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Strategies, Success, and Staying Ahead

Divanshu Kapoor

Managing Director,

Deltron Technologies

From a BTech in Electronics and Communication to leading a digital marketing company, Divanshu Kapoor’s professional journey is a testament to the unexpected twists that can shape a career. His foray into the world of SEO as an associate at Excellences, despite the divergence from his technical background, laid the foundation for a unique trajectory.
During his six-month stint, Divanshu not only mastered the intricacies of SEO and PPC but also discovered a passion for lead generation and business operations. This newfound interest eventually propelled him to venture into entrepreneurship within the digital marketing realm. Drawing inspiration from the strategies observed at his previous workplace, Divanshu established his own digital marketing company. Initially focusing on serving the needs of small businesses in the US, UK, and Canada, he infused his unique approaches into lead generation, marking the inception of a successful entrepreneurial venture. Prior to Inceptra, Divanshu founded Deltron Technologies that plays an important role in helping Indian air force in their critical posting at the freezing outposts.
Today, as the Head of Operations at Inceptra Solutions LLC, Divanshu brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic skill set to the forefront of the staffing and recruitment niche. His journey encapsulates the spirit of adaptability, entrepreneurial courage, and the transformative power of embracing unexpected opportunities in the professional landscape. TradeFlock interviewed him to understand his journey and strategies. 

Tell us how Deltron Technologies was born. What are some key contributions of the organisation?

Deltron originated as a response to the routine of corporate life, representing a transition into entrepreneurship. Starting as a solo venture, it gradually evolved into a collaborative effort, bringing together a diverse team of professionals. A significant milestone for the organisation occurred when the Indian Air Force presented a challenge—to develop a Cold Starting Kit for generators in freezing outposts, ensuring optimal functionality in harsh conditions. This project underscored the amalgamation of electronic expertise and a commitment to duty. The resulting Cold Starting Kit became instrumental for soldiers in remote locations, overcoming sub-zero temperatures and facilitating operational success. Winning the Air Force tender marked a noteworthy achievement, positioning Deltron as a contributor to national defence. boasts a diverse portfolio ranging from engine testing benches to end-of-life products. Our alliances with the Indian Air Force include critical projects, each serving as a lifeline. Furthermore, our expertise extends to app development, where code and creativity converge seamlessly. Presently, Deltron stands resilient, navigating financial fluctuations and global challenges while playing a crucial role in addressing the distinctive requirements of our nation’s defenders.

How did you establish your business and find success in digital marketing?

To kickstart my entrepreneurial journey, I teamed up with a friend who happened to be a skilled web developer. Together, we initiated campaigns and honed in on small businesses. Within the first month, we successfully secured clients. Presently, I collaborate with approximately 40 clients, including notable names like Rosati’s Pizza and The Cleaning Authority.

How do you differentiate your business in the competitive digital marketing industry?

What sets my business apart is my unwavering dedication. Despite having a competent team, I remain actively involved in client interactions. I dedicate time to understanding their unique needs, ensuring a personalised touch. My hands-on approach, coupled with continuous market research, has become my distinguishing factor.

In such a rapidly evolving industry, how do you stay ahead of market trends and innovations?

Staying ahead in the digital marketing landscape requires constant learning. I engage with industry experts, attend LinkedIn events, and hold regular calls with tech associates. Being proactive and staying updated on the latest features and advancements is crucial to remaining at the forefront of the industry.

What challenges do you currently face in your business, and how do you plan to overcome them?

A major challenge lies in handling client communication. As the primary point of contact for many clients, I’m contemplating hiring someone to manage these interactions. Delegating tasks and creating a balance will be key to preventing burnout.

What are some of your significant learnings as an entrepreneur?

One of the most crucial lessons has been understanding that making promises during sales is the easy part. The real challenge lies in consistently delivering on those promises and maintaining client satisfaction over the long term.

What personal habit contributes to your success?

The habit of taking action without overthinking has been a cornerstone of my success. If there’s a goal in mind, I believe in starting the journey without wasting time contemplating its feasibility.

Can you share a specific achievement or milestone in your business that you are particularly proud of?

A particularly rewarding milestone was collaborating with the Air Force to develop a technology that could heat up generators in extreme conditions. Witnessing the positive impact on soldiers stationed in harsh environments was a moment of immense pride.

How important is mentorship in your career?

While I don’t have a formal mentor, learning from friends in similar industries has been invaluable. Their experiences and insights have played a crucial role in shaping my understanding of business, emphasising the importance of time and patience.

What is your vision or roadmap for the future of your business?

Looking ahead, my plan is to continue growing my digital marketing training and placement programme. Teaching digital marketing in India presents exciting opportunities, and I aim to expand my ventures while exploring new avenues.

Any tips for entrepreneurs, especially those expanding to the US market?

For those venturing into the US market, my advice is to recognise its vast potential. Don’t be intimidated by established giants; there is always room for innovative ideas. Focus on providing excellent service, identify gaps in the market, and maintain a steadfast commitment to your goals.
















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