Google has Launched Android Messages App

Google has Launched Android Messages App
Google has Launched Android Messages App

Google has Launched Android Messages App Which lets you Send Texts Directly from a Computer 

Google has Launched Android Messages App, Very soon, you will be able to receive and send messages straight from your computer’s browser. On Monday, Google has announced its new feature for Android Messages app which will roll it out over the next week. The new feature lets Android phone users send and receive texts from your computer or PC using a web app.

According to Google, the Google’s support for its Android Messages was one of the top requested features. The new feature is not only restricted to send and receive messages but also allow users to send emojis, images, stickers, videos, gifs, etc. which you use on your smartphones through the app.

The Android Messages works in much the same as WhatsApp Web or Apple’s iMessage and allow you to exchange your thoughts in the form of messages, images, or videos straight from your computer.

  • To get started with this new feature, users need to download Android Messages app on to their smartphone.
  • Then, go to in your desktop’s web browser where you will find a QR code.
  • Open Android Messages app on your phone and click at More Menu option placed at the right corner and there users need to select Messages for the web.
  • In order to establish a good link between the web-client and Messages app, users need to scan the QR code with their phone. And now you are good to go.

Google has started rolling out this service in order to compete with the rivalry Apple’s iMessage service. The California-based tech company has come up with many updates since Monday and will continue to do so across the week. Since February this year, Google’s engineers are continuously making effort with the mobile industry to bring SMS into the modern day, through a technical universal standard called Rich Communication Services (RCS).

With this Android Messages service, the giant Google is creating a messaging experience which lets users share whatever they want to share with any devices and can take any action on their messages with Google AI.

In addition to this, Android Messages app also gets updated with Smart Reply feature. For the unaware, Smart Reply is an AI-based feature service by Google which intelligently suggests texts and emoji responses to your messages. The company has rollout the other features like previewing links within conversations, ability to search for and copying one-time passwords with a single tap and send GIF files using the app.

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