ToXSL Technologies: An Expert in Android, iOS and Web Framework Development

Shiv Charan Panjeta Founder & CEO, ToXSL Technologies
Shiv Charan Panjeta Founder & CEO, ToXSL Technologies

ToXSL Technologies: An Expert in Android, iOS and Web Framework Development

Shiv Charan Panjeta— A Highly Motivated and Qualified Person

With the world rapidly moving onto a digital medium, software technologies companies are emerging as the new currency that can add great values to any business. Whether it be making use of a time clock app for tracking staff attendance to managing entire payrolls digitally, there are advantages and conveniences when it comes to making use of software in the workplace, including freeing up time for other tasks. Ascertaining the huge market opportunity, ToXSL Technologies incorporated in 2012 is an ISO: 9001:2015 certified global software Services Company focuses on Mobile and Web Application development.

ToXSL Technologies is expert in Android, iOS and Web Framework Development with an enviable and proven track-record engaged in providing software development services, technology consulting and IT outsourcing solutions to its clients worldwide. With a team of 120+ employees, the company’s expertise and commitment to deliver complex strategic IT projects make them a trusted service provider to 1100+ customers across the globe. ToXSL Technologies takes pride in the relationship with their clients which have continued with them since the beginning.

ToXSL Technologies boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced professional, who are expert in Android, iOS and Web Framework Development. Having delivered complex strategic IT projects with high-quality services to more than 1100 clients across the globe, the company has gained a reputation in the market as a trusted service provider to Mobile and Web application development business segments. ToXSL Technologies is not only about technology, it is about their people and professional growth.

Shiv Charan Panjeta— A Highly Motivated and Qualified Person

I am the Founder and CEO of ToXSL Technologies, having more than 10+ years of experience in Mobile software development. I am focused towards guiding my team and achieving the vision and mission of the company. My role is, of course, to behead the team and guide my team to provide customer satisfaction services and achieving the company’s objectives. I try to develop high-quality business strategies and plans as well as ensuring their alignment with short-term and long-term objectives. Passionate, focused, and Energetic; describe me the best. I believe if we are doing something we are passionate about, we are naturally going to succeed.

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.”

I worked with some top-notch professionals in the early stage of my career to whom I listened and learned a lot from them. Over the years I made some mistakes, had some failures, however, always got up and tried again. This is what I have practiced for years and I think is the secret of my success.

With an amicable, disciplined and learning environment, I work for the employees’ growth by conducting weekly training sessions for each team and discussing the new trends in that particular technology. Their skills and hard work in delivering complex vital IT projects with world-class infrastructure is the reason behind why we are a trusted vendor to 1100+ clients over the globe in the Mobile and Web application improvement business portions.

Always be Open to Invest Time and Resources in R&D

Do not ever be daunted when you have your research in place to back your idea. Also, always be open to investing time and resources in R&D, train your team, enhance their skills, and fill your knowledge bank at all times. No matter what your turnover is, make sure a percentage of it goes into fostering an environment of R&D within the firm and support the development of new technologies with fervor.

Meticulously understanding a client’s desire, need, and problems, and then providing them refined solutions delivered by seasoned facilitators are the key strategies that can help an individual to rank up their businesses. A company’s achievement would be appreciated only if its customers are happy and satisfied.

“Our Customers are Our Main Assets,” says Mr. Panjeta

We started ToXSL Technologies in 2012 and since then, we are working efficiently on several technologies in order to maintain our efficiency and productivity. Our customers are our main asset and fulfilling their needs and requirements is our ultimate task. The work culture at ToXSL Technologies breathes the values of mutual cooperation, honesty, diligence, trustworthiness, transparency, and respectability. By bringing focused efforts in web and mobile app development industry, we have goals to enhance better services in the upcoming few years.

ToXSL Technologies
ToXSL Technologies

A Borderless Growth Trajectory

Information Technology has fundamentally changed how we and our surroundings thrive and this is the place where I wanted to get inspired every day. Therefore, after doing my Bachelors in Electronics Instrumentation and Control in 2003, I dabbled in the IT sector for a few years, learning and observing the various verticals and then began my ambitious project, ToXSL Technologies. The launch of ToXSL Technologies was a sum of all my learning at that point and it took off on the basis of my observations of social implications of the technological revolution we have witnessed in the past years.

