Triwits Technologies: An Experienced Research Work Application Development Organisation

Naveed Nathan: TRIWITS Technologies
Naveed Nathan: TRIWITS Technologies
Naveed Nathan: A Creative Thinker and an Innovative Entrepreneur

In today’s world of information technology, every small or high-growth business is facing challenges in structuring and systemizing their organizations.  Most of them struggle with several siloed applications or with their traditional management style and thus, they get stuck somewhere between these challenges. Seeking these problems of small and high-growth companies, Tri-Wits Technologies decided to start mentoring them from basics to the end and thus they get into the solution and started consulting and providing Business process solutions to them. Tri-Wits Technologies is an experienced Research Work Application Development Organization, capitalizes on dedicated research and solution to support business problems and build successful business-oriented applications that can assist in modernizing business operations.

Triwits Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ( is a prominent Mobile apps, Web application, Custom Software Development, Information Technology, Business Process Outsourcing Service and also serves as a Consultant and Advisor. Tri-Wits deliver remarkable customer experiences while driving greater efficiency and modernizing business operations. The company offers internship programs for technical and non-technical students to uplift their raw talent from academic career to the professional one.

In an interview with Trade flock, Naveed Nathan, CEO at Triwits Technologies Pvt. Ltd. gave some thoughtful answers highlighting the memorable events and struggles that went behind establishing the Triwits Technologies. So read on to know about the current scenario of the Triwits Technologies and business solution platforms from the expert in the field himself.

Artisans behindTriwits Technologies

Veena Deshpande, Co-Founder, and Managing Director at Tri-wits is a combo of passion and hard work. She is an extrovert who has strengthened the company with her exceptional vision and passion towards the establishment of Tri-wits. In a pursuit to define her, she explains, “For me, passion is to prove myself and hard work is to disprove others.” She is a life coach who guides the employees to become a member of the Tri-Wits and believe in their dreams. With generous energy and confident attitude, she has captured the heart and mind of all people working in the company.

A creative thinker and an innovative entrepreneur create a vision, express the vision, passionately owns the vision, and relentlessly drives it towards completion. Naveed Nathan, Founder, and CEO at Triwits, formed his own company after gaining massive experience in the field of IT outsourcing solutions. Being a proactive chief of Tri-wits he always engages himself in attaining objectives through a daily self-mail, which he drafts himself every night to be delivered before he reaches his desk the next morning. Mr. Nathan describes himself as a bathroom thinker, the one whose creativity reaches its highest peak when one’s in the bathroom. Mr. Nathan, a fantastic human being and thoroughly professional is playing a crucial role in carrying the business beyond the horizon and delivering across the globe.

Success Factor

Mr. Nathan attributes his success to the passion, dedication, transparency that they delivered to their clients in collaboration with team’s hard work. Tri-Wits have always followed quality policies that guide the endeavor and performance of all their employees in all fields at all levels. “Understanding is a two-way street and it can overcome any situation,” following this philosophy, Mr. Nathan forever stays committed to their relationships with employees, customer, and company. Working as a backbone protagonist, he always administers his company as a trust, an innovative leader, and does all that is needed to be done ethically for the purpose of the company for today and tomorrow.

His utmost advice to a new and young entrepreneur

Being a technology company by core, Mr. Nathan believes that in this digital world social media can play a crucial role in achieving the business objectives. Changing trends and increasing popularity of social media have created new business opportunities in the Indian market. And updating with trends and staying in touch with the customers through social media without spamming them can actually groom and nurture a business efficiently and it will prove to be a sound long-term plan.

Idea behind the company formation

India is witnessing a revolutionary transformation where highly qualified youngsters are giving opportunities to small-town Indian students with an aim to erase that gap between the small towns and big cities. Following this attitude, once, when Mr. Nathan was having a shower an idea pricked in his mind where he thought of to provide employment to Indian students who hail from a small-town and didn’t get the opportunity to showcase their talent. Then he decided to become an employer instead of an employee and started his own company TRIWITS Technologies on 30th September 2015 which not only provides them a platform but also shortened the gap between small-towns and big cities.

