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Bhavin Thakkar: Savit Interactive
Bhavin Thakkar: Savit Interactive
An exclusive interview with Bhavin Thakkar of Savit Interactive,
A Pioneer, Who Thinks and Talk About the Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Over the decades, the growth of digitization across all spectrums of human life have made enterprises realize the need for the complete continuum of web marketing solutions. This includes several analytics based technical activities; as well as creative operations like content development and designing user-friendly WebPages. This is what Savit Interactive, ( Mumbai based SEO Company, offers: – the entire range of online marketing and web development services that sit within the ambit of this vast field.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified Indian SEO Company, Savit Interactive started operations in 2004, offering a wide range of Search & Internet Marketing services like SEO, SMO, PPC, ORM; as well as creative Website Designing and content development. By synthesizing a unique combination of business expertise and technical capabilities, coupled with consistent and reliable Digital Marketing services; the company has steadily garnered a reputation for excellent client-centric solutions and services.

As a strategic service provider, they have always strived to successfully empowering clients and associates through tactful business expertise, and innovative technology solutions that helps accelerate growth based on industry-specific statistics; as well as a keen understanding of human social interactivity. Savit Interactive is currently operating worldwide; and delivers services to some of the smallest online brands, as well as industry-leading companies from India, the U.K., USA, Australia, Canada, and UAE – as well as a few other micro-markets in Asia like Vietnam and Singapore.

Over the years Savit has specialized in offering ‘White Label’ SEO solutions and designing SEO friendly websites for several other SEO resellers; helping garner top rankings on all search engines, and provide specific and relevant traffic. Since its inception, Savit Interactive’s experienced professional teams have always delivered unfailing client satisfaction and true value for money services. Being a leading SEO company in India, Savit continuously updates; and trains its teams in the latest developments in the field of Digital Marketing, and has always aspired to ensure a result-driven approach.

In an interview with Trade Flock, Mr. Bhavin Thakkar, Director & Founder at Savit Interactive gave some profound answers emphasizing the effectiveness of their services and his contribution towards it.

Please share some words with us which state all about you, your role, and responsibilities as a dynamic entrepreneur

In 2004, when I started my journey, the market was far smaller but extremely prospective. Today, I am thankful that my hard work and efforts have been able to place Savit Interactive as one of leading brands of our Industry.

If I could describe satisfactorily, I would express myself as a dedicated and earnest entrepreneur who has seen success because of my ability to build a strong team and provide ample leadership and support to the enterprise. Today, we are among the few SEO companies from India who specialize in the entire spectrum of Internet Marketing, e-Commerce, and Web Management solutions across industries. There are many SEO based businesses similar to Victorius that work with businesses and aid them with their marketing through different marketing strategies, for example, enterprise seo, link building, etc.

The internet is global, and ever-evolving, living entity. Every day, I strive harder understand this human intelligence that changes constantly; while ensuring that I can help my clients and associates explore better methods and new avenues of utilizing the internet in a more productive and proactive way.

I initially focused my company’s operations on localized SEO services and online marketing solutions; while understanding the thread of Internet market at its most fundamental parts. I built a strong and efficient team of qualified and diligent experts of the different types of services a top international SEO company would require to succeed in a rapidly developing sector. I led this expert team of people; and we able to expand our services over time, as Savit Interactive grew into a larger family, and a more integrated enterprise. In our current agenda, we are looking to explore more globalized markets; and expand with operations like Mobile based internet marketing, and intelligent web designing processes.

I see the internet as a virtual entity, which is an evolving intelligence. We all must try and embrace its immense potential, and my efforts with Savit Interactive is my personal privilege in this regard. Our team’s dedicated performance with unique marketing and management skills have given us much success. My role is to build an effective team that can strive hard to achieve focused results, and deliver on the best quality of services and most effective solutions as expected of our brand.

What do you attribute to success?

I have always tried to understand how to serve several different clients from the same industry; and thanks to certain special techniques, always found the best ways to use competition in a positive way. I have been able to develop a system to drive my team to produce individual consumer based services; while maintaining the analytics and technicalities equally for all my clients. We always make sure that the client gets to choose their required solutions and services; while our company strategizes the optimal ways to use the available resources for internet marketing and other online services.

As an entrepreneur, I see to it that my clients and associates are equally important to me as my employees and staff. Thankfully, I think that my principals and practices have seen me to more success and greater triumphs than I initially envisioned within this fulfilling 14-year journey.

Tell us some of your impeccable services that sets you unique in the market

We see the Internet as a social entity, so we design all of our services to suit human needs, expectations, and benefits. Over the last 14 odd years, and with the cumulative experience of 150 years in digital marketing services; we proudly support strategic solutions which help our clients get optimum results.

As an SEO Company with clients is several different industries and locations around the world; we have had exposure to the certain niche and specific markets; including a lot of experience in technical fields ranging from industrial to virtual. This has helped us, as a service provider, and internet brand, to develop a more personalized and efficient way to deliver all the necessary Internet services.

What is your vision and mission at the offset?

Since everyone thinks out of the box these days, we keep an eye on what’s in the box as well. The internet may be a digital platform which exists on mathematics and algorithms, but the people who use it and create it are not! My team and I always focus on making Savit Interactive the best SEO company in India, since I vision my country as already the leading Online Service Providing nation in the world.

As one of the most recommended Online Solutions brand of India, we now have the mission to explore, and successfully integrate our services to be able to help clients in the most specific of target markets. With the rapid expansion of the Internet as a human medium of communication, within technology that is interactive;  I proudly feel that my company has lived up to the vision with which I named my brand.