Barrierless Scope

Since it is an IT company so the barriers like place and timings do not stop us from rising. We provide our services across the globe and maintain our developers work online. It helps us to maintain better connectivity with the clients and also help us to offer better service, comforting their choice. This lets us enhance our business by satisfying our customers. With the support of a number of users across the globe, we are rising continuously.

Modernized Approach and Polished Methodology sets apart

ToXSL Technologies is famous for building sound relations with employees, investors, and clients for long-haul success. Our clients get the added value along with the on-time delivery of the project when they establish a relationship with us which differentiates us from the competitors.

From delivering high-end technology solutions through experts and providing quality of services, the company has successfully developed a practical implementation framework for offshore IT projects. The company has always presented redesign in their authoritative framework and mechanical administration and therefore its services prove to be the best logical solution to client’s needs and problems. Modernized approach and polished methodology have boosted the company to grow leaps and bounds since its inception.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be the leading provider of high end, best of breed product engineering lifecycle solutions to the global software development and IT industry. And our mission is to achieve our objective in an environment that fosters honesty, fairness, integrity and a single-minded focus on the success of our customers and to bring about an entrepreneurial revolution. We wish to achieve the goal and drive the team by mentoring new methods, designs, and techniques and to provide good incentives to them as quality and innovative ideas always require time to trigger any business.

 Taking a Step Forward

Being currently one of the top Web and Mobile App Development Companies in India; our enterprise’s future 5 Year plans are to expand to more development services including automation and IoT development for new clients. We are on the road to success and have reached significant milestones such as ISO: 9001:2015 certification and membership of NASSCOM as well as CII and we wish to be India’s sought-after IT solutions provider holding the vision of being a globally recognized innovator in mobility.

Focused Towards Adding Employees

We have expanded to 120+ employees in 6 years and will keep on doing as such for the coming years in the future. Our team would be more focused on adding more selection for customers through web portals and through sales channels. We are looking to stay on 100%+ growth trajectory and our internal software products are going to be highly automated, websites to be more functional with larger a share of orders from a website.

We will increase productivity and enhance quality by paying special and intricate emphasis on quality assurance of the products and all our services. A huge percentage of increase in revenue is expected to head north if a company works hard and keeps pace with the rapidly accelerating transformation

Array of Services

Talking about the services, we develop and securely integrate solutions across a broad range of technologies like Android, iPhone App Development, Web Design & Development, AI, IoT, PHP – Symfony2, Laravel, Codeigniter, MYSQL, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and X-Cart Ecommerce Development.

We have expertise in developing company portals, e-commerce, and business websites along with mobile applications that can be utilized for automation of processes like inventory tracking, location tracking, report generation system, and order management system. Currently, we are working on Android Open Source Project and open hardware platforms such as Geek Box and Raspberry Pi. We are also proud to have the biggest team of the Yii2 framework that constitutes a team of 50 members.

“A little competition is a good thing and severe competition is a blessing,” believes Mr. Panjeta

Consumers are very picky today. Before picking a specific product or service, they research a lot. The consumer of today’s world is well aware of the market condition and knows what he/ she really needs. As far as talking about our consumers, there can be a number of reasons to choose our product over the competitors. However, we often find it boils down to three main reasons; customer service, the product itself, and competitive pricing. We try to provide the best to our customers at a most affordable rate.

We abide by all relevant quality parameters to add value to our client’s businesses through higher efficiency, greater productivity, and simultaneously lower costs.

Passionate and Proficient Team

ToXSL Technologies Team
ToXSL Technologies Team

The dedicated team at ToXSL Technologies has years of experience and is passionate about their work. With extensive knowledge about different concepts, their experience has led to a deep understanding what makes our services and projects successful. This makes us deliver efficient services and products successfully to our loyal clients. To build high-yielding and scalable solutions, our proficient team delivers self-reliant services. Our developers strive to ensure that the client requirements are met on time being budget friendly.

Embrace the Inner Entrepreneur in You and Give it Your Best

For the success of any enterprise, there is always a need for ambitious and honest employees. Another major quality is the confidence factor. Employee’s collaboration in the daily task of the enterprise helps the company to accomplish its mission.

Being committed to client’s need and satisfaction, we also look for common sense, adaptability, and commitment to an employee apart from education. Ability to take risks, understand other team members strength, team building, must capable to overcome his weakness and sustaining power are some of the qualities that I look for an employee. We believe people with the above traits can become great team players and also contributes a great deal to become an integral part of the company’s growth.

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