Gita Prihanto

Architect of Fintech Excellence at Flip

Gita Prihanto

Chief Operating Officer,


In the face of macroeconomic turbulence and a sharp rise in interest rates, Indonesia’s financial technology sector found itself at a critical juncture in 2022. It was against this backdrop of uncertainty that Gita Prihanto, as the Chief Operating Officer of Flip, undertook the monumental task of steering the company towards stability and prosperity. Recognising the need for a paradigm shift in strategy, Gita deftly navigated Flip away from the prevailing trend of blitzscaling—a strategy that prioritises rapid user acquisition over sustainability— and towards a more balanced approach. How? Let us find the answer to this and more about Gita in this exclusive interview.

Could you describe a pivotal challenge you managed that significantly affected Flip's operations or growth?

Recognising the waning effectiveness of blitzscaling, we underwent a strategic pivot towards sustainability. I spearheaded this shift by refocusing the organisation’s efforts on profitability. Through comprehensive communication and alignment initiatives, I ensured that all stakeholders understood the urgency and importance of this transformation. This included realigning objectives and key results (OKRs) and optimising decision-making processes across budgeting, product prioritisation, and resource allocation. Regular checkpoints were implemented to foster transparency and monitor progress. As a result of these efforts, Flip has successfully improved its unit economics, fostering a culture of strong ownership and discipline across all operational functions.

How have your past roles influenced your fintech innovation approach?

My professional journey across XA Network, Ruangguru, Grab, and McKinsey & Company has significantly influenced my approach to innovation within the financial technology sector. Exposure to diverse industries, including banking, ridehailing, fintech, logistics and delivery, and edtech, provided invaluable insights into organisational optimisation and expansion strategies. Despite differing challenges, I recognised the pivotal role of innovation in driving progress, emphasising both macro- and micro-level improvements.
Additionally, my experience as an angel investor deepened my understanding of factors contributing to business success and sustainability. An analysis of decision-making processes across various business scenarios enriched my strategic approach. Moreover, insights gained from an investor’s perspective provided a valuable understanding of investor expectations.
These cumulative experiences profoundly shaped my strategic outlook, operational methodologies, and organisational development strategies at Flip. By integrating lessons from diverse industries, I foster a culture of innovation aimed at sustained growth and success in the ever-evolving landscape of financial technology. 

How do your strategies shape Flip's provision of fair financial solutions locally and globally?

Through my leadership and operational strategies, Flip has solidified its position as a provider of fair financial solutions, both within Indonesia and beyond. Upholding the core value of fairness, we prioritise transparency in all our communications, ensuring that our users are fully informed about our products, features, and marketing initiatives. Central to our commitment to fairness is our dedication to avoiding unnecessary fees, thereby providing our users with affordable financial services tailored to their needs.
Moreover, our operational approach is grounded in a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. We continuously seek opportunities for improvement, believing that consistent, small enhancements yield significant improvements in service quality over time. By prioritising user-centric practices and fostering a culture of transparency and continuous improvement, we have cemented Flip’s reputation as a trusted provider of fair and accessible financial solutions, both in Indonesia and beyond. 

How have you ensured Flip's success in interbank transfers amidst fintech competition?

To ensure Flip’s innovation and success in providing seamless interbank transfer services amidst fierce fintech competition, we prioritise user-centric solutions aligned with key metrics. Open collaboration with industry partners enhances our ability to deliver competitive and compliant offerings. We believe in the power of incremental improvements, acknowledging that meaningful innovations can stem from small enhancements. This strategic blend of user understanding, collaborative partnerships, and iterative development keeps Flip ahead in delivering secure and seamless interbank transfers within the dynamic fintech landscape.

What is your leadership philosophy, and how does it contribute to Flip's culture and success?

At Flip, my leadership philosophy revolves around integrity, humility, and ownership, which collectively contribute to our culture and success. Integrity drives our commitment to fairness in every aspect of our operations, from product design to customer interactions. Coupled with humility, it fosters a culture of continuous learning and unlearning, encouraging open dialogue and constructive feedback. Ownership instills a sense of responsibility and accountability in every team member, ensuring clear alignment with our objectives. By embodying these principles, Flip cultivates a performance-driven culture that not only drives success but also fosters pride in our collective achievements.

What activities or hobbies do you pursue to relax and rejuvenate amidst the demands of leading Flip?

To unwind from the demands of my leadership role at Flip, I prioritise spending quality time with my family and close friends, finding solace in their company. Additionally, I indulge in my passion for contemporary art, immersing myself in gallery visits and engaging with the artistic community. Travelling is another cherished pastime, allowing me to explore new cultures and cuisines, which I find both enriching and rejuvenating. These activities provide a welcome escape and replenish my energy, enabling me to approach my responsibilities at Flip with renewed vigour and creativity.