Redesigned Microsoft News App

Redesigned Microsoft News App
Redesigned Microsoft News App

Redesigned Microsoft News App

Microsoft Revamped its own MSN News App into Microsoft News

Microsoft has rebranded its news engine that’s been powering news across a variety of Microsoft products like since 1995 into Microsoft News for both iOS and Android. Redesigned Microsoft News App, will replace the previous “MSN News” smartphone app and is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play for the device including iOS, Android, Microsoft Edge, Windows 10, Skype, Xbox, and Outlook.

Being powered by the same engine as, the Microsoft News has a modern and upgraded interface. The app now includes content from more than 1,000 premium publishers and 3,000 brands with human editors and artificial intelligence and sports a grid-like structure with different sections like My News, Top Stories, Technology, Opinion, and more that can be accessed by swiping left. The app also features night mode and is available in 28 languages, a better integration with iOS and Android widgets, continuous reading, and sending breaking news alerts on different selected topics of your interest.

The newly designed Microsoft News uses more than 800 editors worldwide to organize stories into an easy-to-scroll, headline-and-image format.  The app curates the top stories each day and clicking on a particular story will take you to the full article.

Designed to aggregate news, the new app is 32MB in size on Google Play and 54.2MB in size on the App Store. Microsoft News will directly compete with Apple News, which provides similar news curation features across a user’s iOS devices and are both centralized, user-friendly apps that allow users to read news on-the-go.

The company said users can prioritize the topics they want to read and keep track of local news, and section, this will make their browsing experience personalized and sorted and allows them to easily navigate through the stories according to their location and preferences.

According to the sources, Microsoft News will come a month after Google revamped its own Google Newsstand app on iOS devices, with simplified access through seamless integration with iOS and Android widgets and providing continuous reading, for a smooth content experience.

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