MyTask: A Complete Software Solution Company

CA Himanshu Osatwal Founder, MyTask
CA Himanshu Osatwal Founder, MyTask

MyTask: A Complete Software Solution Company

CA Himanshu Osatwal – An Exceptional Leader and Founder of MyTask

In this cut-throat competition and uncertain economy retaining ethics has become tougher and this drives the need for a complete solution driven and management organization. To re-position and energize client growth by engaging clients through the solution development process, the MyTask, Software Solution Company molds each of its solutions with a fine blend of technology and quality and delivers best practices to their clients. MyTask has evolved with constant inputs from actual practicing professionals on daily basis and the development team is committed to providing better solutions considering Indian Scenario and its practical aspects. The company has always aimed to provide a very practical software solution to the majority of daily work management problems faced by professionals and gives an extra edge over others to expand and make professional practice more profitable.

Within a short span, MyTask has become the country’s leading and the best software to provide the software solution to the management problems faced by practicing professionals like Chartered Accountants and Tax Practitioners in India and has a client conversion rate of 55-60% which means 55-60% of people who place demo on MyTask is converted into client.

An exceptional leader of MyTask – CA Himanshu Osatwal

I am a Chartered Accountant by qualification, a practical, logical, and deep thinker, bold and blunt at times, soft and sympathetic on the other hand. I am what each day of my life teaches me. My hands do join to applaud good people and things but cannot put up with any one’s wrongdoing. An opportunist, a good planner, hard-worker, convincer a motivator, goal seeker and a founder of MyTask, responsible to plan, strategize, develop and implement the action plans for MyTask in near and distant future. My roles include strengthening, developing and to collaborate various teams to deliver the desired result.

At the same time, I am also responsible to cater the individual needs of employees, developing and maintaining a harmonious environment within the organization where every individual can think, work and act in an independent way to synergize everyone’s outputs into a single streamline to achieve organization’s desired mission and vision.

Besides the above part, I am also responsible to think, validate the thinking as per the practical circumstances and requirements, design and guide the technical team about the upcoming and new features, improvement to existing features in the application “MyTask”.

With regards to marketing and support team, my role is to monitor the day to day achievement of targets of the marketing team and to monitor the experience of MyTask’s clients regarding what they feel about MyTask and how MyTask is helping their purpose and objective.

Success is impossible unless there is teamwork involved!

Mr. Kshitiz Bharti, a mature, responsible person act as a bridge between business logic and system logic holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science. Currently, he is a Team Leader for the technical development team, who takes the inputs, understand the business logic, fragment the business logic into technical components, schedule and implement the development, and then guide the team members for any issues which they face, test the code, troubleshoot the problems in the code and deliver the results.

Kshitiz Bharti Technical Director, MyTask
Kshitiz Bharti Technical Director, MyTask

In addition to this, he is also responsible to maintain the security of data and code of the software. He plans the technical investment, required improvement in the skill set of team members, training, and development of them and visualize the next future of the application with respect to the technical aspect of the software. He holds one of the pillars of MyTask.

Mr. Adit Dosi, a hard-worker and a happy go person who serves clients with a smile and great convincing power is a Team Leader in Marketing and Support Team of MyTask.

Having client’s happiness as their paramount axiom, Mr. Adit Dosi understands their client’s problems and provides the solutions. His role is to give the demo to clients, based on their expectations, ensuring whether adequate and timely training and support are given by his support team, monitoring achievement of monthly targets of the company and ensuring the client satisfaction.

MBA by qualification, Mr. Adit Dosi conducts frequent and regular calls to the client to ensure that client’s purpose is met using MyTask. He never stops calling to clients unless they ask them to stop. He holds another pillar of MyTask.

The Success Key Values

“Bigger the challenge, greater the achievement”

The four principles on which I have always worked and will attribute the success to these principles only:

Vision – It helps to determine where you should reach. “Bigger the challenge, greater the achievement,” this is what I believe. When you go to bed after a tiring day, your vision motivates you by saying that you have just crossed one more milestone, don’t be tired you cannot afford that because you have many more to go. It’s just a temporary achievement. Divide your vision into smaller milestones, smaller milestones into a monthly target, monthly target into weekly, and weekly into daily targets. Unless you have a vision, you cannot set the milestones and the daily targets.

Hard-work – There cannot be a substitute to hard-work. It’s just that you have to work hard smartly. When you work hard, you have a satisfaction that you “delivered your best”. Results may or may not be in your favor. At the end of the day ask yourself, am I sleeping satisfied today? Am I happy with my efforts for the better future today? What have I contributed today? Is my today’s target achieved? What worked in your favor, appreciate that, what didn’t go as per your expectations, learn to improvise. Unless you have worked hard you cannot answer these questions by yourself. Hard-work is the implementation of the vision.

Consistency and Persistence: Consistent and Persistent smart hard-work helps you achieve your vision. If you have performed well one day but poor the next day, remember that you have performed average. When you wake up in the morning you allow yourself to sleep for 5 more minutes, but there is no way to avoid salary cut unless you consistently go to your office likewise smart hard-work has to come consistently and persistently.