Uniqueness at its best

Delivering high-end quality services through experts, who are highly experienced and specialized in their respective fields, TRIWITS Technologies provides an unmatched level of service to its clients. Mr. Nathan states, “We believe in quality than quantity and we are committed to providing forward-looking, flexible and timely professional services. We always cater simple, easy to use, and ten-time less costly services than others.” The company presents its services as the best and client-oriented and therefore ranks itself as low-cost, high-quality producers, and provider of niche services in the current marketplace. At present, under the brand of Tri-Wits, the company offers their prime services like E-Commerce, mobile apps, web application, custom software development, workshop & training, internship, feedback, survey, and live voting systems(

Vision and Mission

TRIWITS Technologies incorporated in 2015 follows the best IT practices approach for delivering high-quality services to customers around the globe; currently, they are having a user’s network from more than 60% of the globe and have partners from major cities of USA, India and other countries. So, the company’s vision is to grow exponentially as a major IT service provider and to become a pioneering leader in providing quality SaaS-based solution to clients worldwide. And the mission is to achieve this vision successfully as well as to enhance the business growth with quality output, simple, easy to use designs at a jaw-dropping price.

“We believe in quality than quantity and we are committed to providing forward-looking,
flexible and timely professional services”

Eyes set on Company’s Future plans

Mr. Nathan says, “At Tri-Wits, We are a team of creative designers and developers who always love to work on a stream of innovative ideas and are interested in making spectacular websites using the best suitable technology. So, in the coming years, we want to expand our SaaS-based product called Polling Bhoot( which till now gained more than 50,000 users.” Polling Bhoot(  is a medium through which customer feedback forms, market research surveys and online polls are generated and thus helps business owners track their business online and offline. Mr. Nathan is looking forward for marketing individuals who can join them in the coming days to help them reach their targets as the current team has best developers that have the ability to draw an answer from difficulties.

Outlook towards Product, People, Team, and Revenue

Like most people, Naveed’s journey was very hard to come into the business as when he commenced this company there was no computer to work on, so, he borrowed two laptops and started creating his dreams into reality. Gradually, by the grace of God, he earns 10+ machines, furniture, AC, 10+ employees, 10+ Lakhs as revenue and all those facilities which are required to speed up the process in the first year itself. Today, being a successful entrepreneur, Naveed focuses on grabbing only 100 paid clients for Polling Bhoot and give them quality services.

The future of IT industry is going to be widened with vast opportunities. 50% increase in revenue is expected to head north if a company works hard and keeps pace with the rapidly accelerating transformation. But in terms of size, Mr. Nathan feels a little uncomfortable as he believes a small, skilled and a dedicated team can do wonders rather than a large pool of unskilled workers.

Competitive outlook

According to Mr. Nathan point of view, there are certain basic elements that the client is generally seeking for, almost every time. Considering these requirements, TRIWITS Technologies have reconstructed the traditional hardware plus software concept of feedback, survey, and live voting system( The company no more makes use of hardware which helps the business owner with more than 10-20 times lesser costly service.  Tri-wits employs an efficient analytical, graphical, reporting system which assists the company to serve its customers better and also to evaluate employee productivity.

Entrepreneurial experience

Earlier, TRIWITS Technologies used to undertake research-oriented projects under the name Techie Huddle and continued it for almost 2.5 years, after gaining a pretty much response; the company registered itself by the name of Tri-wits. Today, Tri-wits have five years of entrepreneurial experience, 2.5 years as a research-oriented work and an additional 2.5 years of experience as a software company.This is a new beginning with countless opportunities, and exhibit how the future will evolve out of IT outsourcing industries.

Qualities to be look in an employee

Mr. Nathan believes that an employee should always work with ethics and honesty and only these two things can make difference. Judging anyone on the basis of academic qualification and performance is just illogical.  As an artist cannot simply be hired over an interview-table because creativity is not bounded by time instead it needs some time to change, just like an employee should not be judged on their academic qualification.

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