Gap Infotech is a Leading Web Design and Development Company Gurgaon

Manish Dua - Founder & CEO of Gap Infotech
Manish Dua - Founder & CEO of Gap Infotech

Gap Infotech is a Leading Web Design and Development Company Gurgaon

In this era of digitalization, most of the businesses of the world, either big or small, have their websites which reflect their work and have also helped them in establishing their internet presence. People instantly refer to their website to gather information about their product or service that they are interested in. The websites or web pages give a clear picture of the service provided by a business or a company and is packed with all the information about it. This means having a clean and functional website is of utmost importance.

GAP Infotech understand the need of having a fully functional and impactful website. GAP Infotech a web designing company in Gurgaon, NCR provides services which include business portals, web design and development, Internet marketing, Software development, SEO and other IT services.

GAP Infotech offer a full range of web design solutions for businesses, service industry, as well as individuals. With a team of professionals in the field of web design and development the company is capable of providing best quality web solutions, including complex database integrated websites, e-commerce websites, intranet development, and website redesign & maintenance solutions to their clients.

Manish Dua: The Leader behind the company’s signature characteristics

Since childhood, I have been passionate about the way businesses work and the way they capture and attract audiences for their offerings. The changing digital trends in the business world further deepened my interest in exploring the ways brands can reach out to their target market and increase their business using digital media. I deeply believe in the power of innovative ideas and this is what leads to the creation of GAP Infotech in 2009. As the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of GAP Infotech, I lead a team of very hardworking and creative professionals and we always focus on the importance of new and innovative ideas.

Started as a small IT company, GAP Infotech is today a Google certified online business management company working with some of the most renowned names across the country. Along with managing and guiding my team as a mentor for the operational activities involved in our different ventures, I also oversee client relations and make sure that the services that we offer bring results for our clients.

“My elder brother and my father acts as a guiding light for me,” says Mr. Dua

I find inspiration in everything around me. Even a falling leaf can teach you something important. When it comes to people in my life, I have been highly inspired by my elder brother and my father. They both have been a pillar of support during my journey towards Entrepreneurship and their commitment towards life has always motivated me to do better. Today, my brother is a motivational mentor and his professional experience combined with his experience in life, acts as a guiding light for me as well as the whole team.

“Keep Learning and Stay Updated is the key to Success”

Today, everyone is moving up the digital ladder and businesses are adopting innovative ways of reaching out to their target market. The opportunities to make use of digital media are endless; but with great opportunities, come with great challenges. Succeeding in today’s highly competitive market of digital business requires hard work, investment of time and money, and most importantly patience. I think the only piece of advice that I can give is that no matter how wide and accessible digital marketing may become, the level of challenges involved are as diverse as any traditional business. But with patience and focus, one can definitely overcome all the challenges and create a unique online presence for themselves as well as their business.

Beautiful Journey with Dedication and Sheer Perseverance

After completing my MBA from ICFAI University, I started working with Corporate Giants like CCD, Compare Info Base etc. During that time, the digital revolution was at its peak and I wanted to be a strong contributor to the digital revolution and help businesses create their unique online presence. The idea of creating an IT company sprouted and I decided to name it GAP Infotech (a name that was inspired by my family members). I was sure that this is the right time to build a company that provides all kinds of IT and Digital Marketing solutions. Initially, I faced quite a few challenges but with dedication and sheer perseverance, I built some relationships around the market and created a strong online presence that is helping us to grow ever since.

Our Logo has G and a G in mirror which defines “we are always available for you as mirror never leaves you in whatever situation you are” with eagle wings inside attaching both G which defines “we will take your business to the peak with our technical support with very cost-effective solutions” we have various colors in our logo which defines “we are innovative with full of life and energy with fresh mind.”

Innovation and Latest Technology is our Uniqueness

Since our Inception in 2009, we have focused on the formation and introduction of new ideas into the way we work. Today we maintain a portfolio of 732+ clients. We are specialized in Web Designing and Development so innovation and Latest Technology is the key which makes you Unique in your business. We have clients all across the globe i.e. USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, South Africa, Nepal, and Sri Lanka etc. We believe in using innovative ideas to help our clients in making the best use of Digital Media. We have created and maintained relationships with many of our clients for the last 9 years in spite of extensive competition and I think this is what sets are apart.

