AIPCMA Urges Stricter Qualifications for Medical College Teachers

AIPCMA applauds NMC’s effort to enhance medical education quality in India, yet we seek further improvements. A strict requirement of holding a recognized medical degree and registration must be compulsory for individuals to become teachers in medical colleges: AIPCMA

All India Pre and Para Clinical Medicos Association (AIPCMA) has been demanding the removal of the provision for Non-MBBS teachers for seven years. Other organizations working to raise the standards of medical education have also been demanding the same since the 2000s when this provision was misused by some stakeholders

It is a well-known fact that the provision of Non-MBBS teachers in medical colleges existed due to a deficiency of medical teachers. However, the number of medical teachers has gradually increased

New Delhi. The Government of India established a new body, the National Medical Commission (NMC). The NMC then formulated a new course curriculum for MBBS, namely Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME), addressing the provision of non-MBBS teachers, also known as Non-Medical teachers. Keeping in view the availability of medical teachers in India and for the sake of implementing the new course curriculum CBME, the NMC reduced the number of non-medical teachers in medical colleges to 15% in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry eliminated them entirely in microbiology and pharmacology.

The significant disparity between medical teachers and non-medical teachers is indeed detrimental to medical education in India. One notable distinction is that Non-MBBS teachers have never visited, interacted with, or examined patients, whereas medical students begin learning clinical examination skills from day one. Furthermore, guidelines in every professional institution do not permit individuals without recognized professional degrees and professional registration. This raises concerns regarding professional accountability and responsibility in professional education.

If there is a question about jobs for non-MBBS teachers, it is clear that they can find employment in other organizations where a BSc, MSc, or PhD is required. There are plenty of job opportunities for them, just like other BSc, MSc and PhD holders.

Dr Abhinav Purohit, National President, AIPCMA said “Similar to other professional degrees such as LLB, B.Tech, Pharmacy, Nursing, Ayurveda, and Homeopathy, a strict requirement of holding a recognized medical degree and registration must be compulsory for individuals to become teachers in medical colleges.”

Professor Dr C.M Kamaal, vice President, AIPCMA told “Through this press conference, we aim to highlight this technical gap in medical teachers qualification regulations and demand the abolition of this provision. Mere deficiency should not be a reason for compromising quality. We also express our gratitude for the reduction in the percentage of non-medical teachers as a positive development.”

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