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Pioneering the Fusion of Marketing and Cybersecurity Narratives

Rajashakher Intha

Digital Marketing Director,


Navigating the intricate landscape of marketing is inherently complex, and within the dynamic terrain of cybersecurity, its significance amplifies. In this vibrant space, the role of effective digital marketing extends beyond mere promotion; it becomes a critical linchpin for establishing trust and delivering pertinent insights. Rajashakher Intha (aka Raj), the Director of Digital Marketing at Cyble Inc., emerges as a stalwart guide in this multifaceted journey. With a career reflecting diverse roles, from product marketing to digital management, Raj brings a seasoned perspective to his leadership. His strategic approach transcends conventional boundaries, focusing on fostering understanding and trust amidst the complexities of cybersecurity.
Amidst the continual emergence of threats and innovations, Raj’s nuanced understanding of both the audience’s concerns and the intricate nature of cybersecurity challenges sets him apart. The commitment to continuous research and adaptation mirrors the fluidity of the cybersecurity landscape. As the head of technology, PR, and marketing divisions at The Cyber Express, Raj strategically navigates the evolving trends and threats, shaping campaigns that not only mirror the present cyber

Describe your journey from Sr. Web Designer to leading Cyble Inc.'s digital marketing division?

My professional journey encompasses roles from Senior Web Designer to leading Cyble Inc.’s digital marketing division. With a Bachelor of Arts and a graphic design background from Indezine, I delved into storytelling through graphics. Joining InTech Solutions, an award-winning MSME, enhanced my skills in SEO and digital marketing. My International exposure in Dubai contributed to a FMCG company’s success. After founding Triquetra IT Solutions, I ventured into real estate, amplifying deals through targeted campaigns. Transitioning to the cybersecurity domain, I took roles at EC-Council’s CISO MAG and co-founded The Cyber Express. Now at Cyble, I leverage 12 years of diverse experience, embracing continuous learning to contribute to the company’s growth.

What are your greatest strengths as a digital marketing professional and leader?

By reflecting on my strengths, I recognise curiosity as my foremost asset. This intrinsic trait underpins my adaptability, strategic vision, and leadership abilities, enabling me to explore new innovations. My proficiency in harnessing AI and data analytics to refine digital marketing strategies further complements these strengths. Together, these skills empower me to design personalised and effective campaigns that engage audiences and yield tangible outcomes within the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

How has your experience as an author influenced your professional journey?

Writing novels evolved from a hobby into a sanctuary for my creative passions, significantly impacting my professional journey. This experience sharpened my storytelling and communication skills, which are crucial in crafting captivating marketing narratives. It also deepened my understanding of audience engagement and narrative construction, seamlessly influencing my digital marketing strategies for more resonance and engagement with our audience.

Highlight key achievements and challenges during your transition, along with your resolutions?

While Transitioning through co-founding InTech Solutions, recognised by the Government of India, Triquetra IT Solutions, and establishing The Cyber Express as a cybersecurity news source, I’ve navigated diverse sectors—from real estate to FMCG. Evolving from graphic design to digital marketing, I honed my expertise in SEO, content generation, design, and digital advertising.
Adapting to the dynamic digital marketing landscape, I embraced challenges with creativity and strategic thinking. My commitment to continuous learning led to a rigorous routine of staying ahead of market trends, engaging in online communities, and blogging for knowledge exchange and strategy refinement.
Leadership is pivotal; I empower teams with tools, knowledge, and an open platform for idea exchange, fostering innovation and excellence. This dedication to innovation, learning, and team empowerment defines my successful career transition.

What's your vision for India's marketing future amid emerging technologies, and how do you prepare for it?

My vision involves a pioneering role in adopting transformative technologies such as AI, ML, and blockchain. I anticipate a radical shift in how brands connect with consumers, with personalised and immersive experiences through AR and VR becoming expectations, not luxuries. To prepare for this future, I continuously expand my expertise in these cutting-edge technologies, establish strategic collaborations with tech pioneers, and explore novel platforms. This commitment ensures that we stay at the forefront, leading the wave of digital transformation that will redefine the marketing industry in India.

What are your future plans, both professionally and personally?

Currently managing impactful projects like Cyble and The Cyber Express, I am dedicated to making a notable impact in the cybersecurity speak. Mentoring emerging marketers and sharing insights in my forthcoming book, ‘AIEM (Artificial Intelligence Empowered Marketing),’ aligns with my commitment to giving back.
Balancing professional achievements with family life is crucial. I cherish moments with my wife and children. I am grateful for the support of God and parents, and I prioritise spending time with those that add value to my life. Continuing to write novels allows me to explore new realms of creativity, providing a rewarding complement to my professional journey.
















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