Top AI Tools For Marketing: New Era of Automation! 

In today’s era, if you are lagging behind in using AI (Artificial intelligence) tools, it would be a big loss for your business. Marketing has been the most dynamic sector that is shaped by technology transformations and new trends. Traditional marketing has been replaced with the onset of digital marketing; now, AI marketing tools are changing the space with a series of automation.

“Artificial intelligence is not a substitute for human intelligence; it is a tool to amplify human creativity and ingenuity.” 

– Fei-Fei Li, Co-Director of the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence and IT Professor at the Graduate School of Business

Are you curious to know about these transformative AI marketing tools? Let’s cover the best AI tools for marketing in detail and understand how you can upgrade your existing marketing.

AI Marketing Tools To Lift Your Marketing Strategy 

Top tech giants like Google and IBM have already begun using the best AI tools to automate the process and gain an edge in marketing. AI marketing tools are great pathways to cope with competition and come up with an effective strategy to increase the Return on Investment(ROI).

Here are the best AI marketing tools for transforming your online marketing outlook:

Jasper AI 

Jasper AI is one of the best AI marketing tools for content creation and ideation. Marketers are actively investing in this tool to automate their tasks of idea generation, blog editing, and crafting drafts. It has a variety of templates for social media, PPC, and blogging. Jasper AI has an easy interface, and you are required to learn prompts to get the best results. This AI tool is based on GPT-3 and will improve your content marketing with continuous practice. 


If you are looking for all-in-one AI marketing tools, you can start with Planable. It comes with various automation solutions to ease marketer tasks, from planning and drafting to approval; it sorts all complexities. You can use this tool for scheduling and publishing social media posts. Also, its writing assistant will help you to write captions and descriptions to gear up social media marketing for your business. 

Click Up 

It is one of the effective AI marketing tools that acts as a project management tool to cater to everything from planning to execution. Click-up will enhance your marketing workflow with high productivity; you can generate targeted content, edit your drafts to fix any grammatical and formation issues, and summarize information for length. Additionally, it can plan, manage, and schedule your videos effectively. It will be your go-to campaign planning tool.

Optimonk AI 

Optimonk AI is one of the best AI marketing tools to track your conversion rate. Marketing is all about numbers; if you fail to generate high numbers the end goal will be incomplete. Compared to other CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) tools, the process here is quite simple for users. Marketers can easily run A/B tests to improve personalization. The highlighted features are optimising thousands of web pages, pop-ups on customer visits, AI-powered A/B tests, and matching landing pages to your Google ads. 


Adverity has been the best data analytics solution in the list of top AI marketing tools. Marketers always complain about managing huge amounts of data; adversity helps you customise your data based on your preference. It comes with pre-built connectors and no-code templates to save you valuable time and effort. The tool automates data cleaning and improves performance with insights-based decisions. Also, the built-in data governance watches out for data quality and makes it the best AI tools. 


Next, we have Drift AI marketing tool for the best conversational marketing. It has an inbuilt AI tool that gets trained to answer human questions in chatbots. Customer support has been integral to leveraging your marketing and enhancing customer experiences. Marketers can reduce the burden of the support team by prompting the tool to answer basic queries. 


Next in the AI marketing tools row is Brand24 for sentiment analysis and social listening. As social marketing leverages at a high percentage, marketers must actively participate in conversations. Brand24 helps brands respond quickly to comments and mentions by followers. The tool is effective for community management by surfacing conversation and assisting the social media team to level up with all marketing trends. 


To ace your Search Engine Optimization, you can use Semrush, the best AI tool for SEO. It helps you target the right audience and manages keyword targeting. You can use the keyword for paid campaigns and optimise your content for ranking. It also comes with SEO Writing Assistant (SWA) as integrated AI to ensure that your writing is workable to target the right audience segment. 

Improve Your Marketing With the Best AI Tools! 

As you have already gotten an idea of how AI marketing tools automate basic marketing tasks and acing optimization. A lot of other AI tools have been introduced in the market to customise your marketing to add more personalization, better research, and results. Marketing is all about trying something new and improving continuously. 

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