What is the company’s five-year plan?

Being currently ranked among the top 3 recognized SEO Companies in India; our enterprise’s future 5 Year plans are to expand to more localized online marketing and internet-based commercial services for new clients. We currently serve over 1000 different clients, from several unique industries, in about 10 different international markets. We have an agenda to guarantee our current commitments; while gradually expanding our influence in the global online marketplace. Since the internet is the very center of global interactions today; our hard work will have no dearth of opportunities.

We intend to achieve this by offering more value-added services to our projects of any size and complexity and achieving the best possible results and returns. I am very positive towards my journey in this field and for that I always encourage new ideas, thinking and do work hard to acquire new clients by investing time and efforts in researching and updating our algorithms and designs; or by offering comprehensive white label SEO solutions to various resellers and marketing agencies.

“It’s No longer about just having a website,
It’s about getting the right people,
Who are looking for your products or services”

What kind of Commendable services/solutions offered by you?

Savit Interactive specializes in offering the complete spectrum of web marketing services including search engine optimization, pay per click, website promotions, and designing, website development and hosting, and online payment systems. We cannot deny the omnipresence of Google and have partnered with this giant enterprise to out fullest capacity. We are invested in helping clients utilize services like Google AdWords, Gmail based solutions like Drive and Messenger; while also following the organic fundamentals of the internet as a larger platform. Clients often help us discover new ways to use our skills and endeavors, and our expansive library of references and databank bank is diverse.

We not only deliver a website but also provide relevant traffic for it to be a marketing tool; which is the way Internet marketing should be utilized. We excel services including location-based SEO packages, and website promotion strategies are designed to lessen the inherent challenges of digital marketing like market saturation, larger competitors, and statutory generic regression of brand presence.

Our partnership with Google certified AdWords and Authorized Google Suite Resellers has strengthened our powers and helped the company deliver better results to clients which are future ready and better than any other competitor. However, we also use other popular internet marketing tools and have several consultants for any demanding industrial projects. Our clients have specifically commended us on our ability to provide more unique features like creative content in a generic market sphere, and creating liaison opportunities using the global vastness of the internet. Since Savit Interactive is ranked at the very top of the scale, we hope we can enhance the very standards of this field.

Why do consumers choose your product over the competition? Or what commitment your company show towards consumers?

I have always believed in building and maintaining unsurpassed and confident relationships. Our transparency, promises, and commitments has stood us out over the competition. As a Service Provider, we try to deliver pocket-friendly solutions; while ensuring that the effort is optimum. Not a single member of the Savit workforce and the team would compromise their efforts based on the size or scale of a client’s project package. This is the core commitment my company and I have towards our customers.

Our innovative, customized, and flexible solutions enable every client to expect better success ratio than elsewhere. Over the past 15 years, the dedication I have shown towards this passion and commitment to deliver quality digital marketing services have helped every client accomplish their business objectives and expansion goals in entirety. We always look forward to new trendy ideas; while keeping a firm footing on the algorithmic and mathematical nature of our work. We also follow an open door policy where anyone can address their solutions or challenges for common improvement.

What is the company’s success ratio? Do most of the profits come from a certain type of client or specialist?

Well, would avoid the term “Profit”; but yes, in transparency, most of our gross revenue does indeed come from digital marketing services. As one would know, most of the SEO companies are unable to comprehend the truth behind Google’s behavior; since its algorithm is one of the complex and dynamic mathematical codes ever written. However, I attribute Savit’s success to implementing methodologies which have set new benchmarks in the overall scope of consumer-based SEO management operations.

As of now, over 70% of our revenues come from customized digital marketing solutions; as our company invests more resources towards R&D and Innovation. Our success ratio is impressive because we cannot recall a particular incidence where we have lost our client due to the failure of intended objectives or the operations within a project. Over the years, several of our clients have introduced us to their partners and associates to help them collaboratively improve market communication avenues of their relative broader industry. Since we cover a wide range of industries from medical to finance, I could not accurately identify a single type of client or specialist to be the largest share of our revenues.

What kind of entrepreneurial experience does the current team have?

In terms of gross cumulative relevant experience, we have a pool of highly qualified professionals having a sum of 150 plus years as an SEO Service Provider; encompassing a wide range of specialties and operations which is central to the perfection we aspire. I would always attribute our inspirations and success to this unfailing team consisting of diligent professionals with progressive ambitions in the field of digital marketing while serving clients globally with a high level of customer satisfaction.

It is in fact due to my team’s industriousness, commitment, and dedicated work that we have been able to set benchmarks in the field of digital marketing services with regard to quality and efficiency. Giving priority to the unity of my team and, understanding their problems and aspirations have always impacted them professionally while sincerely delivering pocket-friendly solutions. I have had prior experience in entrepreneurial work involving core marketing strategies, as well as social promotion like event management and advertising. However, over the last 14 years and more, I have put all of my efforts into understanding the internet and its faculties as the future of human communication and commerce.

What are some of the qualities that you look for in an employee? What do you believe in?

I believe that learning from experience and that mistakes can master your experience; so, an employee should be a creative thinker and must accept challenges and take risks. The right positive attitude, adaptability, team building; while having a pragmatic outlook towards things are among the required qualities that I always look for in an employee. An experienced and a passionate employee can deliver quality work and can execute each task with ease and precision. I believe in the human quality of ambition while trying to inspire the virtues of hard work and dedication by a manner of example.

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