Self – Confidence: An ant climbs taking a piece of sugar, falls many times, again climbs, again falls but it’s her self-belief that unless she takes the food for her family irrespective of no. of times she falls, their kids will stay hungry. Failures will come; it will definitely come but is the self-confidence that can tear out all your difficulties. At difficult times when you fail, people will laugh at you, not necessarily in front of you; will not accept your innovation, creativity because their mindsets are blocked in comfortable “accepted practices”. If you believe in yourself, no one can shake you. Unless the raw gold is heated it cannot shine. But once it starts shining it mesmerizes everyone. To shine, one has to pass through the difficult healing process.

Aspiring advice for young entrepreneurs

The only way to rank up anyone’s digital or in fact any business is to “meet the client’s need not just satisfactorily but delightfully”. Once your product or service meets client’s needs, ranking up digitally does not take much effort. The cake has to be tasteful; icing is not a big matter.  Icing helps in selling, taste helps in recurrence.

An Inspirational Upbringing

Back in 2014, after completing my Chartered Accountancy qualification I joined my father in practice.

During my articleship in PWC, we developed a habit of planning everything, but when I joined my father’s practice, I was all puzzled and frustrated. I was finding it difficult to manage the voluminous work; I did not know to whom what work I have allocated.  Who has done what? I found difficult to view the output of my staff and myself because we had not a system, did not knew what is my current financial outstanding, unbilled work because everything was manual. There was no system to evaluate the output of my staff and myself. How am I to supervise my office segments? What are the pending works in the whole office? What should I answer clients if they inquire about work status (some of which are often kept piled up, not knowing as to where they have headed yet)? The legal environment was changing so fast that adapting to change was becoming a herculean task. For one year I tried excel, searched Google for the software solutions, discussed other professionals as to how do they manage their work but none of them could provide me the satisfactory answer.

Then one fine day my father said let’s develop our own software, I was the first person to laugh on his thought and said this is not our piece of cake, developing a software is not easy. It is costly, needs lots of labor, skilled person, hard-work, time etc. but after giving it a serious and a deep thought we decided, why we can’t.

Need has always been the basis of innovation and that is how the idea was started and from that day we never looked back.

Top-notch services

MyTask has emerged as the best software to manage work, staff, and office of practicing Chartered Accountants and Tax professionals in a very short span of time. Even our competitor’s customers are coming to us. The reason why MyTask is the best is that of its:

Dashboards: In MyTask we have 4 dashboards all of them comprising more than 50+ readily available reports at a glance on one screen. All the relevant information is available on one screen; a user may drill down for detailed reports.

Business Practicality: In MyTask each feature is developed after identifying its practical need. At MyTask we first understand the practical need, situations, and circumstances and then develop the tools and reports. Unlike other software that first develops, throws it on the ground and then re-develop or improve. Instead, we invest a lot of time in first understanding the business needs, their working methodology to get the desired result. Once this is done, it goes through multiple thought processes before actual development.

Ease of Using: The terms used method of operation and process of learning MyTask is very simple. One can quickly understand and implement MyTask in their office.

Customization: Almost everything is customizable in MyTask, Create your own organizational structure, staff structure, Financial structure etc. We are not stringent. MyTask will adapt according to a client, not the client would adapt according to MyTask

Cost-Effectiveness V/S Relevancy: MyTask is available at the lowest price with maximum features in the Industry. None other than us offers the best price and the best features in a very practical perspective.

Committed support and Training: At MyTask, we take to support and training very seriously. We call regularly to our clients and their staff proactively to get the training and support on any issue if they are facing. Making the clients understand what we understand is the key to implementation of software.

Vision and Mission

Our current mission on whom we are working is to make our Vision a reality. Realty to see MyTask in every practicing CA or tax practitioner’s office helping them to manage their work, staff, office, and practice like never before. Delight not just satisfaction is our aim.

Powerful capability with client satisfaction experience

All Team heads in MyTask has the family background from the business community. They understand the importance and benefits of taking risks, delivering client commitments, supporting client business, overcoming challenges, the importance of commitment etc.

At MyTask we focus on strengthening the individual teams by providing best team head that is capable of handling situations, time, money, and people. Young heads have the energy and spirit to deliver team results.

Team heads have been given autonomy to take and implement decisions after a good discussion and analysis of benefits v/s costs, inherent risks and the probable outcome. Further backup and recovery measures if things didn’t work as planned. Overall an ability to lead and deliver is sought from the team heads for which they have enough past experience.

Stay committed to your sincerity and smart hard-work

The three basic qualities which I always expect from an employee are:

Ability to quickly learn, improve and grasp: At MyTask we believe that every person has the different skill set, the point is how that employee is adapting himself/herself. Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt. And a true champion can adapt anything. If an employee is good at learning and improving, he/she can always make his/her separate identity in the organization. A scissor soon becomes obsolete if it loses its sharpness, continuous sharpening is important in the long run.

Sincerity, dedication, and love towards work: This is the most important and the minimum attribute expected from any employee. The Point is an employee can deliver beautifully only if he/she works with utmost sincerity and dedication. Just stay committed to your dreams and love your work.

Smart Hard-work:  When I say work hard but smartly it means analyzing and brainstorming the best way to do a particular work which delivers the expected results with minimum labor. It’s not about the amount of sweat you have spent. It’s about the required sweat you should spend with minimum tiredness and without compromising the desired results.

If these 3 basic things an employee have, I can guarantee he/she can grow to the highest level in any organization.

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