scopes to grow. But for next five year, our main focus is to increase our customer base to many folds and to become CMM certified. As Dreamwares IT Solutions is known for its constant innovation so our primary focus is to get continuously improved so that we can constantly deliver better quality.

Kindly enlighten us with the outstanding services and features of Dreamwares that give you a competitive edge.

We are preferred partnered with many Salesforce partners and carry all out all their development activities like Salesforce customization, Force.com apps, Force.com sites, Customer Portal, Salesforce Integration, Chatter, Apex, Visualforce etc. Salesforce is one of the biggest software companies as they have a CRM, a platform to create business apps, an AppExchange similar to App Store, and lots of other applications built on top of the platform. We customize Salesforce as per needs of customers and also develop apps on Salesforce platform.

Our customers choose us as the preferred partner for Salesforce development for 2 reasons – Quality and Expertise. The most valuable asset that we have is our teams which consist of approx. 40 Salesforce developers, who are successfully doing Salesforce development for more than 7 years and have delivered 400 plus projects on Salesforce.

What kind of entrepreneurial experience does your current team have?

Most people in our company started as a fresher so, they didn’t have prior such experience. But we have a culture of promoting ownership. We aim to develop, cherish the best talent, and create an enabling environment where every committed and determined member of the organization has ample opportunities for growth. We encourage every team member to take ownership of the things they are involved in. My role is to guide them as each department is self-dependent and functions smoothly even without my involvement. So you can say we have many budding entrepreneurs in our company.

What are some of the qualities that you look for in an employee?

Passion and drive for excellence are the two things can’t be taught or forced on anybody. If they are passionate about what they do and are constantly looking to improve, rest all automatically falls into place.

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