infiway Software Pvt. Ltd. is an Application Development, Systems Integration and Professional Services Organization

Parth Rasik Patel - CEO of infiway Software Pvt. Ltd.
Parth Rasik Patel - CEO of infiway Software Pvt. Ltd.

infiway Software Pvt. Ltd. is an Application Development, Systems Integration and Professional Services Organization

With the rapidly evolving and upgrading technology, it has become essential for all businesses to draw a digital transformation. Digital transformation refers to a new way of doing business or transforming legacy business. Digital business means doing business in an increasingly connected world, involving customers and stakeholders, faster decision making and rapid action.  These key ingredients help in accelerating business activities, processes, and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies. And where everything is getting digitalized it has become important for software and application to work in an expected way. In order to do so, infiway Software Pvt. Ltd. has come out with its high-quality technology-driven digital solution and software development services.

With an aim to touch and explore undiscovered areas in IT Industry, infiway Software Pvt. Ltd. is an application development, system integration and professional service organization with its registered office at Valsad (Gujarat), India.

infiway Software provides the wide range of services with expertise in Website Development and Maintenance, Mobile applications, ERP solutions, Desktop applications, Bulk SMS, GPS Services, Digital Marketing, Graphic design, Domain and Hosting services, and Content writing in India and globally. The company provides services complying with industry standard with a touch of innovation.

Parth Rasik Patel: A Customer-Oriented Leader

In my current position as a Chief Executive officer, one of my job responsibilities is to push new technologies in my company and generate good revenue. My responsibilities are focused towards guiding my sales team, technical team and achieving the vision and mission of the company. We provide a wide spectrum of services with expertise in Website Development & Maintenance, Mobile Applications, ERP Solutions, Desktop Applications, Bulk SMS, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Domains & Hosting Services, etc. We value our clients the most and belief in quality oriented work so we create as per customer’s requirement and deliver them the best and most affordable digital solutions.

My role is to motivate the team and guide my team to provide customer satisfaction services and achieving the company’s objectives.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.”

I evaluate success based on not only my work but the work of my team. In order for me to be considered successful, the team needs to achieve both our individual and our team goals, as the success of a team depends on every team member working toward a common goal.

“Be digital, utilize technical resources. If you won’t, you will be outdated soon”

In this digital era, everything is digital we are surrounded by a lot of digital technologies. So my advice is “Be digital, utilize technical resources. If you won’t, you will be outdated soon.”

Challenging Journey

Honestly, I had no plan for company formation.  When I had completed my study I was looking for a job like a normal guy, but my parents motivated me for company startup. Setting up an IT Company was the biggest hurdle. It took a great hard work and patience to reach the point where we are at today. Searching new customers from the market was the challenging task for us. We registered the business in 2016. Initially, we started working on a web development and mobile app development. Then we worked on ERP.


IT companies working on many technologies but we believe in technology adoption. We don’t hesitate to say no to our clients of other technologies. This helps us develop stronger expertise and deliver better quality. Our clients like us for this working approach as we value their time, effort, and money. Hence, we served our clients at very affordable and dynamic prices.

Vision and Mission

Our mission is to provide IT services, solutions, and networks that enable the client to manage their day to day transactions & routine work more efficiently and at an optimum cost.

infiway Software Pvt. Ltd. came into existence in 2017 with software solution services. Since then, our growth graph has gone up constantly and there is no stopping us. Our plethora of services kept proliferating throughout our journey. With our team of enthusiastic people, we wish to augment our services, never compromise on standard, quality and serve people across the world.

More Customer More Revenue

Being a brand ourselves, we value ethics and principles and that is why we make sure that none of the client’s requirement is compromised. We increased our customers in very short time. We are also working on new research-based products.  Our formula for revenue is “More Customer more revenue.” We are professional establishment filled with energetic, extremely talented, and dedicated individuals ready to work our way up the challenges and provide you the best.

“Self-believe and hard work will earn you success,” says Mr. Patel

An employee should be sharp in technical concepts, honest in work and positive towards company’s objective. The biggest favor you can do to yourself is to work hard today so you can reap its benefits tomorrow.

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