Myntra Launches Smart Fitness Tracker- Blink Go

Myntra Launches Smart Fitness Tracker- Blink Go
Myntra Launches Smart Fitness Tracker- Blink Go

Myntra Launches Smart Fitness Tracker- Blink Go

Myntra Launches Smart Fitness Tracker- Blink Go, Online fashion store Myntra on Wednesday has launched its first smart wearable device ‘Blink Go’- the first product developed by the company’s in-house innovation lab. This joins the ranks of popular wearable devices and smartwatches of other brands like Fitbit and Garmin; accessories for these devices can be found on sites like Mobile Mob where things like straps and chargers, to name a couple, are available.

Priced at Rs. 4,199, the fitness band is set to be available in the fashion store of Myntra End of the Reason Sale (EORS), which starts on June 22 to June 25, according to a statement released by the company. The wearable fitness band was developed at Innovation Labs of Myntra-Jabong, after the recent acquisition of Witworks – a Bengaluru-based start-up that produces smart wearable devices.

Being the first in line of ‘Myntra Wearable Platforms’ (MWP), the smart fitness band “Blink Go” is a perfect blend of fashion and technology and comes with a host of fitness-related features including activity tracking, calorie, distance, step tracker, sleep, heart rate monitoring and can also be synced with smartphone to receive notifications and standard alerts.

According to the company, the wearable fitness band offers an OLED display through which users can monitor their fitness parameters and set personal fitness goals which let the user set their weekly sleep goal, create bedtime reminders, and wake-up targets. The device also has a touting feature named Leaderboards which allows users to challenge their friends as well as themselves on fitness tasks and ‘Achievement Sharing’ for sharing statistics or selfies upon reaching a milestone.

The device is water-resistant (IP 67-rated) and features a TFT touchscreen display along with 3-5 days of battery life. The device supports Bluetooth 4.0 and comes with several interchangeable designer straps. The Blink Go is compatible with Android (5.1+) and iOS (10+) and allows users to “discover and communicate with each other.”

The device is built on the Myntra Wearables Platform (MWP) – the company’s software platform that enables the creation of a wide variety of wearables and will form the basis for all future development of such products. The company said that the Blink Go device will be available at special price of Rs. 1679 (plus taxes) at the company’s flagship sale event End of Reason Sale (EORS).

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