Alisha Torrent Appoints Purna Sadashiv As Head Of HR

Alisha Torrent Closures India Pvt. Ltd., the metals and chemical products manufacturing company has appointed Purna Sadashiv as Head of Human Resources. 

Featured in “The Best HR Leaders in 2022” edition of TradeFlock magazine, Purna Sadashiv was previously serving Genus Innovation Limited as Head of Human Resources. He is an accomplished human resources specialist with an exemplified history of working in the human resource sector.   

Alisha Torrent Closures India Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Torrent Group, a leading MNC with more than 100 years of rich experience in the closure industry. Manufacturing units of Alisha Torrent are available in India, Kenya & Spain. Besides, its sales offices are located in Russia and Colombia.

The appointment of Purna Sadashiv as Head of Human Resources in Alisha Torrent will facilitate the company in multiple ways. The expertise of Mr Sadashiv will help Alisha Torrent in the acquisition of the finest and right talent and long-term human resource planning. 

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