Dr. Amit Dang


Shaping the Future of HEOR and Beyond

Dr. Amit Dang

Founder & CEO

MarksMan Healthcare

As the healthcare landscape in India undergoes dynamic transformations, the role of Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) emerges as a crucial linchpin in shaping the trajectory of the industry. Dr. Amit Dang, a distinguished MBBS and MD Pharmacology graduate, excelled at Goa Medical College, earning a gold medal and the Baba Saheb Ambedkar Award. With nearly 13 years in the pharmaceutical sector, he transitioned from entrepreneurship to leadership as the Founder & CEO of MarksMan Healthcare.
Dr. Amit’s strategic foresight seamlessly aligns with the future trajectory of HEOR. His acute understanding of the intricate relationship between HEOR and allied subjects, including Real-World Evidence (RWE), market access, pricing, and reimbursements, acknowledges his intrinsic connection to the global healthcare landscape. Dr. Amit’s insightful perspective becomes evident as healthcare budgets worldwide face constraints, highlighting the imperative for governments to adopt systems guided by HEOR principles.
His commitment extends beyond MarksMan Healthcare, as demonstrated by his role as the course director at MarksMan Academy of Health Sciences (MAHS). Spearheading the online certification programme in Fundamentals of Health Economics and Outcomes Research reflects Dr. Amit’s dedication to knowledge dissemination and shaping the future generation of healthcare leaders. His impact resonates internationally, evident in his six-year presidency at ISPOR-Mumbai and over 100 peerreviewed publications, showcasing his significant contributions to healthcare’s academic and research domains.
TradeFlock interviewed this dynamic healthcare professional to explore how he balances introducing cutting-edge medicines with achieving cost-effective outcomes. 

What motivated your entry into healthcare and what is your career focus on HEOR?

Entering the healthcare sector was a strategic decision after completing postgraduate studies in pharmacology. Initially engaged in pharmaceutical industry consulting for 3–4 years, I developed a fascination for the intricacies of HEOR. Despite lacking a formal health economics background, the enticing financial prospects and relatively low entry barriers propelled me towards HEOR. Additionally, my interest was heightened by the evolving dynamics of drug approval over the past decade, revealing HEOR’s pivotal role in reshaping the industry ecosystem.

How have your MBBS and MD in Pharmacology contributed to your success in the healthcare industry?

My academic journey, comprising an MBBS degree, laid a solid foundation in human physiology, diseases, and treatments and an MD in Pharmacology, providing insights into drug mechanics and pharmaceuticals, has played a pivotal role in my healthcare industry success. While education is invaluable, genuine my success in this dynamic field is forged through practical experiences gained during the challenging process of establishing and growing MarksMan Healthcare from its inception.

What were the key challenges in founding MarksMan Healthcare, and how were they overcome?

Establishing MarksMan Healthcare a decade ago posed a significant challenge in navigating the nascent field of HEOR in India. Convincing clients from the USA, UK, and Europe to outsource work to India, where niche expertise lacked formal educational backing, presented a formidable obstacle. Building our initial team was challenging, but through rigorous in-house training and steadfast dedication, we secured contracts. Pioneering the first HEOR certification in India and conducting numerous seminars and webinars in educational institutions played a pivotal role in overcoming these challenges.

Which of your 100+ publications and posters is your proudest achievement, and why?

In the knowledge-based service industry, staying relevant is paramount. Our commitment to publishing clients and in-house research reflects this understanding. While each publication is a source of pride, the enduring success of MarksMan Healthcare for over a decade amidst industry challenges stands out as a significant achievement. The journey, marked by 100+ peer-reviewed publications, symbolises a larger vision and unwavering commitment to our mission; showcasing resilience in the dynamic landscape of healthcare research and consulting.

What are your key strengths as a leader in healthcare?

My strengths lie in persistence, agility, continuous learning, openness to experimentation, and a judicious approach to project execution. These qualities optimise resource allocation and secure a robust future for the company. Embracing a culture of risk-taking and staying on the cutting edge defines our organisational ethos, fostering an environment that encourages innovation and adaptability.

What is your vision for MarksMan Healthcare in the next 5–10 years?

In the next 5–10 years, MarksMan Healthcare envisions global expansion with offices in the USA and Europe. Besides our core strength in evidence synthesis and dissemination space, we’ll strengthen our presence in RWE and competitive intelligence while focusing on building a robust advanced analytics team. Prioritising organic growth, our ultimate goal is to position MarksMan Healthcare for acquisition within this decade, concluding on a positive note.
















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