Apple To Shift Half Of Supply Chain From China To India

Recently, Apple has been trying to distance itself from China for obvious reasons and is investing heavily in India. Moreover, the company wants to shift half of its supply chain from China to India over the next three years, significantly increasing the number of jobs it offers in India. As per reports by the Economic Times, Apple is planning to employ at least 5 lakh people in the next three years directly from the Indian ecosystem of suppliers and component makers. 

Apple, which has been producing iPhone 14s in India since 2022, is responsible for around 1.5 lakh blue-collar jobs in India, which is more than any other company. This move towards India is part of Apple’s ongoing strategy to reduce its dependency on China and increase local value addition from its Indian counterparts. 

Out of all the countries, China has the most domestic value addition in the world, according to Apple. The value added in India stands at around 11-12% as of now, and it is expected to go up to 16-18% in the next 3 years after this big move.

According to many experts, India’s growing importance as a market for both exports and local sales of Apple products will help the country position itself as a hub for Apple’s R&D, especially in SoC research.

 Apple’s suppliers in India include Tata Technologies, Salcomp Technologies, Foxlink, and Sunwoda. Together, they have created around 1,50,000 jobs in India. Moreover, current Apple manufacturers in India, such as Foxconn, Wistron, and Pegatron, also contribute significantly to job creation in India. 

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