Xcellence-IT is a Global IT Solutions Company

Krunal Jariwala - Founder & CEO, Xcellence IT
Krunal Jariwala - Founder & CEO, Xcellence IT

Xcellence-IT is a Global IT Solutions Company Providing Innovative, Best-in-Class Consulting, IT Solutions and Outsourcing Services

With each sector undergoing the vast change in the past few years, innovation and technology have been predominant in every sector and are the essence of what puts a company in the comity of successful ones. Technology has made everything much more comfortable and faster for various sectors of the economy while innovation makes one company’s products and services better than the other.

Looking at the overall IT Transformation in the industry, passion for cutting-edge software technology and attachment to quality, Xcellence-IT has emerged as a one-stop shop for wide range of IT Services. It’s the only place where you can get excellence and quality under one roof. Xcellence-IT builds solutions, which evolve with the changing needs of your business.

Xcellence-IT is a global IT solutions company providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and Outsourcing services. Commitment to quality, professional approach, and focus on providing exceptional value to customers are the things that make Xcellence-IT special. The company provides affordable & innovative solutions for achieving superior business results that not only help clients solve given challenges, but also enable them to cut costs, streamline business operations, respond quickly to market opportunities and enhance customer service.

Xcellence-IT offers specialized solutions for all kinds of software and web development and specializes in the development of highly scalable e-commerce solutions, enterprise search development, mobile app development, cloud applications development, etc. Apart from that, it offers consulting services for Business Process Automation, Website Usability & Conversion Optimization, Performance Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, etc.

The company’s development team is having expertise in offering solutions based on technologies like Microsoft Dot Net MVC, Dot Net Core, Xamarin, PHP and offers solutions for open source applications like nopCommerce, WordPress, Umbraco, Magento, Kentiko, Shopify, etc.

Krunal Jariwala & Xcellence IT Team
Krunal Jariwala & Team

Xcellence-IT also offers specialized e-commerce solutions under a brand name of “nopAccelerate”, which is one of the very successful Strategic Business Unit of Xcellence-IT. As nopAccelerate, it offers all kinds of nopCommerce development services to business owners, retailers, e-commerce agencies, and consultants. nopAccelerate is one of the Top Rated Gold Solution Partner of nopCommerce, and serving many enterprise customers for their B2B and B2C e-commerce channels, offering highly customized, integrated and reliable e-commerce solutions.

Krunal Jariwala- Brain behind Xcellence-IT

Krunal Jariwala - Founder & CEO of Xcellence IT
Krunal Jariwala – Founder & CEO of Xcellence IT

Krunal Jariwala is the brain behind Xcellence-IT. Apart from passionate entrepreneur, he is also a marathon runner and avid trekker. He loves adventure sports, running, skating, skiing, martial arts, cycling and pretty much any active sports. He is also contributing to the society by promoting & doing native plantations in South Gujarat region and also contribute at Progress Club, which is not for profit organization for entrepreneurs, in a capacity of Technical Team Leader.

I am a founder of the company and currently also the CEO. Majority of my role involves around developing a business strategy for different areas of business and its implementation. Apart from that majority of my time is being spent on development of our people because we believe our people are our key assets and one of the important core competencies of our business that results in delivering right solutions and great customer services to our customers.

While working, my focus is always on having the right culture developed at the company that fosters open, trusting, and friendly environment where our people are treated like a family and they have the opportunities for personal and professional growth, making our company a unique in a sense which develops leaders with a commitment to extraordinary performance. This resulted in having our people taking up new initiatives without being asked; and with full ownership, that benefits the organization and brings new opportunities for growth. Apart from that, as a CEO I am responsible for every area of business be it sales growth, project management, people development, recruitment, culture or
anything else.

“Delivering Total Customer Satisfaction is the core of our work”

As an organization, we are driven by our mission statement…

“Improving lives of our customers with excellent solutions and ensuring growth for all”.

This gives us a powerful context in which all of us are working to make lives of our customers easy with our services and with a commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction. Creating and delivering value is the core of our work. We help our clients to derive enhanced value from their IT investment. Be it consulting, IT solutions, services or outsourcing, our focus is always on creating value.
And for our team, it means an abundance of opportunities where they can grow professionally and personally. We strive to excel in everything we do, and that makes sure that our people get the best training, skill development, coaching, mentoring to be the best at what they do.

