Aeonaxis Softech is an India Based International Software Development Company

Aeonaxis Softech is an India Based International Software Development Company
Aeonaxis Softech is an India Based International Software Development Company

Aeonaxis Softech is an India Based International Software Development Company

Anurag Rastogi: A Passionate and Self-esteem Leader

When it comes to expanding your presence at the global level, generate more revenue, improve brand reputation, and your goals to be reached, Website development, Digital Marketing, and Mobile applications hold the key to make these things happen. It’s a no-brainer that in today’s competitive business environment website development, mobile application and digital marketing are becoming the dominant form of digital interaction.

Understanding the importance of responsive web design and world-class mobile app solution, Aeonaxis Softech (P) LTD, founded in 2011 is an India based premier provider of the custom software solution. Aeonaxis is an India based Software Development Company, providing services such as Custom Software Development, E-commerce Solutions Development, E-learning Solutions, Web development, Consulting, and Quality Assurance.

With years of experience in Software development, System Administration, QA management, testing, deployment, & requirement analysis, Aeonaxis Softech provides tailored IT solutions to small and medium scale business.

A team of young enthusiasts, Aeonaxis combines unparalleled experience, domain expertise, best practices, and comprehensive capabilities across various industries & business functions to help customers in effectively addressing their business and operational needs, thereby enabling them to grow stronger.

Anurag Rastogi: A Passionate and Self-esteem Leader

Passion, motivation, self-belief are some of the words that I feel define me better. My love for taking risks has always kept me a step ahead in my every endeavor. Being the core member of my team, I am involved in each activity from smallest to the top position. But the roles, that I enjoy the most have always been business development and meeting new people on daily basis. Since I am involved in multiple domains of businesses from Software development, Page3 coverages, apparels to education, gives me an opportunity to gain a variety of experience.

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction and happiness”

I attribute my success to learning from real-life situations. Self-satisfaction and happiness in what I am doing is the measure of success to me.

Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make

To be well rounded, find some time to “invest in yourself”… and this is the piece of advice, I would give to anyone. That is the only thing that stays with you and gradually improves you as an individual.

“Aeonaxis is the ideal choice for clients”

I always wanted to form my own brand and identity, instead of promoting someone else’s business. The effort is somewhat the same if you work honestly.

We started Aeon Technologies in Nov 2011 forming a small team of expert freelancers, who were working for us on a project-to-project basis. Soon it got converted to Aeonaxis Softech (P) LTD in Sep 2012 after getting a good response and feedback from our clients.

KVASZ was formed in the year 2014 keeping in mind the problems of small vendors in selling their goods online without having much technical knowledge. So we decided to provide them with all the technical and digital marketing support to increase their sales.

And Page3 Star was founded in the year 2015, and now already stretched to five cities as Lucknow, Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. Having great minds of media houses working with us, Page3 Star has become quite popular across the cities and striving to increase the reach continuously.

Our Core Strength

In all my ventures I have always planted them in a way that they are different from the crowd.

Aeonaxis Softech (P) LTD, our software development company, develops custom software, which is unique for each of our client and for web development we mainly develop concept websites, mobile apps and create unique digital marketing campaigns, which make us stand out of the crowd.

KVASZ was mainly founded keeping in mind the trouble that local and small-scale vendors used to face in selling their goods online. Our objective is to teach and train them to use more and more digital platform to sell their products across boundaries and in a way it supports the Indian government’s digital India campaign as well.

Page3 Star’s uniqueness is that it brings out the nightlife and happy culture of the city through its portal.

To Deliver Excellence

My vision and mission are to make certain tools that can enable the common man to dream BIG. And to deliver the products that are into the advancement of the humankind.

Enhance the Global footprint

We have come up with a lot of adversities so far and each year we take as a challenge. My targets are to achieve a growth rate of 250% for the coming year, in terms of revenue, team building, and filling our kitty with advanced products.

Core Competencies

Coming from the variety of domains, the offerings are also diverse –

In Aeonaxis, we offer custom software development, web applications, mobile applications, and digital marketing with our unique sense of work style.

KVASZ is offering an online platform to small retailers and is committed to improving the user experience and its reach without changing its primary objective.

Page3 Star has given an option to showcase the city’s nightlife and give an advertisement platform to new product and store launches to reach to their target audience.

Young and Enterprising Technological Expert

My team is very enterprising and is the backbone, my strength, and my pride.

They have always delivered more than what I expected. You can’t succeed until you have strong pillars supporting you as I have. I feel fortunate for that.

“If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.” 

When I look for a new employee, I measure them with the passion and commitment they have towards their work. Skills over degree have always been a priority for me.

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