Google Assistant Support for Smart Home Devices Announces Xiaomi

Google Assistant Support for Smart Home Devices Announces Xiaomi
Google Assistant Support for Smart Home Devices Announces Xiaomi

Google Assistant Support for Smart Home Devices Announces Xiaomi

Google Assistant Support for Smart Home Devices Announces Xiaomi, Xiaomi well known for its budgetary, high performance and capable smartphones have a huge market in its home country China and India but has almost no presence in U.S market, where Google and Apple dominate the market. The company recently announced that it will start selling its smartphones in the UK and other European countries this year.

On Friday Xiaomi announced at I/O 2018 developer conference about the launching of three smart home devices that are fully compatible with Google Assistance. These are just first three smart home device getting Google Assistance support, allowing the user to control the devices through Google Home smart speakers or the Google Assistant app.

The smart devices getting Google Assistance are Mi Bedside Lamp, Mi LED Smart Bulb, Mi Smart Bulb. The company has decided to release Mi Bedside Lamp first in the U.S market at the end of May. However, the company has not announced the prices and releasing date. The other two devices will also be available in the U.S shortly.

According to the company, the Mi Bedside Lamp could be control by both, touch-sensitive panel or with the Mi Home app, but can be controlled by voice, thanks to the integration of Google Assistant. Also, the Lamp has been customized to 16 million colors and can be configured to fit any environment or mood.

Mi LED Smart Bulb also supports up to 16 million colors. With the support of the Google Assistant, users can verbally control brightness, color and temperature also could turn off the lights.

Mi Smart Plug allows users to turn any product into a smart device. The smart Wi-Fi plug enables users to turn power on and off using an app or by voice control through the Google Assistant. The Mi Smart Plug allows users to remotely control their favorite “non-smart” gadgets.

Not only smartphones, Xiaomi had already launched its myriad IoT devices, home appliances, smart wearables, rice cookers, and fitness trackers and had a good market in India and all around the world. With these smart home products having Google Assistance, the company will leave a positive impact on the U.S market.

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