ErgodE IT Services: USA’s Leading Online Store

Rupesh Sanghavi: ErgodE IT Services
Rupesh Sanghavi: ErgodE IT Services
Rupesh Sanghavi: A Business Leader with Thorough Knowledge of the Business World

With the evolution of new technologies and researches, there is a necessity to reimagine and re-analyze the business requirements. IT infrastructure and services form the prominent backbone of a company thus plays a pivotal role in shaping the future, by providing end-to-end solutions, optimized data, and processes, efficient networks, IT assets and the secure environment. One such IT solution provider is ErgodE IT Services Pvt. Ltd., a USA’s leading Online Store, trading across the globe and distributing the best services in e-commerce. Established in 2007, ErgodE IT Services is focused in the area of E-commerce services. The company delivers a full set of automated, interactive IT services ranging from designing e-commerce websites to developing large-scale enterprise systems to deploying distinct aspect of search marketing campaigns.

The main proficiency of ErgodE IT Services is in the E-commerce industry where they sell more than 15 Million titles in varying subjects. This is achieved through their strong online network of business partners consisting of 40 prime online E-commerce sites spread across the globe. The company handles almost 3000 orders a day in North American and European market with the help of their talented workforce in India and USA.,,,,,, and are the websites and platforms through which the company is reaching out to its customers and clients. ErgodE IT Services strives to furnish cut-edge technology, process innovation, offer better customer services and to maintain consistency.

Rupesh Sanghavi: A man with magic seed

Rupesh Sanghavi, the President, and CEO of Ami Ventures Inc. and Vir Ventures Inc. have acquired a decade of experience in online media selling venture. With the specialization in Automation, Simulation, Optimization and Development of Software in Oil & Gas, Process and Chemical Industry, Mr. Sanghavi holds a master degree in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University-Kingsville and a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Mumbai. In his varied roles, Mr. Sanghavi is heading the operation with an overall responsibility including defining the strategic long-term vision of the company, building teams for long-term growth, recognizing an individual for their extraordinary performance, maintain relations with outside vendors, service providers etc.

Success is all about “Hard work and Persistence”

Certified in Project Management from the University of California, Mr. Sanghavi has 14 years of IT domain experience. His determined attitude, hard work, perseverance, and lucid goals have provided him deep breakthroughs to complex IT Infrastructure Solution and exposure to International Markets. Like most other successful leaders, Mr. Sanghavi also believes that there is a no shortcut key to success and nothing can substitute hard work. For him, talent, genius education, and persistence are the few basic elements that are needed to be successful.

A Valuable advice to young entrepreneurs by Mr. Sanghavi

An assiduous creator and visionary leader, Mr. Sanghavi believes that learning and exploring is the key to unlock golden opportunities for success. Today, digital technology and landscape is evolving every day and has compelled many companies across the globe to digitalize its services and solutions. So, in order to become a better, more informed and more connected it is important to first understand the technology and then implement it to your business as applicable.

Idea about the company formation

Established in 2007 by a software engineer-turned-entrepreneur, Mr. Sanghavi, whose vision gave birth to a company with merely duo staff members & steadily blossomed into a software firm with fifty-plus talented members. Mr. Sanghavi states, “It all started with buying books online and observing huge price discrepancy and soon it evolved over time with automation, vendor relations, and team building.” It is because of his determined attitude and hard work that has brought ErgodE IT Services to its present position.

Uniqueness at its best

Mr. Sanghavi says, “To remain a winner amongst the competitors, it’s imperative to offer best of the services and we strongly believe in that philosophy. Our uniqueness in the very competitive world of e-commerce is to keep overhead cost low through automation, relocation. We offer an array of services ranging from IT services to E-commerce services assisting our business to explore in every aspect and also focus on selling across the world and through as many channels as possible to diversify customer base. As 80% of our total GMV is from the US but we ship all over the world. Last year, we shipped items to more than 160 countries. We believe in serving our clients with best of our services to ensure optimum satisfaction of their expectations.”

Vision and Mission

The vision is to be very efficient global e-commerce Sellers with low overhead and very broad range of product offerings.

The mission is to make as many products available to customers worldwide as possible at most competitive prices with reliable service.

Future plans for Business Stimulation

Being rated as Top 100 most innovative company by Indians in the USA, Mr. Sanghavi, the man who brought this notion into a successful reality is planning to grow by five folds while keeping the overhead cost at about same level and achieve scalability through automation. In addition, he also looking forward to diversifying their customer base even further this would be achieved by focusing on selling through websites.

