Abhishek Leela Pandey


Unconventional Curiosity

Abhishek Leela Pandey

Director of Communications,


In a world that often praises unwavering confidence, Abhishek challenges the norm with his thought-provoking quote. A polymath at heart, Abhishek’s diverse interests span the world of mathematics, literature, biology, puzzles, and the multidisciplinary facets of the humanities, science, commerce, and technology. He extends his intellectual pursuits beyond traditional disciplines, showcasing a keen curiosity that rejects confinement by conventional boundaries.
Abhishek wears many hats: an author, a content creator, and a mentor who imparts knowledge in aptitude and life skills. His unique approach to education and training goes beyond the conventional, weaving together the intricate threads of various subjects to provide a holistic learning experience. When he’s not immersed in the world of words and equations, Abhishek finds solace in the simplicity of cooking and gardening. These seemingly disparate interests add layers to his personality, showcasing a wellrounded individual who appreciates both the analytical and creative aspects of life.
In a discussion with TradeFlock about maintaining a consistent brand message across diverse platforms, Abhishek’s insights were invaluable. As he navigates the complex landscape of SuperGrads-TopRankers as its director of communication, targeting multiple entrance exams, his strategies are rooted in establishing unified brand guidelines. From logo design to colour schemes and font usage, Abhishek emphasises the importance of crisp messaging that outlines the core values and mission of the company.
His role extends beyond the academic sphere, encompassing different platforms tailored to specific needs, be it management exams, law for undergraduates, upskilling for current lawyers, architecture, or career counselling. Abhishek’s approach involves customising content to resonate with the unique demographics and preferences of each audience. Coordinated marketing campaigns across all platforms, streamlined and automated for consistency, showcase his meticulous planning.
Feedback from the audience is not just appreciated but actively incorporated into the ongoing process. Abhishek’s dedication to ensuring a consistent brand message involves making adjustments based on customer feedback, creating a dynamic and responsive environment that aligns seamlessly with the ever-evolving needs of SuperGradsTopRankers’ diverse audience.
Abhishek Leela Pandey is someone who appreciates complexity and values wisdom, showcasing the beauty of navigating life’s intricacies. 

How do you adapt communication strategies to remain relevant amidst educational trends and exam pattern changes?

I live by the slogan; Change is the only constant. I adjust communication strategies by staying proactive in researching evolving educational trends, exam pattern changes, and student preferences. Adapting content and delivery style, incorporating infotainment, and building strong networks with educators and industry professionals help us stay in sync with the ever-changing educational culture. Additionally, we use data analytics tools for insights into user behaviour and preferences.

In forming a communications team for an education-focused platform, what essential qualities do you emphasise, and how do you nurture leadership within the team?

In building a communications team for an education-focused platform, I prioritise key qualities such as a deep understanding of the relevant exam category, adaptability across growth and academic departments, basic digital marketing knowledge, and proficient content creation skills encompassing grammar and coherence. Crisis management abilities and flexibility to navigate evolving trends are also crucial attributes. To foster leadership within the team, we implement structured processes and training modules, including workshops, conferences, and knowledge transfer (KT) sessions. Trust is fundamental, and recognising and rewarding team efforts, along with strategic delegation of responsibilities, prove effective in nurturing leadership qualities.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My strengths lie in simplifying concepts with real-life examples, cultural understanding, and creating an open discussion environment. However, I acknowledge a weakness in occasional overexpression, prompting a continuous effort to strike a better balance in communication.

How has your passion for mathematics contributed to personal growth and leadership development?

My passion for mathematics transcends numerical intricacies and is rooted in a fascination with the universal principles shaping our world. From pondering the spherical symmetry of celestial bodies to the symbolism of ten digits, mathematics has been a constant source of curiosity. Beyond equations, I appreciate its interdisciplinary significance in physics, biology, and music. This holistic perspective allows me to see mathematical patterns not just in scientific phenomena but also in the complex landscape of human emotions. What began as discussions with family and friends evolved into a platform for sharing insights with colleagues, emphasising that mathematics offers explanations for diverse phenomena. This love for mathematics has equipped me with skills like data-driven analysis, precision, logical reasoning, and innovation, enriching my personal growth and enhancing my leadership capabilities.

How do you reconcile academic rigour with prioritising students' mental health and well-being?

In recognising the intense academic pressures students face, we foster a supportive community for interaction and emphasise holistic education, integrating mindfulness practices into the curriculum. This dual approach aims to balance academic rigour with the promotion of students’ mental health and overall well-being.

Your advice to aspirants and professionals who wish to pursue a career in EdTech?

For those aspiring to enter EdTech, view it as a destination, not just an option. Stay abreast of new tools, embrace innovation, and commit to continuous research, unlearning, and learning. The dynamic nature of education technology requires adaptability and a proactive approach to stay relevant in this ever-evolving field.