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Prasun Kumar

Human Resources Operations,

Iscon Balaji Foods

Success in HR is not merely about navigating policies; it’s about orchestrating innovation, fostering unity amidst diversity, and crafting an environment where every employee contributes towards organisational success. Prasun Kumar, the distinguished Human Resources Operations at Iscon Balaji Foods, embodies this ethos through a career path adorned with transformative milestones. Prasun’s HR journey is a canvas painted with defining moments. Prasun embarked on his HR journey with a bold vision, establishing an entire HR department from the ground up. This involved defining roles, shaping policies, and structuring processes, laying the foundation for an organisational structure that was previously only a possibility.
With over 15.5 years of diverse HR management experience, this 38-year-old HR expert has demonstrated innovation in shaping and implementing intricate HR and performance management systems. His expertise spans various domains, including HR, administration, policy development, compliance, performance management, and benefits administration. Prasun specialises in developing robust succession plans, creating strategic career development frameworks, and meticulously overseeing compensation structures. His advocacy for holistic 360-degree performance programmes fosters not just growth but strategic evolution within teams.
Known for his expertise in HR policy design, Prasun excels in areas such as attendance management, leave policies, travel regulations, and recruitment procedures—all designed to prioritise employee engagement and empowerment. Throughout his career, Prasun’s decisions have resonated strategically, aligning HR policies seamlessly with broader organisational strategies. Each policy has been crafted purposefully, integrating seamlessly with the company’s vision. Among his accomplishments, Prasun’s receipt of the prestigious Training Excellence Award stands out, highlighting his unwavering commitment to elevating learning experiences beyond the ordinary.
TradeFlock interviewed Prasun to learn how he evolved his HR strategies, challenges, expertise and more. 

How has your HR strategy evolved, particularly in innovating HR systems and policies using technology?

Integrating innovative technology into HR practices is vital to keeping pace with the evolving modern workplace. Understanding the organisation’s objectives, challenges, and culture remains the first crucial step. Aligning HR strategies with broader business goals ensures purposeful innovations that significantly impact the company’s success. My focus has been on leveraging technology strategically, prioritising its adoption based on its alignment with HR objectives, enhancing efficiency, and elevating the employee experience.

What challenges did you face establishing HR policies within complex structures, and how did you tackle them?

Establishing HR policies in complex structures demands a multifaceted approach. To reconcile conflicting departmental priorities, involving stakeholders in policy development fosters alignment and open dialogue. Creating standardised yet adaptable policies ensures consistency while accommodating unitspecific needs. Overcoming communication challenges in policy dissemination requires a robust strategy and technological leverage for efficient distribution. Managing employee resistance involves transparent communication, thorough training, and continuous support, along with soliciting and addressing feedback. Addressing cultural shifts necessitates a well-structured change management plan, emphasising communication, training, and active employee involvement in the transition, ensuring a smoother adaptation to evolving policies and practices.

What strengths do you bring as the HR Operation Professional, and how do they impact company culture and productivity?

As the HR Operations Professional, my strengths wield a substantial influence on both company culture and productivity. Leadership, strategic vision, proficient problem-solving, and decision-making abilities shape a positive culture. Adaptability, effective change management, profound empathy, emotional intelligence, and data-driven decision-making further fortify these impacts.

Which areas or skills are you improving to enhance your effectiveness in your role, and how?

I’m focused on enhancing my role’s effectiveness by delving into predictive analytics to foresee workforce trends and align HR strategies with organisational goals. This involves investing time in acquiring and honing skills in data analytics tools and training, bolstering my ability to proficiently collect, analyse, and interpret HR data.

What are your key strengths and weaknesses as an HR professional? How do you leverage it for the betterment of the company and your team?

My key strength as an HR professional is a commitment to continuous learning and data-driven decision-making. I dedicate time to ongoing professional development, keeping abreast of HR trends, legal updates, and leadership practices, ensuring my relevance and value within the company. Leveraging data analytics, I inform HR decisions, enhance strategy effectiveness, and measure the impact of initiatives on overall company success. However, my area for improvement lies in delegation. Recognising this, I’m actively refining my delegation skills to empower team members, fostering growth and efficiency within the HR department.

What are your long-term goals for organisational development and HR strategy in the company?

Our long-term vision for organisational development and HR strategy is to foster an ecosystem of excellence. This involves cultivating a pool of skilled, engaged, and diverse talents through strategic HR initiatives, continuous learning opportunities, and innovative talent management practices. By weaving these elements together, our goal is to create a workplace symphony that echoes long-term growth, adaptability, and success in our ever-evolving business landscape. This artistic approach aims to craft a dynamic and thriving environment within the company.
















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