10 Colorado Tech Companies leveraging Big Data Analytics Strategies

10 Colorado Tech Companies leveraging Big Data Analytics Strategies
10 Colorado Tech Companies leveraging Big Data Analytics Strategies

10 Colorado Tech Companies leveraging Big Data Analytics Strategies

In this data-driven world, it has become essential for leading companies to take Big Data and its potential to outperform their peers. Over the past decades, the amount of data each business produces has grown immensely and this large pool of data needs to be collected, analyzed, stored, and mined for insights to become economically relevant for businesses, government, and consumers. Enterprises often seek out data lake solutions to use in order to manage their own large data sets.

In Colorado, we’ve seen a surge of established competitors and new entrants leveraging big data analytics strategies to innovate, compete, and capture value that help both consumers and businesses access and analyze the information around them.

Top Big Data Analytics Companies in Colorado


Based in Denver, Decentrix is a globally focused first media technology company that leverage media-centric artificial intelligence and machine learning across all media distribution platforms for Brand Advertisers, Telecommunications and Media and Entertainment companies.

Decentrix’s technology and capabilities powers solutions for cross-media planning, rate card maximization, FrictionlessTrading, content ROI analytics to maximize revenue opportunities with transformative intelligence. 


CapTech, with an office in Denver, is a national IT management consulting firm that design, develop and implement customized IT and digital solutions. CapTech’s consultants bridge the gap between business and technology and provide everything from AR/VR implementation to how to interpret big data to some of the world’s most successful companies. From helping organizations to grow their business, CapTech’s consultants deliver Customer Engagement, Data & Analytics, Transformation, and Custom IT solutions for America’s leading Fortune 500 and government agencies. 

Sumo Logic

With the vision to democratize machine data, Sumo Logic is a secure, cloud-native, machine data analytics platform that empowers digital business through real-time analytics and delivering continuous intelligence across the entire application lifecycle and stack. With continuous intelligence, Sumo Logic empowers the people to make data-driven decisions and reduce the time to investigate security and operational issues allowing them to make smarter decisions, faster.

Data source consulting

Passionate about data, Data sourcing consulting specializes in Business Intelligence Program Assessment (BI), Enterprise Data Management (EDM), Master Data Management including both strategic and implementation services and Data Integration. Empowered with a proven BI methodology, Datasource is considered thought leaders in BI for the Cloud, Big Data and Agile BI. Data sourcing consulting are also experts in data virtualization, metadata management, data modelling, data integration, data quality, mobile analytics, and analytic and operational reporting.


Headquartered in downtown Denver, Flowhub is the leading retail management platform which provides tailor-made management and compliance products for businesses in the cannabis industry. With years of cannabis experience, Flowhub desire to empower cannabis retailers to build their dream dispensaries, manage complex compliance mandates, manage the legality of the cannabis industry, supply chain data, sales transactions and reporting by delivering compliance business intelligence data from a single, highly-customizable platform.

RevGen Partners

RevGen Partners based in Centennial helps businesses at all stages of data maturity from defining a data and analytics strategy to building an analytics platform so they can make smarter, better and faster decisions.  RevGen Partners help clients navigate today’s disruptive business environment and provide consulting services that span customer experience, analytics insight, and digital enablement.

MOST Programming

MOST Programming is a technology-based and focused company specializing in business intelligence, data analytics, and custom software developing. Turning data into gold, MOST Programming is a woman and veteran-owned technology business that visualizes key data with dashboards and help automate processes with custom business-driven software solutions.

Travel Recon

In an attempt to better reflect the importance of Big Data, Travel Recon solely focuses on travel risk management. With headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Travel Recon is a web service and a mobile application that provides international travelers with up-to-date safety and security intelligence. Powered by machine learning/artificial intelligence protocol, Travel Recon collects data from a variety of international travel sources to provide travelers relevant and accessible information that enables them to make smarter and safer travel plans.


DN2K stands for “data into knowledge,” is a privately funded company based in Denver, CO. Leveraging over 200 years of cross-industry experience. “Data into knowledge,” perfectly adds to the critical Big Data mystery. Their cloud-based platform provides solutions for businesses in Animal Production, Agriculture, Oil & Gas and the Defense industries. DN2K collects data from any device, filtering it for “good data,” and then turn into meaningful analytics and actionable knowledge that help business in making better decisions and results.

Wiland, Inc.

Wiland, Inc. is a leading marketing intelligence company across thousands of brands, agencies, and non-profit organizations. Wiland, Inc. provides intelligence-driven marketing solutions, including customer-centric marketing strategies that fuel fast growth and increased market share. Leveraging the industry’s most powerful consumer database, sophisticated audience modelling, and proprietary predictive analytics, Wiland, Inc. is changing the way businesses invest their marketing dollars.

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