Akshata Murty To Earn ₹70 Crore From Dividend Income

While declaring their 2023 Q2 results, Infosys has announced that it will be paying its shareholders dividend at the price of ₹18. One of its biggest shareholders is Britain’s First Lady, Akshata Murty who is expected to earn 70 crore from the dividend income. The record date for the dividend will be 25 Oct 2023, while the payouts will take place on 6 Nov 2023. 

Akshata Murty is the wife of Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and before being the First Lady she has been a successful businesswoman. She is the daughter of N. R. Narayana Murty and Sudha Murty,  who founded the Indian tech giant Infosys. 

Many companies pay dividends to their shareholders as a token of appreciation for their trust in the brand. As per the time of this list, Akshata has 3,89,56,096 shares to her name which is around 1.05% of the total equity of Infosys. As the dividend offered by Infosys is ₹18, she will earn somewhere around ₹70 crores (18*38956096) in dividend income. However, she will be eligible for this payout only if she has the same number of shares on October 25, 2023. 

Infosys has a good history of paying dividends. Earlier this year, after declaring their Q1 results, Infosys announced a dividend of ₹17.50. Akshata Murty has already earned ₹68.17 crore from that dividend payout. Now, with the Q2 dividend, her gross earnings this year from dividends alone will reach ₹132 crore. 

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