Vision and Mision

Gap Infotech’s mission has always been directed towards working with commitment and providing result oriented services to our clients. Talking about the long-term vision, we are working towards being a pioneer in the digital business sphere. Our mission is to provide the Tailor-made solutions at lowest price with highest quality parameters and to be the most Reliable Outsourcing Partner for Web and Digital solutions.

Delivering innovation at a cost-effective price

We have been working on several new ventures and some of them are very different from what we have been doing for the last Nine years. As far as GAP Infotech is concerned we are slowly transforming ourselves from being an online business management company to a complete brand management company by providing comprehensive branding solutions to our clients. Intentionally we do not set Goals for team size and revenue. We keep it simple “Bring something helpful and Innovative at a cost-effective price” and you will be a winner.

Recommendable Services

Web Designing, Web Development, Readymade Solution like Real Estate Portal, Grocery portal, Shopping Portal, Laundry Portal, Matrimonial Portal, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Google AdWords, FB Adverts, SMS Marketing, GEO Fencing (Location base Marketing), and Graphic Designing. We are known as one of the best Outsourcing Partner for Web Development (WordPress, Magento, CodeIgniter etc.) at a cost-effective price. Our services are suitable for the businesses which are planning to climb up the digital ladder by creating a strong and impactful online presence.

Delivering Support and Result Oriented Services to the Clients

Every organization is built with its fair share of assets. At Gap Infotech, we are proud that we have our loyal client base as our strongest asset. Since our inception in 2009, we have been focusing on building strong relationships with our clients which has helped us to grow manifold in the past 9 years. “Simply more than 78% Client Retention Rate since 9 Years”

GAP Infotech Partners
GAP Infotech Partners

From the renowned names like Pepsico, Exide, Oppo, Cipla, Bikanervala, Westin Hotels, Raymonds, Ramayni and Zomato amongst others to the emerging ventures like Just-in, Kidwom, fun fitness, Dwarka City, V-Mall and 83 Metro Street; we are proud to be associated with some of the best organizations out there. Our clients are from various industries and with our result oriented services, we make sure that they overcome all their marketing and IT challenges with Gap Infotech. For most of the company, we work as “Technical Partner” instead of just a service provider.

Portfolio of Happy and Successful Work

During our journey, we have worked on some very exciting projects. In our association with Fun Fitness, we created India’s First Fitness Mobile App which was launched by Professional Boxer Vijender Singh. The app has been a huge addition to Fun Fitness’s innovative workout routines and has helped its members to get fitness ideas and solutions at their fingertips. Another project that we are proud to be associated with is Dwarka City Mobile App which is the First e-paper of Dwarka. The App was launched by the President of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee, Mr. Ajay Maken and has been extensively praised by the residents of Dwarka.

Real estate is one of the core sectors that we deal in and we have done some really productive projects in that segment too. We are the team behind the complete digital promotion of the recently launched project of SV housing; 83 Metro Street- one of the most prominent commercial project on Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon. From creating buzz till sales of the project through various medium i.e. Social Media, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Organic reach and Google AdWords, SV Housing has been an exciting project to work on for our complete team and we immensely enjoyed the praise that we got on its launch which was enhanced by the presence of renowned celebrities like Zareen Khan and Sukhbir.

Our journey has just started and there are numerous exciting opportunities ahead of us. There are projects like Just-in, an innovative concept of a luxury bar in Gurgaon that we are eager to work on. Another exciting factor about Just-in is the presence of its brand ambassador, Mika Singh and we are looking forward to working on the promotional aspects of the project.

From the basic web development projects to the giant marketing projects, GAP Infotech has come a long way and the process of growth will continue in the years to come.

“At GAP Infotech we believe in empowering people who have aspirations and passion to touch the Sky,” says Mr. Dua

Manish Dua & GAP Infotech Team
Manish Dua & GAP Infotech Team

We give a huge importance to the originality of ideas and the commitment to implement them. Our team has a common vision and we all work with passion and commitment towards the achievement of our objectives.

We allow our employees to relax and enjoy so that they feel free of any boundary and always perform great.

We love to work as a “Technology Partner”

A startup is a key to future; you never know which startup becomes the most loving business in future. We share our cumulative experience with startups for “What not to do” and we get admiration also.

Do you mind? “Low-Cost Way to Get Started Online!”

We were also Startup once and we understand that “PAIN”…You just concentrate on your “Core Business” and we will take care of your “Online Presence” with our Professional ready to use solutions. We keep on saying that GAP Infotech is not only a service provider; we love to work as a “Technology Partner”

                                             “Get online in 24 Hours”

                                              We understand your “Pain”

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