PENTOZ Technology : An Advance of Future Technologies

Premayogan Mahesh CEO, PENTOZ Technology
Premayogan Mahesh CEO, PENTOZ Technology

PENTOZ Technology : An Advance of Future Technologies

Premayogan Mahesh – Transforming the Future with Advanced Technologies

Proactive in leveraging comprehensive cutting-edge technologies to serve elite clients across various genres, PENTOZ Technology was founded in 2011 as Web Development and Mobile Application Services with a sole focus on app development for the web, IOS, and Android mobile products.

The Emerging technology with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is always the significant focus area for the organization PENTOZ Technology . Based in Texas, London, Bengaluru, and Ooty. Pentoz Technology builds apps for startups and Fortune 500 clients including 1-800-PetMeds, Certified Mixtapez, Doctorpal, BravoCoin, Network Jamz, Nikobel Solutions, PDI Racing, The Lighting Outlet New York, TranslatorFinder, SportsFans, or Dictations, Serve It Up Safe!, Colen Publishing, and so on.

PENTOZ Technology is the topmost business innovation firm that propels the digital transformation services to best visual design, content structuring, completely a new style of IT. Driven by the “Making Technology Work” tagline, Pentoz Technology provides various kinds of digital services by making use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Supported by a team of professional designers and programmers, PENTOZ Technology develops user-friendly websites, Mobile, and Gaming app development. The operation strategies of Pentoz are more advanced that it helps many small and large businesses to a have a proper understanding of how technology will impact industry and business.

Transforming the Future with Advanced Technologies— Premayogan Mahesh

I am the CEO and Head of Operations at PENTOZ technology. I have articulated how Pentoz has been leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enable its clients digitally, in an exclusive conversation with CEO Insights. I also own a software and advertising company which provides services internationally, offering AR & VR, Machine Learning, Automation, IoT & Smart Home Tech, Humanized Big Data, and Everything On-Demand.

Technological Services with Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

I attributed the firm’s success to the focus of us towards the future technologies and the digital world. We try to integrate the digital power into the organization in a convenient way.

“Nothing really works unless you would rather be doing something else,” says Mr. Premayogan Mahesh

As Technologies are still maturing and in the near future it will transform the way we live in. So, young entrepreneurs who are looking for long-term growth, have to engage with Innovation labs/Technology Agency like Pentoz Technology to achieve their goal. Also, they would need to keep them self-updated on the latest technologies.

Technology geek Premayogan egged Pentoz in 2011

Kick-started my business career in 2011, I spearhead the technology & business department at Pentoz and has managed to develop apps on AI, crypto, IoT and gaming, a website for design companies and advertising agencies across the U.S., Canada, Mauritius, London, and India. I shattered various barriers such as scarcity of resources with experience in Wearable & IoT technologies by acquiring/merging with a Wearable Agency last year. Amidst my busy schedule which includes meeting people across the globe every day in order to expand the firm and building his innovation lab internally.

Assisting Customers with Future Value Growth

I have been programming for a couple of years. Whenever I meet people they always grumble about their technology department. Stating that they are not thinking logically, coding quality is poor, delivery time is delayed, and so on. That is the reason most of our customers reach us saying “Premayogan you are the best person I have worked with or heard about. Only you can take my business to future because you think different from others in the market and your commitment towards the product”.

This is the basic reason to form Pentoz Technology which is helping customers with complex ideas. Pentoz is a leading business innovation firm with new business ideas focusing on Web, Mobile, and Gaming Apps Development.

Successful Expansion of Pentoz

We have successful clients all around the globe. Are major portfolio is from North American region. We develop all projects in-house, with our own crew members. Pentoz assists clients with their transition to new business models by helping them understand the market landscape and make better decisions.

Premayogan Mahesh CEO, PENTOZ Technology
Premayogan Mahesh CEO, PENTOZ Technology

Expertise Developers and Digital Innovators

We stand out from the crowd because we are not just developers. We are a team of digital innovators. Pentoz Innovation lab adds more advantage to our business. Currently, our innovation team is doing their R&D in AI, Robotics, and Nano-technologies.

Vision and Mission

PENTOZ Technology mission is to expand our innovation lab based on upcoming new technologies, in India, we also plan to scale up the team size from 55 to 150 by end of 2018 and take it to 1000 plus by 2020. Pentoz knows how to use the right technology at the right time to reach its future goals.

PENTOZ Technology is eyeing to Innovate New Technologies

Our future plan is to innovate lab based on the upcoming new technologies like AR & VR, Machine Learning, Automation, IoT & Smart Home Tech, Humanized Big Data, in India.

In a year we will be penetrating into new digital technologies, we will be acquiring huge customer portfolio. Also, we are planning to build products around AI and Robotics for addressing consumers need. We are just not hiring programmers, but we are hiring young entrepreneurs with great ideas and passionate about new technologies. We would be expanding our team towards 150+ by end of 2018. We would be hitting sales of 7 Million USD.

“Automation through Robotics can transform businesses,” believes Mr. Premayogan Mahesh

We believe automation through robotics with the help of machine learning and augmented intelligence. We use open source tools for our client projects in order to reduce their risk in spending resources. We predicted that AI will be transformed into every industry in the next few years; hence we already started working on it.  We race ourselves to build AI chips for data centers, self-driving cars, robotics, smartphones, and drones and so on. Each app development process is done based on iterative & incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing and cross-functional teams.

Mr. Premayogan who make Pentoz stand behind the crowd

Since we are developing all our client projects in-house and follow Agile Methodology process, we know how to manage our developers and the software development process. Each app development process is done based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing and cross-functional teams.  It is our network and experience of our team which has delivered 90% of the project successfully to the market and quick turn around on new business ideas and more than 85% of clients are repeated business.

Skilled Technical Team

Most of our team members have been running tech business in the past and they have an experience of 15+ years.

The best employees are those who bring real energy and initiative to the job!

We are looking for smart and energetic candidates who can adapt to new technologies and who have interest in innovating new product. Employees should be able to take Risk in new tech platforms.

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