Kartik Amin


Architecting Success In International Equity Market, One Vision At A Time

Kartik Amin

Ex-Chief Investment Officer,

Stocklife Asset

A young mind, filled with passion and untethered by conventional boundaries, often forges its own path to redefine success. Such is the narrative of Kartik Amin, a 26-year-old visionary entrepreneur and Management Executive at JASH Precision Tools Private Limited, whose journey embodies the fusion of youthful zeal and astute business acumen. From the outset, Kartik showcased an unparalleled affinity for finance, graduating with distinction in finance from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Yet, it was his innate curiosity that led him to embark on an unconventional trajectory, venturing into the labyrinthine world of international financial markets.
This Stocklife Asset’s ex-Chief Investment Officer’s early years were marked by remarkable achievements, from delivering an astounding return on investments during an internship to charting a course in international equity funds. His ability to decipher complex market dynamics and leverage opportunities at such a tender age set him apart as a trailblazer. However, his ascent wasn’t devoid of challenges. Scepticism regarding his age and experience compelled him to navigate uncharted waters, seeking a delicate equilibrium between establishing credibility and driving innovation. Yet, in the face of adversity, Kartik emerged stronger, armed with a “trust but verify” approach that shaped his resilient outlook.
Mentored and guided by Professor Sreenivas Kamma and Professor Eric Krigler, Kartik continued his quest for knowledge. He pursued a master’s degree at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, honing his expertise in global financial landscapes. This profound understanding served as a catalyst, propelling him to cofound ventures across diverse sectors, from precision engineering to the innovative world of fragrances. But beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits lies a persona characterised by unwavering commitment to quality, a profound belief in the power of patience, and an insatiable thirst for continuous learning. Kartik’s disciplined routine, passion for fitness, and diverse interests mirror a multifaceted individual driven by ambition and unwavering determination. As he continues to challenge paradigms, redefine industries, and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, Kartik stands as a testament to the unyielding spirit of youth, reshaping the narrative of success with every stride. TradeFlock interviewed him to discuss his experiences and plans.

Managing multiple businesses can be complex. What approach have you adopted?

Effectively managing multiple businesses necessitates a methodical approach. I emphasise meticulous planning and strategic prioritisation to navigate the complexities inherent in diverse ventures. By segmenting challenges and addressing the most pivotal ones as a priority, I optimise time allocation across these ventures. Furthermore, upholding a disciplined routine ensures dedicated attention to each endeavour, fostering their sustained growth and success.

What's your success mantra?

Patience and continuous learning have been fundamental to my path. Engaging with profound readings like “The Intelligent Investor” and regularly tuning into motivational podcasts keep me informed about the dynamic shifts within the business landscape.

Where do you see yourself in coming years?

In the foreseeable future, my strategic focus spans the next three years. My immediate goals revolve around bolstering component manufacturing for earthmoving industry and also planning to get into critical component manufacturing for aerospace industry and along with this expanding the reach into fragrance industry. Looking ahead, my aim is to curate and sustain a diverse portfolio comprising prosperous ventures.

What value have you brought to your ventures? What is your focus for Notwendige?

The value I have brought to my ventures lies in my strategic leadership and innovative approach to market challenges. In our family business, I spearheaded the entry into component manufacturing for the earthmoving industry, addressing industry gaps in India by providing essential components. Additionally, I am planning to expand into the aerospace industry, further contributing to India’s industrial landscape. Simultaneously, I am venturing into the fragrance industry with a dual focus. In the mass market, I aim to provide access to premium fragrances through a new venture, ensuring that a wider audience can enjoy high-quality scents. Furthermore, with Notwendige, my focus is on revolutionizing the luxury perfume industry through a subscription-based model. This approach democratizes access to high-end perfumes, traditionally priced at Rs. 10,000, at significantly lesser price. This innovative business model not only alters market dynamics but also enhances accessibility and affordability for consumers, fostering business growth in the luxury fragrance sector.

What strengths and weaknesses do you identify?

My core strength lies in the unwavering support I receive from my family. Yet I’ve noticed a tendency to overthink, which at times leads to moments of procrastination. I’m actively refining my decision-making process to overcome this challenge.
















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