Webbers Live Solutions Helps with Online Strategy, Website and Mobile App Development, Interactive Design, eCommerce and Digital Marketing

Sandeep Kumar - Founder & MD of Webbers Live Solutions

Webbers Live Solutions Helps with Online Strategy, Website and Mobile App Development, Interactive Design, eCommerce and Digital Marketing

Webbers Live Solutions, the highly esteemed solution-provider located in Gurdaspur (Punjab), India is more than just another digital agency. Webbers Live comprises of a tight-knit team of seasoned IT professionals who have multi-vertical experience of the digital world. No matter if you are a start-up or an enterprise, if you want to succeed in this online space, then you have come to the right place. Webbers Live can help you with your online strategy, website and mobile app development, interactive design, E-commerce and digital marketing.

The result driven team has a passion for all the small details, the big picture and everything in between. At Webbers Live, your priority is our primacy. The company doesn’t do tie-ins. Webbers is here to deliver the results you need to make your brand the WINNER.

From designing, content marketing, and SEO to social media and PPC, the company promises to make your campaign shine bright like a diamond. Whether you are looking for a complete brand transformation or are just seeking an agency to get your ducks in a row, Webbers Live Solutions is here to help you at every step. Webbers Live Solutions works closely with you to make your goals our grail to deliver on time, every time!

Sandeep Kumar: An Innovative Founder & Managing Director

I have always been at the leading edge of driving innovation in the offshore I.T Management. My record is at adding value to our services through reduced time to develop, high quality and technologically innovative processes. Satisfied clientele across the globe bears testimony to the quality and reliability I provide at competitive costs. Basically, a business has two ends, the first is concept (idea) & another one is ROI, I am covering from Concept to ROI.

I have vast experience for 7+ years in Web Designing / Development, Mobile Apps and Internet Marketing.  I have an extensive proficiency in Adobe Technologies, Microsoft Technologies, Open Source platforms, and different hosted and custom CMS’s.

My Father has been my Role Model!

The most important person in my life who motivated me and who boosted me to be an independent is my father. If we talk about IT sector, people are used to changing. They look for the high salary even if they can get it by changing the company after every 6 months. As per my experience, I have worked with only 2-3 companies in my 7 years of career. My father has been working with only one firm for 35+ years. That motivated me to be stable, do good where you are and you will get good. I have seen him struggling from Zero to Hero.  There are few more people like my family, my friends & colleagues who keep me motivated for what I do.

Mantra for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Your experience and training in new technologies is the key to success. If there is someone who is looking to rank up in digital business individually, it is not a cup of tea. We need to be in touch with experts, we need to be a part of Webinars, Conferences etc. to keep ourselves updated with new ideas and innovations.

Freelancing websites are playing a vital role in startups and even if someone wants to work as a freelancer sitting at home, he or she can start with the help of Freelancing Platforms e.g. Up work. We need to be patient. Start working with a good company, get good experience, and keep yourself financially stable just by keeping something separate for next 6 months to give a try to new business. I still remember I started with 2 employees and within a year we are a team of well-versed 12.

“Right Entrepreneurial Skills is the Foundation of Every Enterprise”

Since the day I chose IT and started my professional education, the vision was very clear that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. This was the only reason behind not appearing for any Government Job Exam. When I started my career, I was having a set goal that I need minimum 5 years of experience before starting my own Company. I learned, jotted down ideas, enhanced my communication skills, Sharpen my skills and the most important I saved to invest in my business as I never wanted to get financial help from anybody else.

Top-Rated IT service Providers with 100% Success Rate

From last one and a half year, our company policies have been very clear. We keep our promises, reliability is also very important. Since we stepped into this digital online arena, we have been one of the top rated IT service providers with 100% Success Rate on Up work, People per Hour & Guru.com. Not just that, we have been creating employment and industrial training opportunities all over India especially in Gurdaspur, Dinanagar, and Pathankot.

If you will check our credibility Online, you will find us with overall 97% Success rate, with stunning 5-star feedbacks from around 200 overseas clients for our work history. These are the few assets we have which make our company unique.

Vision and Mission

Our approach begins with learning about the core Vision and Mission of client’s business, enabling us to study deep within the industry and competitive marketplace further helping you to create a “Brand New Image” for your business help in the enhancement of business sales by redesigning your website and online marketing.

More the Happy Employees More is the Revenue.

Webbers Live Solutions Team
Webbers Live Solutions Team

As stated earlier, we started with 2 employees and now we are an established team of 12 in-house employees, others are working as freelancers from Home. I am happy that we started up in a small city and have been continuously providing opportunities here. There are many professional who can’t relocate to any big city so they have associated with us. We are also providing training at affordable prices. We count our revenue based on the strength of employees. More the happy employees, more is the revenue. Here, I am putting some spotlight on our Professional Family.

Webbers Live Solutions Team
Webbers Live Solutions Team

 Ample of Services

Our customer profile includes corporations, small to medium enterprises, Entrepreneurial communities startup and helps them scale up to the next level in the digital world and assist them achieving their business goals and return on investments. This is done via a mutual collaborative approach and following Agile/rapid development techniques. We offer:

  • Website Design & Development
    • E-commerce Development
    • Portal and Content Management
    • Shopping cart / Payment Gateways
    • Website / Applications Maintenance
    • Custom Application Development
    • Mobile Application Development (iOS & Android)
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Quality Assurance (QA) Consulting
    • Search Engine Optimization ( On-Page & Off-Page )
    • Internet / Social Media Marketing ( SMM / PPC )
    • Hosted Solutions Management
  • Training and Development

We combine classical values, Reliability, Quality with new ideas, Technology, Innovation, and new ways of getting the right services at the quality price.

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