A look at Product, People, Team, and Revenue by Mr. Sanghavi

Being a pioneer in one vertical such as E-commerce, it takes a lot of effort, insights, and vision to ascent a team who is focused, motivated and expert in several other aspects of the business as well. Pertaining to the workforce side, Mr. Sanghavi illustrates “We have expanded to 200 individuals in a year and will keep on doing as such for the next 5 years. Our team would be more focused on adding more selection for customers through web portals and through sales channels. We are looking to stay on 100%+ YOY growth trajectory and our internal software product is going to be highly automated, websites to be more functional with larger a share of orders from a website.”

Incredible services

The company is an expert in executing several business processes, and virtualization that allows them to reach their clients from anywhere in the world. Their main proficiency is in the E-commerce industry where they sell, retail more than 15 Million titles in varying subjects, and service provider in various vertical markets. Mr. Sanghavi asserts, “We feel pleased and proud when we build strong partnerships with our clients, whilst expanding their productivity and improving our business. Other companies deliver some of the similar services, yet we are separated from them by our allegiance and the best services provided to the customers. And we obtain this efficiency through the use of very capable overseas resources and technology.”

On what makes ErgodE IT Services a promising choice amongst numerous e-commerce vendors, says Mr. Sanghavi

  • Competitive prices
  • Always adopting cutting-edge technologies and using them to enhance the productivity and improve quality
  • Optimized listing with right keywords to drive traffic etc.
  • Lastly, we have the best possible reputation of close to 100% positive feedback on most channels and forums.

Diversified network: A major source of revenue

Coming to the revenue, the company has diversified source within e-commerce spheres. Like many other e-retailers, the company has its highest share in in terms of sales channel and that too with high degree of geographical diversification. Not a single account or channel accounts for more than 15% of total company revenue. In the coming year, the company is getting prepared to multiply its revenue by three times.

Entrepreneurial Experience

Being an e-commerce website, the company is growing in every aspect. Mr. Sanghavi explains the underlying architecture and strength of the company, “We have provided talented manpower and knowledge in the technical and non-technical area on demand at a competitive cost. We have a development team, customer service team, search engine optimization team, and business development to cover the varying aspects of customer’s need.” He further adds, “We have many instances where team members from managers to executives have come up with a brilliant idea and have changed the way we do business.”

A valuable mantra by Mr. Sanghavi

Our famous internal mantra is “Skills can be taught but not attitude”. So we do our best to create a team with the right attitude from a leader, supported by an experienced domain expert and team around it. We encourage everyone to take a risk, explore different avenues so that we build a team with a very responsive and responsible individual.

“Skills can be taught but not attitude” A valuable mantra by Mr. Sanghavi

10 reasons to join ErgodE IT Services

Since the company is growing in every aspect, the company is looking forward to acquiring new and high-quality employees who can contribute talent and hard work and help them achieve the impossible. There are few key reasons to join ErgodE IT Services:

Opportunity to experience the cutting edge technologies and an international e-commerce business

Flexible Work Timings: It offers its senior employees to report to the office at any of their convenient time considering the process needs and leave completing the required tasks at their convenient time.

Work from Home: The employees can do the telecommuting and complete their assignments from the convenience of the home to for any personal reason.

Future Financial Savings and Medical Insurance: It offers the employee provident fund scheme and the employee state insurance scheme to all the eligible employees in coordination with the national and state level of administration.

No Dress code: There is no specific dress code culture, employees can wear any dress and come to workplaces.

Professional Growth: It sponsors many professional courses like Six Sigma programs to its employees to learn and develop their professional skills.  

Career/Profile Change Opportunity: Employees can apply to any of internal cross profiles, per the Internal Job Posting Policies, they want to switch their careers to and progress in the domain that they are passionate about.

Freedom to innovate: It allows its employees, at their wish, to spent 20% of their weekly time to work on any projects they like to. This gives an opportunity to them to showcase their abilities to be innovative and creative to help complete some project that they wished to work for. Also if they like to do the other work out of their set of responsibilities and do well in related projects, they can also apply to switch to the field of their interest.

Leaves: Employees are offered with 28 Leaves a year, which helps them meet their personal commitments too.

Personal Growth: Employees are provided the competitive and on time salaries per the industry norms and current market trends.

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