Asia’s Best Business Leaders 2024

Asia's Best Business Leaders 2024
Asia's Best Business Leaders 2024


As Asia emerges as the leading force in global growth, it represents the largest continental economy and is the fastest-growing economic region worldwide. This crucial moment offers Asian businesses a historic opportunity to shape the global landscape. Yet, alongside this newfound prominence comes different challenges and responsibilities that Asian business leaders are effectively navigating. Given that the future demands a mix of innovation, resilience, and strategic vision, the global community turns to Asia for leadership and cooperation in this transformation era. TradeFlock’s exclusive edition, “Asia’s Best Business Leaders 2024,” celebrates remarkable and inspiring business leaders from Asia who embody agility, forward-thinking, and adaptability, and their strategies have profound implications, extending beyond their nations to resonate globally.

Amzur Technologies

Aleksandr Kamenev

Chief Executive Officer - Development Agency

Aleksandr is a seasoned professional with a career spanning 13 years in various roles, such as business manager, project manager, and SCRUM master. His journey to Nerdheadz, the fifth-largest agency globally, showcases a strategic adaptation to industry trends and the culmination of diverse experiences.

Menrva Technologies

Dalston Pung


Gedu College of Business Studies

Dalston Pung, the youngest President of the prestigious Royal University of Bhutan’s Gedu College of Business Studies, has an impressive career marked by visionary leadership. Starting from modest beginnings in the Singapore Armed Forces, he co-founded disruptive startups and consulted for His Majesty’s Secretariat Office in Bhutan. 

AUK Computing

Gita Prihanto



Gita Prihanto, Flip’s Chief Operating Officer, boasts a decade-long journey in tech consulting and beyond. Her trajectory began at McKinsey, followed by her tenure as the Senior Director of Indonesia at Grab (Two-Wheel Transport) before ultimately joining Flip in 2021. Beyond her professional endeavours, she also serves as an angel investor and is a member of the esteemed global XA network.

Chropynska India

Francesca Chia
Francesca Chia



Francesca’s professional journey demonstrates how entrepreneurship can profoundly change lives and how visionary leadership can make a significant difference. Starting as a management consultant, Francesca has become a pioneer in the gig economy, driven by her unwavering dedication to bringing about positive changes. 

Senior Director

Stephanie Hui
Stephanie Hui

Head of Private and Growth Equity in Asia Pacific

Goldman Sachs

Stephanie continues to explore new territories and guide Goldman Sachs forward with a steadfast dedication to excellence and making a difference. She diligently recognises upcoming trends and potential opportunities, using her expertise and understanding to promote growth and achieve outstanding outcomes.

Regional Sales Director

Masatoshi Usami

Creative Director


Masatoshi embarked on his professional journey as a creative at HAKUHODO, where he developed his skills for a decade before moving to TBWA HAKUHODO in 2018. Recognised with numerous domestic and international awards, Masatoshi aims to refresh market design and enhance contemporary culture by applying the creativity he has cultivated in the advertising industry.

Energy & Utilities,

Hussain M Elius
Hussain M Elius



Hussain’s professional journey demonstrates the remarkable power of persistence, innovation, and a relentless dedication to excellence. Through his steadfast determination and visionary leadership, Hussain Elius has not only transformed the business environment in Bangladesh but has also become an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

Head, Asia Pacificers

Carolyn Choo
Carolyn Choo

CEO and Managing Director

Worldwide Hotels

Carolyn’s leadership philosophy centres around a firm dedication to excellence and integrity. She sets a positive example by balancing numerous responsibilities, navigating complex business challenges, managing family dynamics, and upholding the family tradition of hard work and humility. She inspires her team to strive for excellence in all their endeavours.