Abhay Hanjura: Trailblazing in Meatonomics with Innovative Leadership

When a young boy made the transformative journey from Kashmir to Bengaluru in 2004, little did he know that this leap would mark the beginning of a journey that would revolutionise an industry entrenched in tradition and scepticism. Abhay Hanjura, a visionary entrepreneur and the co-founder of Licious, embarked on this transformative journey alongside a team fuelled by dreams and aspirations, with the shared ambition of creating India’s most beloved food brand.

Abhay’s pursuit of a degree in biotechnology and genetics in Bengaluru laid the solid foundation for his entrepreneurial spirit. However, his journey into the world of meat and fisheries wasn’t an immediate one. Abhay initially found success in the world of insurance risk management and the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) domain, carving out a promising career for himself.

It was the collaboration with his business partner, Vivek Gupta, that marked the turning point in Abhay’s career trajectory. Vivek, hailing from Chandigarh, brought his expertise from the software industry, creating a dynamic duo poised for innovation and disruption.

In 2015, fuelled by a shared vision and a passion for redefining the culinary landscape of India, Abhay and Vivek founded Licious. Their mission was clear and unwavering: to provide consumers with quality, safe, and hygienic meat. This mission was more than a business proposition; it was a bold departure from convention. Abandoning their high-paying corporate roles, Abhay and Vivek ventured into the uncharted territory of gourmet meat, forging a path that would soon redefine the way India perceived and consumed meat.

The quantitative achievements of Licious are nothing short of spectacular. From a modest annual turnover of Rs 3 crore in 2015-16, the company experienced meteoric growth, reaching an astounding Rs 1000 crore in 2020-21. The recent attainment of unicorn status, boasting a valuation exceeding $1 billion, is a testament to the extraordinary journey undertaken by Abhay and his team.

Abhay’s expertise in biotechnology, complemented by Vivek’s financial acumen, proved to be the perfect blend for Licious’s success. The brand, under their leadership, has become a powerhouse in the online meat and seafood delivery space. Licious delivers over 1.5 million orders per month, boasting an impressive 90% repeat purchase rate. The brand offers a diverse range of 300+ SKUs of fresh meat, seafood, and eggs, thoughtfully customised based on geography and ethnicity.

However, Licious is not merely a business success; it is a social phenomenon. Abhay and his team have succeeded in redefining how India perceives and consumes meat, elevating the entire ecosystem of meat and fisheries. The brand’s commitment to quality and hygiene has struck a chord with consumers, establishing a robust brand reputation that goes beyond the transactional nature of business.

Abhay’s strategic acumen shines through when faced with business challenges. The inherent complexities of the meat industry, including sourcing, quality control, and distribution, were addressed through the creation of a farm-to-fork supply chain. This innovative approach ensures that meat reaches consumers swiftly after being cut, maintaining its freshness and quality.

One of the significant hurdles Licious faced was convincing consumers to buy meat online. Abhay tackled this challenge with transparency, providing detailed information about sourcing, processing, and quality checks. The brand’s No Return Accepted (NRA) policy reinforced trust, assuring consumers of its uncompromising commitment to quality.

As Licious expanded to multiple cities, logistical complexities emerged. Abhay’s approach involved establishing local partnerships, collaborating with farmers, butchers, and delivery services. These collaborations ensured the efficient operation of the business, overcoming logistical hurdles in the process.

Abhay’s advocacy extends beyond business strategies; it encompasses a vision for the future of the meat industry in India. He advocates for hygiene, quality, and customer-centricity, believing in the transformative power of transparency, convenience, and reliability. Abhay envisions a meat industry that is not only transparent but also empowers local communities.

Licious’s impact extends beyond economic success. By providing safe meat, the brand contributes to the overall well-being of consumers. Moreover, by supporting local farmers and butchers, Licious creates a positive ripple effect, empowering these communities economically. The industry’s recognition speaks volumes about Abhay’s leadership and the impactful journey of Licious from its inception to achieving unicorn status.

Abhay’s journey teaches us that passion, perseverance, and a customer-centric approach can transform any industry. Abhay’s legacy is not just about building a successful business; it’s about reshaping an entire industry, emphasising safety, trust, and innovation. His impact goes beyond business success, making Licious a cherished household name in India’s culinary landscape.

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