Google’s AI-Powered Game “Emoji Scavenger Hunt”

Google’s AI-Powered Game “Emoji Scavenger Hunt”
Google’s AI-Powered Game “Emoji Scavenger Hunt”

Google’s AI-Powered Game “Emoji Scavenger Hunt”: Locate Emojis Lookalike in Real-World

Google has launched an all-new Artificial Intelligence (AI)- based game called “Emoji Scavenger Hunt” that shows how the company’s machine learning tools can be used to identify and match objects by making interesting and fun little games.

The browser-based game called Emoji Scavenger Hunt is available on and identifies real-world objects and matches them with an emoji. As per the report, the users simply need to use their smartphone’s browser to play the game and tap on “Let’s play.” This AI-powered game show players the pictures of emoji objects and ask them to find the object by using their smartphone’s camera and take pictures of their real-life versions that match an emoji within a time limit.

Initially, it uses your phone’s camera and neural networks to find things that look like your palm or keyboard. Since it is a time game, there is a time limit to carry out successful object recognition with its corresponding emoji and each successful finding will add more time to the clock, according to sources.

Introduced under Google’s new AI Experiments initiative, the game comes just days ahead of Google’s I/O developer conference slated to be held from May 8 in California. Since it is Google’s new AI initiative it is built with advanced machine learning and works only on mobile devices and not on desktops.

Google also assures that it’s just a fun experiment, and all interactions will happen locally on user’s device and no images will be stored on company servers. Through the game, the company showcases how AI applications like image or object recognition can be integrated into the daily lives of users.

According to the report, Google is expected to announce some AI-related news like an update to its AI camera app, Google Lens, and specialized AI chips called TPUs.

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