We are proud to share that our people are having an expertise in the industry and
this makes it possible for us to deliver the finest solution to our customers,
reliably, again and again leading to success.

Mr.Krunal Jariwala at nopCommerce Days 2017 conference at New York
Mr.Krunal Jariwala at nopCommerce Days 2017 conference at New York

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

It would be difficult to give an advice to new entrepreneurs on how to succeed in few words. However, I would suggest them to invest in themselves and their people, and never give up. Keep discovering and working on newer ideas and actions. Some newer actions will fail, some give average results, and few will be very successful and takes you to a next level. Just Do it and Keep taking actions!

Energy, Precision, Focus: One of the driving forces behind Xcellence-IT

We have chartered the business at the end of 2009 and never looked back.
It’s started with a vision of offering the best in terms is the service and quality. Since I’m in the school, I’m fascinated about building new things in the areas of software. I developed my first software at the age of 14 for our family business.

Being in the business family, it was clear that I’m going to do a business. So, after completing my post-graduation in MBA, I choose to start a career in the field of software development and consulting.

Expertise in Diverse Technologies & Domains

We currently have several products/plugins for opensource e-commerce solutions and along with that we also offer customization services for dot net development, php development, Xamarin development, e-commerce portal development, custom business solutions, process-driven applications, as well as search applications based on Solr and Elasticsearch. We also work with desktop, console, web applications and cloud applications. And our expertise lies in creating highly scalable applications. Currently, most of our customers are from the global market. We have customers in more than 40 countries including USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Turkey, France, Russia, Egypt, South Africa, Thailand, New Zealand, Netherlands, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia, Israel, etc.

Customer-Orientated Services

Expertise in delivering reliable top quality solutions for all of our services is one of the major reasons why customers love to work with us again and again.

nopAccelerate at nopCommerce Days 2016 conference at Amsterdam
nopAccelerate at nopCommerce Days 2016 conference at Amsterdam


nopCommerce Days 2016 conference
nopCommerce Days 2016 conference

Commitment to Quality and Customer

Our commitment is the customer first. We take pride in our commitment to deliver 100% Total Customer Satisfaction to our customers. Our main focus is on delivering best quality services and products on time to our customers. This element of quality helps us produce some of the most reliable solutions that deliver long-term benefits to our customers. We also have a strong team of professionals and everybody is creative and responsible, the experts in their various domains of development. All these reasons help us provide our global customers the right outsourcing services they’re looking for.

Vision and Mission

Our Mission is “to improve the lives of our customers with excellent solutions and ensure growth for all”.

We are driven by a core value of Client Value Creation, Integrity and Transparency, Respect, Excellence, Learning & Sharing, Leadership, and Innovation.

As creating and delivering value to our customers is a core of our work, our focus is always on putting our customer’s needs first. We help our clients to derive enhanced value from their IT investment. Be it consulting, IT solutions, services or outsourcing, our focus is always on creating value.

Our Vision is to have Rs. 100 cr. turnover in the next five year and to have 5 branches globally with the team of 300+ professionals offering excellent solutions.

Nothing is as important as Passion

When we hire an employee, we always look for passion because passion is one great force that unleashes creativity. Passion is power to learn every time new, to take risks and can make differences between success and failure.

We also look for good ethical and communication skills, a commitment to quality, a passion to learn and being helping hand to others. Being Proactive, Persistence, perseverance, and continuous improvement is the key qualities that we generally look for an employee.

Dedicated Resources and Products

We help our customers to execute their projects faster and at affordable prices by offering dedicated developers from the pool of experienced and talented team of developers.  It’s the only place where you can get excellence and quality under one roof. In a year with proven work methodology, we will be achieving a sales revenue of Rs. 5 cr. and a team size of 50 people. In terms of products, our products are basically for mobile and e-commerce platform.

Future Outlook

While it comes to sketching the future panorama, we are very clear in where we want to be. In the next five year, we are looking to be a company having a turnover of Rs. 100 cr. with 5 global branches. The departments and the people we have are committed for short-term as well as for the long-term business plan.

Connect with me at LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jariwalakrunal/

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