40 Under 40 Leaders – Honouring The Excellence Of Young Professionals

The 40 Under 40 list of TradeFlock honours the most notable and successful young professionals in business today. We all know that no two businesses are equal, yet there is some attributes that all successful business people have in common. What are some of the elements that young professionals need to fix a spot in that list? TradeFlock interviewed young business leaders to find critical attributes that drive people early to the top and help them succeed there.

They start well and capitalise on crucial moments

Achievers on the 40 under 40 list should have had at least seven to ten years of disciplined grooming with involvement in various fields. Furthermore, they must have at least five years of expertise in cross-functional management, risk-taking, planning, and mentoring other leaders. Getting a position on the 40 under 40 list is all about embracing chances and showing your worth.

They think like marathoners

Young leaders who fit into the bracket of 40 under 40 approach their professions in the same way as a marathoner does running, rather than the way a sprinter does. Life is a rollercoaster and there are good and bad moments every now and then. A sprinter will lose if he does not get off to a solid start or if he slips along the road. The marathoner can overcome these obstacles and still win.

They remain  humble in every situation 

When businesses look for new leaders, arrogance is a turn-off. This is also an effect of the volatile economy. When things are going well, attitude works well, but self-importance and over-confidence are not. Young achievers who are worthy of being among the 40 under 40 listen to and learn from those around them and act with humility – no matter who is in the organisation.

They know that power corrupts

In today’s business environment, it is critical to maintain consistency and be at ease with a collaborative relationship in client management. In our fast-paced and complicated environment, no single person can execute properly. Young achievers who aspire to be among the 40 under 40 must always develop themselves and never fall to Peter’s Principle. According to this theory, every employee in a hierarchy tends to rise to his degree of inefficiency. When a result, as workers advance up the corporate ladder, they become less successful since high performance in one position does not ensure a similar outcome in another.

They expect the unexpected

It’s okay to be surprised, fail, and restart; maintaining composure is crucial. Because successful young leaders see errors as objective outcomes rather than permanent or personal failures, they are not hesitant to make risky decisions, even if they are not always correct. In addition, in a volatile market where the attributes required to drive enterprises change every six months, one constant remain – risk appetite. When it comes to shortlisting 40 under 40, TradeFlock looked into their capacity to take risks while being sensible.

They have the self-drive

You can call it ambition, resolve, aspiration, excitement, motivation, zeal, or hunger. A business that you are not enthusiastic about will not succeed. When your heart is in it, don’t accept “no” for an answer and seek any and all possibilities to develop your ambition.

They solve problems creatively 

All business leaders possess the ability to be creative. To solve difficulties, you must be able to think beyond the box. To anchor your name among the “40 Under 40” group, you must be choose a unique way more than often and create your own path. Change the rules of traditional business.

They stay loyal to their corporations 

When you have a dream, follow it through. Starting your own firm or changing business practises takes time and patience, and the journey isn’t always easy. To make your goal a reality, you must understand how to operate with limited resources, tiny networks, and entrance hurdles.

The most successful young corporate leaders have personality traits that have served them well throughout their careers. These are some key traits that TradeFlock utilises to evaluate, analyse and compile the list of 40 under 40.

Company Name

Person Name


Director of Communications

Founder & CEO


Director of Communications

Product CEO


Founder & CEOFounder & CEO

Co-Founder & CEO

Chief Technology Officer

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-founder & CEO Founder 

Managing Director

Founder & Ex-CEO

Head- Digital Consumer Business

Co-founder & CEO

Ex-Chief Investment Officer

General Manager


Tax Senior Manager/Director, India Operations

Founder and Managing Partner

Co-founder & CBO


Founder & CEO

Co-founder & CEO

Human Resources Operations

Digital Marketing Director

Co-founder & CBO

Founder & Director

Studio Head


Chief Executive Officer

India Operations Manager

Chief Information Security Officer


Chief Executive Officer

Director - Supply Chain and Manufacturing


Chief Investment Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

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