5 Things You Must Know if You are Planning a Trip to Saudi Arabia

Everyone needs a good and refreshing trip to clear the clutter in their minds. If you plan to visit Saudi Arabia, know it is a perfect choice. Saudi Arabia is home to lively and high-spirited cities, fantastic food and culture, and beautiful landscapes. A trip to Saudi Arabia sounds like all in one. The country is among the top 20 most visited countries in the world. Saudi Arabia is a country rich in culture and is home to many sacred places in the world. But before planning an abroad trip, you should know all the essential details and things that need to be looked after beforehand. We have compiled a list of the top five things you must prioritize before visiting Saudi Arabia.

Tourist Visas and Travel Insurance

Visas or eVisas are now available to citizens in many countries worldwide. First, you must check the website thoroughly and look for important documents to be arranged. You must also keep in check the stay time in Saudi Arabia according to the new visa. The new visas grant 90 days of stay at a time to tourists. However, visa applications come in handy if you are well aware of the rules.

To be safer, it is a wise idea to purchase travel insurance. For tourists visiting the country from different countries, certain healthcare facilities can be costly compared to their homeland. Travel agencies can always recommend to you the best and most reliable travel insurance companies that provide international travel insurance.

Have strong reasons behind the purpose of your visit

When traveling abroad, one should know why you are going to the country. If you are visiting as a pilgrim, you might need a specific visa from a travel agency accredited by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. If it is a business trip or a family function, you will need particular documents to back up your tour of the country. Be confident with your answers and be ready with your required documents, and you should easily sail through.

Getting Around the country and Language

Getting around in a country like Saudi Arabia can be challenging, considering the size and climate. It is always advisable to rent a car with a driver belonging to the same place to travel from one city to another. If you are looking for a bit of adventure and want to take your rented vehicle by yourself, ensure to be seated with someone who knows the ways about the cities. You should never forget to carry your driving license as they have strict rules and regulations regarding road safety.

Although all Saudi Arabian citizens speak Arabic, the primary communication medium among people, there is no need to worry about the communication process. Most natives speak English well enough to understand what you are saying or asking correctly.

There might be a need to learn a few key terms in the native Arabic language. These key terms are straightforward and are used in the daily life of local people, for example, saying Hello and Goodbye, Thank you, Welcome, and Yes or No. If you are searching for a taxi, learn to speak ‘taxi’ in Arabic. The key terms will help you converse with ordinary people very quickly.

Pack your essentials

Saudi Arabia is a very religious country, and it is vital to know the dress codes in the country before visiting here. Covering your head in all parts of the country is not compulsory. However, think about packing shawls, stoles, scarves, and long pants for both men and women.

Remember to pack your power banks from the house. Always carry a water bottle, good nonsticky SPF creams, sunglasses, and hats to protect your face from the heat. You should take a jacket too, as evenings and nights can get chilly.

Tickets and hotel stay at the most reasonable price

Traveling should always come in handy and should be fun. Planning trips do not always have to be associated with costly tickets because we would miss all the fun. Hence, finding good travel agents or agencies to get you tickets at the most affordable prices with comfort during your travels is crucial. Similarly, your stay in a hotel should be attached to hefty fees. For example, Flynas Dubai offers the best deals for air tickets, and hotel stay provides up to 50% discounts. Along with ticket and hotel bookings, they also cover your car rental services, and you should visit their website if you are planning to visit Dubai. 

So without wasting a moment, use the Flynas coupon to save more money on your flight and hotel bookings. You should also make your flight and hotel bookings in advance to avoid any haste in the future.


Whenever you start planning your trip to Saudi Arabia, these are the things you need to care of first. Hence, we conclude this article by emphasizing that you must always be wise while planning your vacations so that you enjoy them to the fullest without any trouble. 

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