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Bridging Data Insights to Tech Impact as Product CEO

Abinash Sahu

Product CEO,


Considering himself as an average researcher and scientist, Abinash Sahu, the Product CEO of IITians NEXUS, has left an indelible mark on the tech industry through his unwavering commitment to data. Post his B.Tech, he recognised the transformative power of data. With the industry characterised by phenomena like cannibalism and crash lands, data emerges as the winning script that could transcend the normal lines of order.
Abinash’s journey began at Air Force School, Gwalior, extending through IIT Kanpur (IITK) and IIM Indore (IIMI). The fusion of IITK’s emotional force and IIMI’s character-shaping diploma steered him towards data science, dedicated to aiding organisations in data analysis for product and finance insights. Recognising the pivotal roles of business analysts and data scientists, Abinash emphasises bridging the gap between organisational enthusiasm and fatigue. His exploration of data science at Columbia University, selection for an honorary programme, and deferred pursuit of a Ph.D. in CFO underscore his commitment to continuous learning.
Navigating India’s growing economy, Abinash attributes his success to discreet mentors and unsung heroes, viewing academic institutions as crucibles for life’s equilibrium. As Product CEO of IITians NEXUS, Abinash seamlessly integrates expertise into the tech industry, leaving a lasting impact on organisations and clientele, He gives glimpses of his journey in the following narrative. 

How does Bradman's Cafe inspire and contribute to global sports integration through IITians NEXUS?

Inspired by Bradman’s Cafe, IITians NEXUS seeks to amplify India’s cricket fervour globally. The envisioned headquarters, a cricket Hall of Fame, draws inspiration from the legendary Australian cricketer Sir Donald Bradman. Located in Bowral, New South Wales, the cafe mirrors Bradman’s legacy with relaxed ambience and exclusive memorabilia, including cutlery adorned with Indian cricket team test caps. Beyond culinary offerings, the initiative extends its global sports influence through diverse ventures. This includes merchandise outlets worldwide, innovative concepts like a hotel on wheels, and fostering a travel destination for students. Collaborations with local businesses and the establishment of budget-friendly student hostels compliant with regulations add depth to the vision. Emphasising on an engaging atmosphere for students from IITs and IIMs, the initiative envisions a blend of adventure and camaraderie, making strides towards shaping a dynamic global sports community. In essence, IITians NEXUS aspires to be more than a cafe; it aims to be a beacon for global sports integration and an immersive experience for cricket enthusiasts and students alike.

What are your proudest professional achievements or milestones?

My professional journey is marked by deliberate achievements, having been associated with prestigious institutions like IIT Kanpur and IIM Indore. Securing a research offer from Columbia University affirmed my intentional path. Learning from business leaders and peers, I embraced diverse experiences. Beyond academia, my novel, “Archivos de lana nueva normalidad: enfrentando la disputa pandamica, manifying the color of the saffron land, last 1000 days,” delves into humanity’s rediscovery amid pandemic. Joining IITians NEXUS during my IIT Kanpur master’s, I contributed to its growth, showcasing informal businesses, alumni achievements, and fostering a digital market space. The startup’s evolution includes collaboration with residential properties, alumni chapters, and adventure sports companies, representing my commitment to continuous growth and innovation.

What strengths shaped your leadership style and contributed to your success in various roles?

My leadership style revolves around people management and the audacity to stand by what is right. I am inspired by Steve Jobs. Team building became a natural skill during my decade-long leadership at No. 1 Air Force School, Gwalior. Collaborations and community-building were honed at IIM Indore, emphasising the power of likeminded peers. Servant leadership, learned at UST, deeply influences my approach. I prioritize loving one’s job over the company, as shared by the Chairman of Infosys during my master’s at IIT Kanpur. Recognising the need for individuality while fostering a collaborative spirit, I believe in being an industrialist and contributing to nationbuilding through startups.

In the dynamic tech industry, what, in your opinion, defines a great leader?

In the fast-paced tech industry, a great leader must embody continuous knowledge acquisition, prioritise process excellence, and foster a culture of ethics and empathy. Valuing people over revenue and mastering the intersection of technology, people, and processes are crucial. Embracing servant leadership and implementing fair, valuebased pricing contributes to long-term success. Navigating pain points through journey mapping, emphasising quality over quantity, and maintaining a strategic vision are key aspects. Eventually, achieving a clean sweep towards customer excellence ensures sustained success in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

What strategies do you prioritise as a product CEO for leading a company like IITians NEXUS?

Leading IITians NEXUS, I prioritise market needs, focusing on sports as a regular appetite for our target audience of college students and alumni. Identifying the intersection of travel, sports, and networking as a crucial gap, our strategy emphasises community building, effective team alignment, and a technology-centric approach for continuous evolution. Collaborations with IITs and IIMs, a lean operational process, and prompt responses to emerging customer requirements are key pillars. Additionally, we have established an incubation centre within the institute’s entrepreneurship cells to foster innovation and mentorship.
















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