Asian Nations In Generative AI Race Amid U.S. Dominance

The race for generative AI has started, and nations worldwide are trying their best to keep up with the big dogs. The United States of America is the biggest player in this race, all thanks to its giant tech companies like OpenAI, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. These companies have ample funds and talent to tap into the market. But now, Asian nations are also taking part in this race. Many Asian nations have been able to come up with their own AI models that are specific to their respective nations. 

One such country is Vietnam. The country joined the race to develop working AI models to cater to their nation’s needs and reduce dependency on US-based companies. Vietnam’s Vingroup has developed an AI model called ViGPT, which made quite a buzz at the time of its launch and shocked the audience after it corrected many people who were purposefully making wrong or confusing statements.  For instance, a person said that the most common name in Vietnam is Hien, so it corrected the person by saying, “The most common name in Vietnam is ‘Anh,’ not ‘Hien.”

It might not seem possible, but according to an estimate by Bloomberg Intelligence, the global market of generative AI is expanding by 42% every year. Moreover, the AI market is expected to reach $1.3 trillion by the year 2032, which is a 32-times increase compared to $40 billion in 2022. Recently, the US also introduced some bills to fight the AI chip manufacturers from Asia and reap all the benefits for themselves. 

Similarly, countries like Japan, South Korea, and China are also developing AI models in their respective languages to cater to the needs of their respective nations. Singapore also recently announced that it will be developing an AI model that will work based on the languages of Indonesia, Malay, and Thailand. 

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