Amazon Upgrading Alexa Skills with 8 New Voices

Amazon Upgrading Alexa Skills
Amazon Upgrading Alexa Skills

Amazon Upgrading Alexa Skills with 8 New Voices

E-commerce giant Amazon upgrading Alexa skills with the ability to speak in eight different voices. This means developers can now customize the voice apps by utilizing the new development to easily give distinct voices to their Alexa skills. The new voices are available through Amazon Polly text-to-search service, which the company is opening to developers as a part of the Amazon AI platform.

First launched in November 2016, Amazon Polly is a Text-to-Speech service uses advanced deep learning technologies to carry out vocal tasks like whispering, speech marks, using a timber effect, and dynamic range compression.

Amazon Polly will allow Developers to uplift their Alexa skills by integrating different voices in a single skill and also make it more engaging. Just like in an adventure story or game that features multiple hosts or a joke, where there are two people talking.

According to Amazon Polly’s website, the new voices are only available in U.S. English and carry a more natural tonality, including a mix of both male and female. Before this, developers were only able to add different voices in their apps by uploading an MP3 file or by creating a custom audio track, which makes the process of developing a good app more painstaking.

With the accessibility of Amazon Polly, developers can add new voices by using the Structured Speech Markup Language and then specify which voice they would like to pick for their skills without having to create custom audio tracks.

By this way, developers will no longer need to use any audio files and can seamlessly integrate voices from Amazon Polly into skills. Rivaling Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri, Amazon is clearly trying hard on making their assistants sound more life-like, which seems to be the next obvious step with the technology.

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