Kshitij Tayade


Navigating Real Estate Complexity with Customer-Centric Brilliance

Kshitij Tayade

General Manager


At the core of every outstanding marketing strategy and organisational triumph lies the pivotal skill of directly communicating a company’s key benefits to its customers. In the complex landscape of the real estate industry, the interplay of customer expectations and industry intricacies poses unique challenges and opportunities. This complexity is particularly pronounced in an era marked by information abundance and a myriad of choices, leading to a discerning and well-informed real estate customer.
Against this backdrop, Kshitij Tayade’s expertise assumes added significance. His professional journey, characterised by a blend of technical proficiency and strategic foresight, demonstrates a keen understanding of the multifaceted dimensions inherent in the real estate sector. Driven by a passion to create enhanced homes for people, Kshitij chose real estate as core field and pursued civil engineering and management from IIT and IIM to learn extensive understanding of the industry. With ideal background and years of on ground learning in multiple companies, Kshitij understood nitty-gritties of developing a project. Today, as the General Manager at Runwal, Kshitij goes beyond conventional property sales; he orchestrates a suite of benefits, aligning each aspect with the aspirations and needs of the customers.
Kshitij’s adept handling of industry intricacies and effective communication of Runwal’s unique advantages position him as a pragmatic figure. How? Read to know. 

Can you summarise your career journey to becoming General Manager at Runwal, emphasising key achievements?

I began at HPA Spaces, bringing a fresh perspective to processes, exploring redevelopment intricacies, and doing handson sales. Acme Housing refined my skills in project analysis and effective sales. At Godrej, I led a dynamic team, creating products and industry-wide processes. As Runwal’s General Manager, I orchestrate key strategic moves in sales, marketing, and product strategies. Responsibilities include meticulous AOP tracking, seamless project launches, and optimising sales office readiness. Notably, at Runwal, we’ve redefined our approach with an engaging product gallery, directly showcasing benefits tailored to customer needs, soon to be mirrored in our upcoming sales galleries.

How did your roles at Godrej Properties, Acme Housing, and HPA Space shape your understanding of customer expectations in real estate?

My journey through HPA Spaces equipped me with hands-on insights into project development, while Acme Housing honed my strategies for effective work progress and organic customer engagement. At Godrej Properties, I delved into a nuanced understanding of customer expectations Kshitij Tayade General Manager, Runwal Navigating Real Estate Complexity with Customer-Centric Brilliance TRADEFLOCK’S February 2024 40 UNDER 40 62 and market dynamics, emphasising early interactions with customers to align project hypotheses with their expectations. Joining Runwal, my involvement in key launches facilitated direct engagement with customers, mirroring the customer-centric approach from Godrej. This hands-on interaction enabled us to incorporate valuable insights into subsequent project phases, allowing us to create a refined and enhanced overall value proposition for our developments.

What were the most significant challenges in your career, and how did you overcome them?

My primary challenge was ensuring the customer’s perspective in our business cases. The ‘Product Team’ advocated for customers, challenging aspects like pricing and amenities to provide the best value. Convincing management to embrace innovative concepts, such as air quality and security, proved challenging. Overcoming these obstacles involved persuasive communication and emphasising the long-term benefits of aligning our strategies with evolving customer expectations.

What transformative projects are you involved in, and what impact do you expect in your industry or community?

Engaged in groundbreaking projects, I’m focusing on elevating real estate standards. This includes incorporating air purifiers for improved indoor and outdoor air quality, introducing in-house services like kids’ classes and clinics for affordable housing, and emphasising nature with tree groves and green spaces. Anticipating these innovations to become industry norms, the goal is to provide homebuyers with an enhanced and holistic living experience.

What insights from your experiences help create marketdemanded products?

Key insights from my experiences highlight that while project size and amenities matter, internal unit planning is crucial for customers. Factors like space utilisation, room dimensions, light, ventilation, and views significantly impact home buying decisions. Externally, a curated offering with essential facilities, such as hassle-free parking, easy unit access, and green spaces, is crucial. Premium amenities differentiate a product but must align with the builder’s reputation and timely deliveries. Tailoring each product to the right customer is vital; space and amenity design must align with the target group to ensure project success and revenue growth.

How do you approach leadership and mentorship, given your age and achievements?

In leadership and mentorship, regardless of age or achievements, I emphasise databacked decisions. When faced with differing opinions within a team, having data to support convictions instills confidence in management. Whether readily available or requiring a deep dive, I rely on data or precedent to mentor, make decisions, and foster leadership. Developing the product team involved connecting science to our development, forming the basis for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in our vertical. A collaborative approach is crucial. One person can’t bring about significant change compared to a team working towards a common goal. Open communication, mutual understanding of intent, and a shared modus operandi are essential. Disagreements are inevitable, but data or precedent often serves as a resolution.

Can you share a life lesson outside of work that impacted your professional outlook?

A valuable life lesson learned outside the professional sphere that significantly impacts my outlook is the importance of self-confidence without being threatening. Playing sports taught me that confidence, concentration, and the ability to handle extreme pressure define one’s character. Whether you succeed or face challenges, giving your best in these aspects is what truly defines you. Additionally, the mantra of being nice to everyone, irrespective of their position or appearance, has been instrumental. This simple yet impactful approach leaves a lasting impression. In the professional realm, maintaining a positive and friendly demeanour is key. You don’t need to wear a serious expression to convey professionalism; a genuine smile can be just as effective, whether dealing with someone younger or more experienced.