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TradeFlock is an innovator for growing businesses of various brands to let them find multiple objectives to acquire good growth. Promotion of the brands over internet with the help of informative write ups and interviews is not a new idea, but TradeFlock is serving that in a most efficient manner. FAQs, Product Details and other information will be shared by TradeFlock for the brands so that they will get instant response to promote the business in right direction.

The regular way to share information about various businesses is an art and we are doing this since we started. To do this task, we are publishing magazines, articles and blogs too which reaches to several companies and individuals.


TradeFlock is aimed to help businesses to avail most suited and esteemed exporter. Managing a good and transparent connection within supplier, importer, and exporter is our prior concern. Altogether, gathering concerns persons together and letting them know how to sustain good relationship is our aim. For this we, share discussions, FAQs, interviews etc.


To generate huge groups of individuals associated to similar businesses by letting them know about newsletters, magazines and informative articles that bring the best, we are working all the time. Day by day, we are reaching to more peoples for associated businesses.

How Responsible We Are

  • TradeFlock shares every information for importers looking to export from China
  • TradeFlock assists sharing information that also involves business news through print media
  • TradeFlock also helps to introduce new businesses in front of industry
  • TradeFlock also spreads awareness about China Business Etiquette

Core Values

We work with the concept of knowledge sharing. Sharing the experience helps to work a company in new environment and culture. No matter how large the set up is until the knowledge of experience will not be merged, the revenue will not get generated according to expectations.

Values We Respect

  • Work Integrity
  • Customer on priority
  • Commitment for work
  • Teamwork
  • Entrepreneurial