Sankalp: A Global Information Technology Solutions Company

Abhay Dugad & Rajan Dhole Co-founder & Director of Sankalp
Abhay Dugad & Rajan Dhole Co-founder & Director of Sankalp

Sankalp: A Global Information Technology Solutions Company

  Abhay Dugad & Rajan Dhole  – The Two Passionate Sankalpians

Over the years, Information technology evolution has brought in a slew of demand for IT and IT-enabled solutions and services in different verticals of businesses, and sectors. Considering IT as a business partner rather than just business enabler, Sankalp has emerged as one of the revered organization in the field of Information Technology and Services. The company specializes in providing E-commerce solution, Direct Marketing Software & Mobile software development.

Over the passing years, Sankalp has proved its values by creating a successful partnership with its clients. Today Sankalp has served more than 3500 satisfied clients who have shared that “Sankalp” is an integral part of their business and has guided them to bring their vision true.

Sankalp values time, knowledge, innovation, client business & collaborate with them to achieve sustainable growth. Their aim is to create consistently world-class software solutions by encouraging innovation and technology, as they strongly believe in customer delight. Currently, Sankalp is serving its clients in more than 35 leading countries globally. Few to name are United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Nigeria and many more.

The company’s Vision is to be the front-runners and create a significant impact in shaping the digital revolution that is set to transform the world and use it for the enhancement of society.

The Mission is to build truly international products, solutions & services, and revving up sales by achieving revenue of $4million with an increase in profits by 40% & increase in exports by more than 80% by the year 2020.

The company aspires to do all this, by their unwavering focus on customer satisfaction & providing groundbreaking & cutting-edge technology to their customers, thereby accomplishing customer delight.

Abhay Dugad— An Amazing Storyteller and a Passionate Sankalpian

Abhay Dugad Co-founder & Director of Sankalp
Abhay Dugad Co-founder & Director of Sankalp

As a Co-founder at Sankalp, the one thing that I have realized is that if you have to stay relevant, you need to constantly reinvent. My focus remains to continually explore opportunities missed by others. Most employees today remain insulated within the goals assigned by their departments, this is where I would like to leverage my position and assess and mobilize the organizational goals in line with the emerging trends & technological advancements around the world.

“My team has been a major influencer in my success”

With a background in Mechanical Engineering, my experience centered on manufacturing & this made starting an IT firm a little difficult. Today I owe my business decisions to the experiences that I have gathered along the way and of course my team has been a major influencer in my success. As a Co-Founder, the one valuable lesson that I abide by is to refrain from micromanagement and instead focus on building an all-inclusive environment which in turn results in getting the best results from my team.

“We are on the cusp of a digital revolution,”

says Mr. Abhay Dugad to young entrepreneurs

I would urge interested individuals in investing their energies in building an online marketing reputation & optimizing the digital media platforms. No matter, how big or small the business, it is essential to build a strong digital marketing campaign to establish your brand & create an identity with the power of social media.

Rajan Dhole— A Visionary Reader and a Proud Sankalpian

 Rajan Dhole Co-founder & Director of Sankalp
Rajan Dhole Co-founder & Director of Sankalp

I was born in a small village, Yenere, very close to the birthplace of the great Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, in a middle-class family. Since my early childhood, my parents had instilled in me the strong values of education, learning, and hard work. It was this early foundation along with my passion for knowledge that I completed my Masters in Computer Science from the very reputed Dr. DY Patil College, University of Pune.

It was the loss of my father at a young age, when I was still in college, coupled with my drive to prove myself that along with my friend Abhay Dugad, started an IT company, in the year 2001. Today as the Co-Founder and Director of Sankalp, I am engaged in a multitude of responsibilities & tasks which range from ensuring a high-end product & excellent service, controlling the finances, engaging the team in continuous innovation & creativity, and parallelly ensuring the overall development of Sankalp and Sankalpians.

I strongly believe that to accomplish your vision you need to back it with action. My ‘mantra’ remains that to create an impactful leadership I should go forward with a positive approach for the best results.

The person in life that you will always be with the most, is yourself!

I have grown up in an environment, where the drive to excel was instilled at an early age. I always wanted to go against the tide and do the best and carve a unique position for myself.  It was largely my self – belief along with the constant support of my family, friends, and well-wishers that I have achieved success.

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet,” believes Mr. Rajan Dhole

As young entrepreneurs, it is highly advisable that you remain cognizant of every emerging technology and be prepared for any opportunity that comes your way. The thing about opportunities is that once you pass it, you have lost it forever and someone else is sure to take advantage of it. So be prepared!

Glorious Journey

“Sankalp” was started in 2001 by two individuals who had a vision of achieving the heights in IT by caring and serving the people. The two passionate Sankalpians wanted to leverage their skills, knowledge, and momentum and aspired to start with a small venture in this field. Those were the days when information technology was the hotbed for all startups and entrepreneurial ideas. It was this realization along with a passion to go prove that they can go against all odds and can create an exciting and inspirational journey for all, they founded Sankalp. Sankalp always believes in making work an exciting journey for all and is passionately committed to the growth and well-being of their people!

“Stay ahead of Competition with Cutting Edge Technology”

Sankalp’s strength lies in its wealth of Functional Expertise combined with Technology Leadership acquired over the years. Sankalp is extremely devoted to their customers’ need and in giving them the best possible experience. ‘Customer-centric’ is the catchword or the unique factor that sets Sankalp apart. Sankalp’s expertise encompasses a variety of operating systems and platforms, application servers, databases and numerous development tools that includes a wide variety of IDE’s and programming languages.

Sankalp is all set to establish a strong global presence

The company’s next five years plan is to expand the profit margin by more than 40% and establish a strong global presence in more than 50 countries. The next one year, Sankalp is all set to witness huge advancements in all areas. The company’s products, services, & solutions will be second to none in the international market.

In coming days, Sankalp is planning to expand their team; the emphasis is to hire people with expertise in the respective domains along with passion & persistence that helps them to push the boundaries.

Out of the box services

Sankalp started with a focus on Direct Selling and has been recognized amongst the global leaders in this domain. Also, over a period of time the company has moved into various domains such as E-Commerce, Retail Management, Smart Card Solutions & Mobile Solutions, Digital Services, Websites Hosting Solutions, and even engineering projects.

Credibility and Customer-Centric Development

Sankalp has built credibility across the industry for a long time now owing to a variety of factors which make it the preferred choice over competitors. The use of latest technology, data security and the overall customer-centric development processes that the company has adopted are just some of the factors that give Sankalp the edge over other competitors.

“60% of our Business comes from References,” says Mr. Abhay Dugad

At present, our profit percentage is divided equally between domestic and international. The major share of our profit comes from our existing clients who contribute to 60% of our revenue.

“Feel secure as your software is handled by our team of best professionals.”

Sankalp is proud to share that there is an extremely talented team, where each lead has an experience of at least 6-8 years, sharing the similar vision of Sankalp’s growth and development.

Sankalp favors Ability over Experience

Sankalp hires people who are smart and determined, while qualifications, scores, or numbers are not necessarily a priority. The company always stresses on potential and talent of the individual. Sankalp’s hiring process is based on qualities such as passion and the thirst to excel in the necessary area of work. A lot of employees are from the interior provinces of Maharashtra but each a star in his or her own right.

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