Adani Group Would Invest $150 Bn To Generate Green Energy

Currently, the Gautam Adani Group is trending as the richest business all over the country. The Adani Group is willing to invest an amount of USD 150 billion all across its businesses. The Adani Group would convert a wide range of their business to work on green energy, such as using renewable resources in data centres, airports and healthcare. The motive is to join the elite group of companies with a valuation of USD 1 trillion. 

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In an investor meeting held on 10th October, Adani Group’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Jugeshinder Singh shared the growth plans where the country would focus more on renewable energy, petrochemicals, cement production, media etc. The company would invest a total of USD 150 billion, which could be divided into investing $50-70 in the green hydrogen business, another $23 billion in green energy, $5 billion in the road sector and $7 billion in transport utility. 
Apart from these investments, the company is about to entail a partnership with EdgeConneX to successfully lay out the plan for airports and the healthcare sector. CFO Jugeshinder Singh said, “Whatever you see today, it might look like it has just happened in the last one or two years, but in reality, what we have done, both GSA (Gautam Shantilal Adani) and myself discussed this in 2015.” This suggests that the company is working on long-term plans and is all set to join the league of elite companies with a $1 trillion valuation in the coming years.

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