IBM’s AI System ‘Project Debater’

IBM’s AI system 'Project Debater'
IBM’s AI system 'Project Debater'

IBM’s AI system ‘Project Debater’ that can Rationally Debate with Humans

Today we are living in the world of computer science that emphasizes the use of Artificial Intelligence. Taking this power of technology, IBM has developed an AI system called “Project Debater”, a champion debater than can successfully debate with humans.

At a small event hosted by IBM on June 18 in Watson West site, San Francisco IBM’s AI system ‘Project Debater’ participated in a live debate club-style discussion and engaged in logical arguments against humans.

Both, the human being and the ‘Project Debater’, spoke for 10 minutes, each while in the debate, began by preparing statements for and against the topic “We should subsidize space exploration”.

According to the sources, the system has “several hundred million articles” which are about 100 areas of knowledge. The system takes a couple of minutes to spelunk through them and then decides how to construct an argument in favor of the topic and then put relevant answers describing those points.

According to IBM, the ‘Project Debater’ does not completely rely on keyword search but is capable of finding a deeper understanding and can actually develop a perspective on any given subject. Being a machine, ‘Project Debater’ is impartial and its decision-making capability can be used to analyze if a stock is worth investing in.

With ‘Project Debater’, IBM has taken a big step towards one of the great boundaries in AI: mastering language. ‘Project Debater’ is built on the foundation of IBM Watson, which beat the top human champions on Jeopardy! in 2011. The system already uses Watson Speech to Text API and will enhance the capabilities of IBM Watson in language and dialogue features.

This remarkable and complex technology of IBM will explore new territory as it has the potential to assist with thousands of complicated human decisions.

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