About Us

Founded in 2017, TradeFlock™ is now among the fastest-growing business magazines in India. Published by SDAD Technology, our magazine caters to the global audience by facilitating business whereabouts, expert insights, exclusive editorials, and entrepreneurial stories of professionals who are driving growth. We at TradeFlock™, take immense pride in being one of the most prompt and highly researched business magazines. We bring you the key highlights of the various sectors, sharing the struggles and accomplishments of the global entrepreneurs and successful leaders who are redefining the business landscape.

It is an excellent medium that allows top-level executives to share their experiences, challenges and learnings. Our efforts create extraordinary benefits for the startup community and vibrant entrepreneurs to analyse the IT trends, learn to organise, and give a better understanding of achieving their business objectives effectively.

A Magazine That Is Driven By The Values

As a responsible publication, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct, transparency, and honesty in all our endeavours, ensuring that every piece of content we create is credible, trustworthy, and factually accurate. Additionally, we seek excellence in every aspect of our magazine, from the quality of our stories to the presentation of insights and data.

Innovation drives our progress, and we constantly explore new ideas, trends, and strategies to empower and inspire our readers. Additionally, we celebrate diversity in perspectives and opinions, striving to strengthen the voices of individuals from all backgrounds and identities within the business community. As a business magazine publisher, we encourage a culture of continuous learning and growth, both for our readers and team. We understand our responsibility to society and the planet, advocating for responsible business practices and sustainability in all that we do.

We Empower Tomorrow’s Leaders

At TradeFlock, we shed light on global business leaders’ and entrepreneurs’ experiences, achievements, and challenges. With a focus on quality, we explore corporate culture, entrepreneurship, and innovative leadership. We inspire and empower readers on their entrepreneurial paths through analysis, stories, and features. From startup origins to executive tactics, we uncover strategies for success in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Inspiring The Journey of Leaders

Successful businesses symbolise perseverance, creativity, and resilience. We share these stories to inspire corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and executives globally. Our vision is to impart knowledge and insights from various success stories. Mastering entrepreneurship demands strategic thinking and an understanding of market dynamics. Through interviews and data-driven articles, we offer a roadmap for success. TradeFlock celebrates innovation across big and small businesses, shaping modern business.

What Set Us Apart?

More than a collection of interviews and success stories, we create a community for discussion and sharing knowledge, helping businesses and leaders to grow together. We enable our readers to explore, learn, and uncover the endless possibilities ahead. Additionally, we let our readers share their world-altering ideas and become thought leaders in their specific domain. 

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