ApON India is a Consulting Research firm

Sanjeev Kumar - Director & CIO of ApON Innovative Solutions
Sanjeev Kumar - Director & CIO of ApON Innovative Solutions

ApON India is a Consulting Research firm focused on Strategic IT, Business Services and Sourcing

An organization is about getting the best people, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment, and helping them to find a way to innovate.” Thus, the fate and future of any organization rest in the hands of digital leaders who have interdisciplinary skills with an understanding of different business functions, industries, and technologies. Keeping a hawk-eye on this demand for unique talent, ApON Innovative Solutions an IT consulting firm is trying to transform organizations into digital enterprises while building its own digital capabilities at the same time. In today’s cut-throat competitive market every IT need capable human resource and specialist right from an e-mail service to core banking solutions. ApON understands it very well and therefore designs and deliver a distinct and comprehensive array of workforce and talent solutions in India as well as in the USA.

ApON as an organization is a collection of experienced professionals set of seasoned CIOs, country’s known thought leaders converging from various domains who have proven credentials and track records.  With the Cumulative and Collective experience of Directors, ApON has been leveraging its collective experience to drive digital change among Indian enterprises. ApON India is a Consulting Research firm focused on Strategic IT, Business Services and Sourcing.

DoyenGC-ApON is an advisory & consulting initiative by a group of experienced CIOs, who have well known and established credentials and are respected names in the Industry. Very specific in all the areas of ICT: Procurements, Network, Security, Licensing, Compliance, Servers, Data Centers, ERPs, CRM, Cloud, Mobility, Software Development, Enhancement, Analytics, Business Process Engineering, Assessment, Recommendations and driving implementations.

Sanjeev Kumar: Director and CIO of DoyenGC-ApON

Working as Director and CIO for DoyenGC-ApON I operate out of India Pune Office and from the USA.  My role and contribution are in shaping Business Strategy, Business Expansion, Assessing and Signing Key alliances, Customer Acquisitions, KAM, Technical and Strategic Guidance, Coaching and Mentoring etc. As of now we have a prime focus on IT Security i.e. making enterprises more secured from IT perspective while they embark on Digital Journey.  We make them secure from all kinds of vulnerabilities making them a Secured growing  Digital Enterprise with a complete handholding and guidance coming in on all kinds of digital initiatives. We have acquired very special skills on Network Security, VAPT, Application Security, Cloud Security, mobile security and so on.

“One has to always unstoppably skill and reskill oneself”

I attribute my success to our constant innovation capability, deep sourcing knowledge, problem-solving skills, and original research.  Develop an ability to correlate and keep ON a constant effort in creating value for self and surroundings that interfaces us.  It could be the creation of tangible value or intangible value or both.

“More you own your power to make choices, the more powerful your choices become.”

It starts with a very basic and fundamental concept and context of business, finding its center of gravity and accelerating it from there by using all basic or advanced tools and techniques.  It does not require very special effort or talent per say but it needs a persistent and consistent thinking and a passionate energetic timely action on that.  Digital business is all about intelligent and innovative application of technology in most efficient and effective manner.  Technologies are known and business issues are known the art is in how, where, when, what to apply that differentiate the offerings and the result.

“True human heartbreak is reaching your final moments and realizing that you wasted the most important gift that was given to you; the chance to present your magnificence to the world around.”

Thoughts, preparedness, and right opportunities have given birth to DoyenGC-ApON 

Throughout our career as an employee, we used to wonder when we are capable of creating so much value for any given business, what, if we become independent and do these for multiple organizations as a business model.  We also realized that as an employee we used to waste a lot of our creativity and time in keeping lights ON and in firefighting or handling escalation. The collective thought came, why not make an enterprise where we select and work on projects of our choice on which we actually like to work on, those have a direct positive satisfactory business impact for the organization and for professionals. As an independent contributor, we could easily chaff out the weeds of mundane workloads that we could not do as an employee in a company.  All these thoughts, preparedness, and right opportunities have given birth to DoyenGC-ApON.

Unique Envision and Executing Ability

There are many ways we differentiate from others, we come from unique envisioning and executing ability at ground zero as genesis and proving benefits all the time and then put a step forward.  It is all about balancing both; ability to execute and ability to visualize. The immense practical hand on experience and constantly applying our thoughts and innovations into business actions makes us unique and different.

Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision are to give collective expertise and knowledge back to society as a service, assist our fraternity and aspiring organizations. IT and digital transformation is very complex seeing deluge of technology, algorithm, the possible application of new techniques and tools, we come as empowering hands for ‘C’ suite. Generating more employment, serve more and more organizations is another long-term social agenda we have.

“We are keen on generating more employment,” says Mr. Kumar

We are more focused towards generating employment.  We want to serve more and more company in their digital transformation initiatives. We have a presence in Indian cities say Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and in the USA at San Jose.   We have served many clients in past one year all are happy and we are getting repeat orders.  We are also working on a product based on AI and ML.

Plenty of Services

Besides Advisory and Consulting, we offer plenty of services on IT Security space few are listed below:

  • Network Vulnerability Scan
  • Penetration testing
  • Network Compliance Scan
  • Firewall and VPN Configuration Assessment
  • Router & Switch Configuration Assessment
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessment
  • Internal Cyber Inventory Assessment
  • Active Directory Assessment
  • Wireless Network Assessment
  • Social Engineering tests
  • Code Scan
  • Web Application tests
  • Procedure, Policies and Training
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • PCI-DSS Compliance
  • Application security
  • Mobile security testing and many more.

Entrepreneurial Qualities

In order to work at ‘C’ level, entrepreneurial qualities are must and without this one can’t get into that slot in any company.  We have worked at ‘C’ level and driven successfully business and revenue for years. The only and a big difference here is one does not get a cover of an established brand. You don’t have a deep pocket to spend more on marketing and branding.  One has to show a very high level of emotional maturity and acumen in creating space in minds, organizations and among people through trust, delivery, and transparency with a lot of value creation abilities.

Every Employee is a Leader 

An employee should be willing to commit mistakes learn from there and bounce back. He/she should be bold and risk taker. Willing to work in areas those are completely new.

“One of the big ideas I learned from one of the genius leadership teachers is this one: success is created through the performance of a few small daily disciplines that stack up over time to produce achievements far beyond anything you could have ever planned for. These little success habits are so easy to do each day that most people don’t think they’ll make a difference. And so they just don’t do them.”

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